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Name:Robyn Smith-Holmes

Age: Immortal, appears 14 

Species: Nymph  

Nymph type: Ivy Berry Nymph 

Personality: She is very clever in all subjects and other things out of school. She is logical, and finds problems easy to solve. She is sometimes hard to understand. She has ADD and finds it hard to pay attention. She has an edetic memory. She sometimes lies to people and uses them. She isn’t always honest but her face always seems to give away if she is lying so she sometimes covers it with a velvet mask. She isn’t always trustworthy. She can make people see things that aren’t really there and often sees things herself. She has an over reactive mind. Her mind learnt to invent, skip unpredictably, half-believe and shuffle through thoughts until they were almost unrecognisable. She had to cope with her lonely and hard life in the only way she could she had gone a little mad to avoid going wholly mad. She would do anything to keep her only family she has left, her sister, safe even kill or sacrifice.  

Appearance: Robyn has a face so incredible to those around her that she must keep it protected at all times. It is so revealing that she cannot speak to many without keeping it covered with a mask. She has a face that shows her emotions, a face incapable of lying. Various expressions seem to twinkle in and out of existence. It is a gleaming pale white, heart shaped and smooth. Her lips are thin and silvery and her eyes, long, slanted and glittering, are a dark green-blue and full of emotion; although they can sometimes appear glass like. Her eyebrows are arched and an almost utterly platinum blonde. She has broad shoulders and can sometimes appear fierce.  Her waist is very slender and she has a blonde tangle of hair, which tumbles down her back like seaweed. Her hair seems to cling around her forehead and curl slightly. Although it is blonde it also has gingery highlights like the fur of a stray cat. She has an identity mark on her hip. It is a shape of an elaborate key and she sketched it there before carving it permanently in to her skin.  

History: Aimee Holmes, a daughter of Melinoe, was walking along in a forest when a man appeared in front of her she gasped and he turned as she jumped behind a tree. Spotting her staring at him wide eyed he cocked his head to one side looking right at her he said “You can see me?” She thought he was mad and just said “Um, I have eyes... and I know how to use them...” he laughed and disappeared leaving her alone in the now dark forest. 

Later, Aimee was at home on her own her husband Max Smith was out at work and the strange man who had left her in the forest came to her door. Up close she realised how gorgeous he was, how majestic. He introduced himself as Thantanos. She was slightly drunk at the time and he took advantage of her and was gone by the time Max got back.

Max, finding his wife half naked and drunk immediately helped her to bed where she soon fell asleep and forgot the day’s odd events. 

Max went out one night and never came home. His body was later found and it appeared he had gone to help a wounded man who looked like her had been stabbed in the stomach and was shot straight through the heart by an unknown person. Aimee grieved for days, weeks, months on end.

Aimee was starting to feel ill but she just guessed it was because she was so upset. However, a few months later she decided to visit a doctor just to check and discovered she was pregnant she didn’t know how but believed the child to be Max Smith’s. When Robyn was born she was given the name Smith as well as Holmes. She was Robyn Smith-Holmes.

One day, Aimee and her new born daughter were visiting Max’s grave when they came across a young man. He looked just like the man Aimee had met in the woods on that strange night and the man who was Robyn’s real father, except more human.   He was pouring something onto a grave and speaking in a strange whispery tone using words Aimee did not understand. He turned and seeing she was watching him he immediately stopped what he was doing. He introduced himself as Derek and Aimee and he later fell in love.

They married and had a child who they called Helena Willow Holmes. By this time Robyn was two years old. Derek later confided in his new family he told them that he was a demi-god child of Thantanos. Aimee was surprised by this and slightly worried about the safety of her children and him but he promised that if a monster attacked he would fight it off and wouldn’t let it touch Robyn, Helena or her. 

However, when a monster did attack it was a Lydian Drakon and it killed Derek instantly. Aimee was not around at the times so was not there to witness the death of her husband or get killed. Robyn was hiding behind a bin with her sister but when Derek was killed. Little Helena who was only 11 gave a squeak of terror and kicked the bin over by accident the drakon advanced on her and although Robyn tried to save her sister Helena was killed. Robyn was now grief-stricken and did not want to live so let the monster kill her also.

Thantanos was terribly sad to see his daughter and son die and he hated seeing the children’s mother and the woman he once loved devastated, grieving and experiencing pain that could not be healed... Unless... Thantanos realised that if he brought the two girls back to life then Aimee would be happier again. He decided to speak to Persephone to ask them turn Robyn into an Ivy Berry nymph and Helena into a White rose nymph.Persephone agreed and put there plants next to each other at camp and sent a message to Aimee in a dream telling her that her children were still Alive.

Aimee only hoped the dream was true and the dream had not told her where they were s o she couldn’t go and find them. But it gave her hope. She travelled around the world trying to find her missing children.

At camp Robyn and Helena seemed happy. Helena was. Robyn however was an adventurous child and wished to see the world she hated being unable to leave camp. When she had been in camp for two years she wanted to escape. However, she couldn’t get far from her plant without becoming weak and she collapsed. She was found by some passersby and sent to an adoption home.

She was later adopted by a nice enough family who loved her. However, Robyn was always weak and gradually growing weaker because of the time spent away from camp. She began to see things after only a few months of living with her new family. They started off as nice things little pixie like beings they kept her from getting lonely as she was too ill to go to school. She would talk to them. When her adopted parents saw her speaking to what they thought was thin air they decided to send her away to a mad home.

At the home she was treated badly she was given little food and water and was locked away in a cell. She was tested on and she began to become seriously ill. Locked away like this she had to let herself go just a little mad and her visions became more twisted and evil she felt they were forcing her to do terrible things.

After awhile she decided she could no longer cope and she managed to escape by climbing down the side of the building however, she fell half way down and was injured badly she was found by a satyr who had been searching for her for over 3 years. He hadn’t given up as he had been a good friend at camp. When he found her he took her to camp to be healed. 

She woke up in the infirmary almost a whole week later she had been unconscious for a long while and she found out her legs were paralysed. However, Robyn was stubborn and she really wanted to walk again. Over the space of a year she had manage to teach herself to move around again although she had to use a crutch for support. 

Aimee was later in New York near the edge of camp and Helena saw her. She ran to the borders of camp and waved wildly at her mother. Aimee saw her and ran over they embraced happily and Robyn was also reunited with her mother. Her mother visited her and Helena at the edge of camp often. Until one day she never came again, Robyn never found out what had happened to their mother and she probably never will... Scarecrow Emote There's nothing to fear but fear itself Audrey Campbell 19:40, April 17, 2013 (UTC) 


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