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Name:Roger Mecer


God Parent:Hypnos/Morpheus/Prometheus/Astraeus(any is fine)

Mortal Parent:Julia Mecer


Personality: He has a sense of responsibility that isn’t scared to take charge but he is a bit anti social. He likes to look at people and nature for its beauty so he doesn’t like to judge people. He’s a perfectionist but the fact that he’s a tiny bit of a control freak does balance it.

History: Julia Mecer was a beautiful woman working as a designer when she met Hypnos/Morpheus/Prometheus/Astraeus. Hypnos/Morpheus/Prometheus/Astraeus was stunned and fell like the rest of the men whom met her but like the rest he was denied for the same reason as the rest, Alzheimer .Hypnos/Morpheus/Prometheus/Astraeus didn’t took it well so he tried his hardest to get Julia and all his hard work paid off as finally one day a fling happen. This little fling gave Julia some unwanted results as after 5 months Julia found out she was pregnant. Julia was scared when she heard this as she had Alzheimer not to mention she was far too young to be a parent but there was a part of her which wanted to keep the baby. This made her struggle on whether to keep the baby or kill it as her mother had Alzheimer and Julia didn’t want the baby to go through what she did. This kept on for months until she finally decide on having an abortion she gone into labor and roger was born.

When Julia saw him for the first time she quickly knew that Roger was what she needed to recover from Alzheimer so she decided to grow up and become a parent to this boy. Julia raised him as well as she can but her Alzheimer got worse so she needed to depend on a lot of people so social service would always come and check but like everyone else they saw how much Julia worked to give roger the best. With everyone’s help roger became a capable boy whom at a young age knew how much his mom depended on him but it had to stop when he went to school as there people judged him making him somewhat an anti social kid whom likes to draw. This kept on until he was 10 when a satyr sniffs him out and force him to go to camp but he made so many reason but in the end he came clean and said that he won’t leave his mom alone. The satyr hearing this quickly understood his situation so decided to set Julia up on dates to maybe force roger to go camp but despite Julia beautiful face all the dates was a failure as Julia Alzheimer and the fact she has a son shown to have some repellent to men. Roger didn’t like the satyr idea but was forced to go with it so he saw one by one man come and go until one stayed and the one that stayed was a child of Apollo that saved the both roger and the satyr from a hellhound. Roger saw their relationship was going to last so he decided to go to camp in secret with the satyr and now he’s here..

Weapons:A keychain that can change into a sword

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