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Name: Rory

Age: Immortal (Fire Nymph)

Creator: Hephaestus



Personality: In a basic sense, shy, somewhat friendly and pleasant to be around. However she has a grudge against Hades' kids. (I'll redo this once I've done her page)

History Note: This is a continuation of Oswald Byun's history.

Once the flame had been retrieved, Hephaestus and Mnemosyne argued about the fate of it. Hephaestus stated it should be returned to him, it's rightful owner so it can be used to create more weapons for the Olympians. Mnemosyne, however, argued that it should be kept as a flame on Olympus as a relic of what happened, a reminder of what could happen if they should do the same. Zeus suggested that Hephaestus should make the flame into a fire nymph, blessing it with the power to make weapons for the Olympians so they could assist Hephaestus in his forges. He then suggested that Mnemosyne bless it with the memories of the recent events via Oswald Byun's memory. Both of the gods agreed with this, and thus, Rory was created.

For the first few months of her creation, Rory worked alongside Hephaestus, creating weapons and other items for the Olympians. Hephaestus always had a soft spot for Rory and when he saw her gazing longingly at Camp from Olympus he gave in and sent her to Camp on the condition that she would assist any of his children when in need.

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