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Name: Rory Mason Waters

Gender: Male

Age: 15

God Parent: Apollo, Aeolus, Boreas

Mortal Parent: Ryley Waters

Appearance: See pics (Model: Dylan Dauzat)
Rory 1
Rory 2
Rory 3

Personality: Rory tends to shy away from new people, and is picky about who he trusts. However, he is actually a great friend, and unflinchingly loyal to those who have gained his trust. Rory will go to grand lengths to please anyone, even more so his loved ones. He has a tendency to act recklessly and without thinking before doing. 

History: Ryley Waters was sick of the frigid weather in her small town in northern Canada. The same town that she had been born in, raised, and she was ready to get out of it. After Ryley's last year in high school, she graduated and attended college in Tampa. There, she met Apollo. In her second year of schooling in Florida, she ran into the handsome god while at the beach. The god was under a persona, Gregory Burke, and was on the lookout for new partners to bear his children. The two were smitten from the start. Meetings became dates, dates became sleepovers at Apollo's beach house. Before Ryley knew it, she was pregnant. Apollo left without notice the morning after, and Ryley was beyond furious. But Ryley realized that having a grudge over "Gregory" wouldn't fix anything, much less raise the child. She chose to drop out of college and move back to Canada in order to keep Rory. Her best friend, Kate, supported her and allowed Ryley to live with her. Kate, who had chosen not to go to college, had more than enough money thanks to inheiriting wealth to support Ryley and the unborn baby. 

Rory Mason Waters was born on December 5, 1998 in Ottawa. Kate and Ryley were overjoyed with the presence of a little one in the house. Kate's wealth successfully fed, clothed, and kept a roof over their three heads for an impressive length of time. Once Rory was old enough to attend preschool, Ryley and Rory moved out, giving Kate a million thanks. They moved to Carignan, where Ryley's father's side of the family resided in. Ryley bought a condo downtown, and a teenage cousin of Ryley offered to babysit Rory when Ryley worked her shift as a bank accountant. Ryley had enough money to settle in Carignan permanently. Ryley was also reunited with one of her close childhood friends, Scott Peters, which she came to marry shortly after Rory's eighth birthday. The new family moved into a small cottage in one fo the good neighborhoods of the town, where they lived peacefully for years. Then, Rory turned twelve, and strange events started to occur. He was already beginning to show signs of getting his powers of a child of Apollo. Then, his first monster attack happened when he was walking home from school late one night. A hellhound pounced on him, but he was able to blind it upon his reflexes long enough to flee. He shared the story with a circle of friends, who laughed at him and presumed he was failing at telling a tall-tale. Unknown to him, the school was a popular place where demigods have been found over time more and more frequently. A satyr was within earshot when Rory was telling the story, and approached him. The satyr, Eli, befriended Rory. He told him he knew he was telling the truth about his encounter.

One day, Eli went home with Rory and explained to his parents exactly what Rory was. His parents were beyond bewildered. Ryley trying to get over the fact she had consorted with a Greek god and Scott trying to process through his head that his stepson was half god. Rory was even more surprised than his parents if possible. Despite all the skeptics the three had, everything Eli explained seemed to piece together the information present to complete a puzzle. Eli told Ryley and Scott about Camp Half Blood, which they sent Rory to that summer when he turned thirteen. One summer at Camp seemed the right choice, for Rory was able to teach himself how to shoot a bow and arrow and defended himself from a pack of giant scorpions that fall.

When he was thirteen, he was attacked by a fire breathing horse. Again, Rory was able to kill it without any problems. Shortly after his fourteenth birthday, he was attacked by a pack of stymphilian birds in the mountains when hiking. Luckily, he was with a friend that was a demigod as well, and a non-year-rounder. The two were able to kill the birds with no injuries. The monster attacks didn't stop there. His fifteenth birthday came, and a harpy attacked him three days later. After he killed the harpy, Rory decided to somehow convince his parents to let him stay year-round at Camp. Rory was getting a bit paranoid about monster attacks, and honestly, they were bothering him. Rory boosted his grades to persuade his parents to let him stay at Camp year round. The main reason they wouldn't let him stay year-round in the first place was because they were concerned about his grades. He also begged and begged his parents until they allowed him to stay at Camp year-round through much persuasion, and sent him there when he was fifteen. Rory arrived without harm, surprisingly, and settled down and made himself a home.

Weapons: CB bow and arrow

"Our fearlessness shall be our secret weapon." ~Maple


I must say this is a very good claim. But we have a tiny tiny problem. His age.

"Eli told Ryley and Scott about Camp Half Blood, which they sent Rory to that summer after he turned fourteen."

He can't be that old when he got to camp. Usually it's 12-13 y o when your parent is a minor deity.

Also you said that he is already 15. So you've got to mention what happened during the years in between.

Oh and for his weapon, please do specify what's with the bow and arrow. I mean does it shoot cb arrows? Or something. Just put it there :)

Four penguinsSmile and wave, boys. Now that's the worst disguise ever. ~Alias KitMen-In-Black-psd71564

Why didn't his parents allow him to stay year-round at Camp even after they were already told of his parentage? Also, if he went hiking with other half-bloods, they would have attracted more than Stymphilian Birds. What age was he when he was allowed to stay year-round at Camp?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

What monsters did he encounter after he was attacked by the Stymphilian Birds? They wouldn't just suddenly stop, after all.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Alright one last. It said his parents sent him to Camp when he was fifteen... but did he ever arrive there?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

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