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Name: Rosella Pearl Shaw

Nicknames: Rosie, Pearlie, The Silent Genius, Silent Singer

Godly Parent: Athena (preferred), Iris, Melione

Mortal Parent: David Terumi (biological parent; dead), Jim and Anna Shaw (adopted parents)

Nationality: Japanese (clearly) but adopted by Americans

Rosella Pearl Shaw

Age: 15

Date: June 5, 1998

Personality: Autistic so she doesn't talk a lot and she always carries a pad and paper with her so she can write. (detailed personality: very very shy. doesn't like being alone. has a great phobia of spiders. kind of childish when it comes to certain things. oblivious when it comes to love)

Weapon: Bow and Arrows

Likes: Meditating, sleeping, singing, sketching, drawing, sun bathing, archery, combat, writing, playing the piano, rubix cubes, Sudoku, puzzles basically

Dislikes: Spiders, large crowds, dumb people, playboys, people who don’t understand her

Rosella's bracelet


Parents meeting: David Terumi worked at a big library in New York City. He met Athena there in the New York Times Square where he asked her out. It was definitely love at first sight. They had a great relationship for a couple of months. And they had a great mental connection. A couple of days later Athena then had a child (through her "mind" because technically she can't get pregnant), she left him. David got killed in a car crash soon after Rosella was born. When Athena was searching for David so he can take care of Rosella, she found out that he died and then left Rosella in a basket with a letter: “Please take care of this baby. Her name is to be Rosella. There is a bracelet in the basket which is to be given to her when she grows up. It will protect her.” And with the letter, was instructions to Camp Half Blood. Two couples who couldn't make any kids saw the basket and baby Rosella inside and decided to adopt her as their own.

Childhood: Rosella had a rough childhood. At age 3, she was diagnosed with autism and had a hard time communicating with others. Rosella loves to sing but hardly sings in front of anybody because of her autism. Her middle school was rough too. She was always alone and didn't have anybody or any friends to go to. (She also has ADD.) She is also very smart and a pure genius when it came to specific subjects like math, science, and literature (meaning English and reading)

(monster attack) Rosella’s first monster attack was when she was age 13. (At this time, she was given her bracelet) She was walking home from her therapy session and a hellhound came up to her (as a dog). She came up to it, trying to pet it, but then it swiped it’s paw at her and she got scratch marks (later turned into scars) on her left arm. A satyr then appeared out of nowhere and then attacked the hellhound by using it’s reed pipes. It was a long battle but the satyr did not give up. It then disintegrated after he stabbed it with a celestial bronze dagger. The satyr then told her that his name was Jake. Jake told her that she needed to go to a special camp asap before anything else happens to her. Rosella told him (on paper) that she didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to her parents first. Her adopted parents were surprised that she was a demigod but soon got over that quickly and then Jake told them about camp half-blood. Her parents agreed to let her got to camp for awhile but that she had to come back soon after. Jake gave her ten minutes to pack before they left for camp. Then he told her everything about greek gods and the myths and how they were real. Jake then told her that she was special. She found out that she was a demigod and went in denial. Rosella didn't like it. She didn't like the fact that she was a demigod at all.

(what happened in those two years) Rosella only went to camp for 2 months. But she then went back home because she couldn't take it. She asked a camp director to use their phone to call her parents. Her "parents" picked her up since she asked a camp director's phone. It was too much for Rosella. Plus, Rosella didn't like to be away from her adopted parents. She spent her time defending her and her parents from monsters, trying to get some education done, but with all of the monster attacks that was going on, she couldn't stand it and decided that when she turns 15, she'll leave immediately to camp.

(getting claimed) At her 15th birthday, she had another monster attack. A harpy attack both she and her adopted parents while taking a walk at a park. Since they (her adopted parents) could see through the mist, they tried to protect her, but to a fail. The harpy attacked Rosella, and her bracelet, which was on her right wrist, flung off and turned into bows and arrows. Rosella did what a small little voice in her head told her to do, kill it with those weapons. Rosella didn't know any archery at that time and just slashed at the harpy with an arrow and after a couple of slashes, it disintegrated. Her parents turned out to be alright but they had some minor cuts and scratches. After the attack, Rosella was horrified that her parents will be in even more danger if she stayed and told them to drive her to camp. Using Rosella's brilliant memory, they got the directions to camp and drove her there. She bid them a sad farewell and stepped back into camp. From that moment on, Rosella has stayed in camp.

Camp life: Rosella's camp life is simple. She reads, writes on her pad to other people, she sings (alone), and meditates, and she practices her archery at least 4 hours a day. Rosella might participate in quests only if she has too but hardly ever goes because of her autism.

"I was pretty sure if I tried to sing, all I would cause was an avalanche"   -PanPan  [[Special:Contributions/PandoraStar411|(Special:EditCount/PandoraStar411)]]

I've added way more to her personality and her history... so could somebody help me look this over? thanks!

12/8: well.... i really want this character to be claimed >.<" so yeah if anybody could look at it (and i mean anybody)


I think it would take more than reed pipes to finish off a hellhound. What happened to her adopted parents after they tried to protect her? How did she get back to camp after her most recent attack?

Cloudsies.png Riri ye ye ye Special:EditCount/Riri25Cloudsies.png

Athena doesn't get pregnant. It's more of the 'union' of the minds.

Four penguins.pngSmile and wave, boys. Now that's the worst disguise ever. ~Alias KitMen-In-Black-psd71564.png 03:31, December 7, 2013 (UTC)

oh yeah totally forgot abt tht XD

PanPanNatsu Anime Square.png

Saying she has dyslexia and yet is very good in reading is contradictory. Also, she got to camp after her first monster attack when she was 13 and you said that she stayed at camp for a month. But you already skipped to her being 15 years old 0.o what happened to the two years?

Four penguins.pngSmile and wave, boys. Now that's the worst disguise ever. ~Alias KitMen-In-Black-psd71564.png 03:49, December 7, 2013 (UTC)

Fixed it @alias

so anything else?

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Athena wouldn't make love with Rosella's father, she is a virgin goddess, and would only have a mental connection with him.

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Thanks @all mighty for catching tht.

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I think 1 month of training isn't enough to survive 2 years of monster attacks. And what? Camp director's phone? o.0 They're not supposed to use such things...

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@Mummy Fixed

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Why did it take her a long time before she knew her bracelet was a magical item? Also, where did Athena leave the basket? I mean, she wouldn't leave it just in the middle of the sidewalk.. I think. Oh yea, please write what happened to the hellhound, did it die or something. ^^" thanks!There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32.gif

@Broken, it took her that long because she didn't know if was a magical item and was never told that. and i'll add that part in. ^^

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In her two months at camp, didn't she learn something about it? Didn't any Hephaestus kid bother to comment on it?There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32.gif

@broken it looked like a regular bracelet and you can't tell just by first glance.

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