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God Parent:Nike,Tyche,Athena

Mortal Parent:Xiong Yuan


Personality:She’s very kind and gentle with a regal air around her. She is very reserve and quite yet don't take the silence as a sign of weakness for she has more knowledge than you can ever thought to have. She’s very resourceful as years in the palace has thought her to not trust anyone but herself. She’s very careful with her words and always shows maturity fit to that of a princess.


A wish for luck..

A hope for freedom..

A little prayer to you..

And victory will forever be eternal....


It was just a normal day for the young Xiong Yuan (this dude [1]) in the old state of Chen where peace was but a dream. It was the warning state period and all the states was at war with one another trying to gain not only influence but power and land.The kingdom of Chen was no exception that the young prince Xiong Yuan grew sad seeing the effects of war to his people.He prayed to the gods everyday to help his country and this proceed even after he held the tittle king. His honest prayer caught the attention of nike whom wished to test him. She came to him in one of his hunt with a beauty different from the rest. This caught the attention of the young king and thinking she needs help Xiong Yuan aided her and brought her to the castle.He was kind to her to which impress the goddess whom expected less. She promised to bless his cause for war and peace in exchange for a night. The young king thought nothing of it and spend the night. As like times before upon the morning sunrise nike was gone.The young king tried to searched yet the call for his country was too great thus he took his armor and prepare for war not before seeing nike once more this time with a baby in her hands....

“I acknowledge my promise for a blessing...'For this child will forever be lucky

But be mindful young king

not all is as easy...”

~ Xiong Yuan...

Nike gave the little baby to him and told him her story. The king was more than skeptical that is until he saw her godly powers.Upon seeing that he was ecstatic for now he was actually able to impossible war....

“Life was never meant to be easy..'For darkness looms in the heart of man...

Yet with a little hope...

a light will always prevails...


Nike soon left the child in his capable hand leaving only a little gift. It was not a weapon nor a letter explaining her departure. It was a bracelet made from 10 colorful gems.The gems were not ordinary gems it was made especially for her both to save her life and to let her grow.The gems were blessed so that each time the child was attack she would be saved regardless of the consequences.

“I may not be here to see you grow my child'yet let me do my best..

for a mother's love knows no boundary...

and i hope that is enough...


The king gave the child to the maids giving his daughter the name Rouxi. Rouxi grew lonely in the palace as she saw her father going off to war and the palace life was never as easy for many expected her to be a princess yet the maids did a fine job in shaping her into a woman worth noticing for both her enemy and her ally. With rouxi in the palace her father had victories over victory however that was soon about to end. When rouxi was 10 she was kidnap by the enemy and by then her father’s kingdom was starting to deteriorate.The ones that kidnap her was from qin and she was brought to their emperor whom saw the beauty in the child thus took her in as a concubine.She cried and cried yet as she cried she found a dagger near her with a note that says to carry on. She felt the spirit of her mother and took the dagger as an heirloom

The price of freedom...

The price of luck

It all seems the same

As the victory you all search for...


The young rouxi tried to hate the emperor yet he was kind and gentle to her and let her have her freedom something she never could have experience living under her father. However like her father the emperor was often times busy with the war yet the emperor provided her with the best for she was call the angel of victory. Rouxi had her fun under the emperor and you could say she was close to loving the man she called an enemy eventually having a child with him that is until he began to change after he had the claim the tittle Shih Huang Di (this dude [2]). It was ironic for the same day as he claimed that tittle rouxi was 14 received her first monster attack. She was attack by a Harpy the harpy attacked her when she was alone and she was at a lost on what to do. At a moment's notice she took the dagger she carried and tried to stop the harpy which killed it.She felt it was a sign...and she was right...

Where is the kind man I once knew?

Where is the gentle soul that I’ve met?

Where is that soft smile I now miss?

Seems like it was lost in the war that you’ve won...”


The emperor started to take in more and more concubine leaving the child lonely in the palace. He did visit her yet it was never the same, for now she see the effects of war killing the emperor. He started to get paranoid adding more and more guards everywhere and the trust he had for his followers slowly decreased.Rouxi tried to help the emperor yet she was dismiss each time if not by the emperor by others whom benefited from the emperors deteriorating state.Once out of anger for her constant bugging she was sent away from the palace where she met up with her second attack with a drachnea.She was scared as the monster came close yet she used her wits ran from it as it soon caught up she threw her dagger toward the monster killing it as the blade stab its heart. Soon after this event she gave up on trying to help her husband and retreated to her mansion tending only to her child that was until the child died a victim of the bloody throne feud. Out of sadness she begged the emperor for one wish...Freedom...

“the happiness I once felt was taken away..

So please let me have your blessing to go away...

For all I seek now is my freedom and nothing more

Let me see the world I never saw before death claims me away...”


The emperor of course refused for she was his angel of victory yet her plead gain the pity of most of the other concubines whom all knew of the feeling of losing a child.They all banded together ignoring the feud and decided to help the young one fir she was all but 16. With their help she was brought out of the castle.

For years I've been told of how to live...

how to breath and how to see

yet now let me reclaim the life I have...

by going away from the life you own....


She escaped only bringing along a few of her belonging and soon with it all she escape through the night.She lived in the city it was far different from the palace where she was raised yet it all didn't manage to make her depress for she was now living the freely on her own accord unlike her previous life.She found work in the local tailor shop making many cloths for the nobles. Her careful work and fine craftsmanship made her work the best in the land thus received many compliments yet she was not only well known for her work but her beauty as well. As her 18th birthday was fast approaching more and more people tried to court the young child yet all was refused. Her boss being one of her fan could not hold his desire any longer thus invited the child out of the bustling city to the woods. She naively accepted and soon she saw his true colours. In a fright she ran from him only to be found by a hellhound twice her size. She was lucky to be save by a hero whom looks reminded her of someone. The man fought the hell hound bravely yet he failed to notice another one that came close to Rouxi. The second hell hound attacked her and almost killed her if not for the man.

“Your eyes..'Your smile..

Your gentle touch..

It all reminds me of the man I once knew...


After the valiant fight she came to realize the man was much younger than her. Out of pity she took care of the man as and his injuries with the money she earned. Soon after some time the two was struck by eros arrows

Is it wrong to smile at the thought of you?'Is it wrong to to find happiness next to you?

Is it wrong to yearn what I could never have?

For what I ever wish for now...will always be you..the love of my life...


They're feeling for one another could never be so true yet sadly the fates has decided against a happy ending...for the emperor have found her.The emperor was furious to find she had a lover as it was considered treachery for Rouxi 'belonged' to the emperor .In anger he gave Rouxi a choice..her life or her love...

“It is sad to see the proud and famous rouxi to be strip down to nothing but white garments..”said the emperor as she stand in front of him. "He was far different from the man before"...she reminded herself as she saw how the years has treated her 'husband'

“yes it is as sad to see the well respected man I know to be nothing more but a blood thirty man ...”rouxi said as a table was place in front of her the slave soon place a bowl in front of her before retreating

“I give you one last chance rouxi..” the man said full with pride “tell me the man that took your heart and you will be free...”the man ordered yet rouxi merely smile as she bowed her head

“After years of being told... of seeing my fate being seal by those other than me... I shall take my words wisely your Highness... For love is all I wish to have...”she said as she drank the poison with no second thought The poison took a few minutes to work as she felt the burning pain in her throat. She did not scream or yell as she fell to the ground with a smile...content that she was able to save him..

The emperor was furious yet he still did love the her thus gave her a proper burial. However before it was time her body was taken and was kept by the nymphs to be cared for as what she took was not poison but sleeping potion. The nymphs tended to the sleeping princess and soon for thousand of years she slept soon to be awaken again by the coming millennia.

Oh awaken my child..'For now you are safe from harm

Come and live your life..

For there is nothing more to fear but death itself


Weapons:A ribbon that can turn into a whip given by her attendant whom claimed to be a gift from her mother. She also received a dagger from her mother (it was return to her when she woke up)

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