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 Rowan Kastor


 Female/non-binary (they/them)

God Parent;


Mortal Parent;

 Norman Kastor

Current Age;

 16   born on February 19th, 2002


 Heterochromia eyes, one blue and one brown, both have specks of purple in them
 Pale skin that seems to glow in the moonlight
 Short black hair


 Generally nice, but is rude to people they do not like (i.e. monsters, gods that are rude). Is extremely loyal to friends, and will risk their life saving their friends


 Rowan’s father, Norman Kastor, met Hecate at a wicca convention. Norman Kastor was a very prominent man in wicca society, despite not being worshipped or prayed to by any of the religion’s followers. Norman chose Hecate out of the crowd and asked if she could do a spell with any of the following ingredients in front of her: a white candle, a glass of water, sage, a ceremonial dagger, and a ruby. Hecate looked at Norman and laughed, grabbing the ceremonial dagger and dragging it across her palm. Ichor flowed out of Hecate’s veins and dripped on the floor as Norman stood there in shock. He immediately asked her to come to his room and show him the spell as to how she made her blood turn gold. She told him it was not possible, but she could make his child be partially like her. He accepted the offer, and Rowan was conceived.
 Nine months later, Rowan was dropped off at the Kastor manor, along with a note. “Here is your half-blood child, if you don’t know what I mean, teach her magic. -Hannah (the convention girl)”
 Rowan had a fairly normal childhood, if you discount her learning wicca as a religion and her father teaching her wicca spells. The spells never worked, however. Once, there was an accident during Rowan’s learning of the wiccan spells. She messed up the ritual and her father stopped teaching her spells and started teaching her about the components of wicca. ((THE WICCA SPELLS NEVER WORKED))
 Rowan didn’t find out that she was abnormal until she was practicing fighting at age eleven and accidentally charged her sword, causing her father to fall on his back with smoke rising from his clothes. After he recovered, he taught her about her mother, Hecate. Who told Norman Kastor who she really was when Rowan turned ten. Hecate thought it was crucial that Rowan learned how to defend herself against monsters, wanting her child to stay alive but not to interfere directly. But then again, that was also the time that Rowan started to realize that she was not exactly female. They told their dad and he accepted them, Norman telling Hecate in a letter. Hecate changed the pronouns in the letters after that to Rowan’s preferred pronouns: they/them.
 Rowan’s first monster attack didn’t come until they were twelve, but by then they had only been training for two years and they definitely weren’t an expert. Rowan was practicing with some bows and arrows in the backyard when all of a sudden a harpy flew out from the trees and flew towards them. The harpy told they were a disgrace to children of Hecate, and Rowan was confused, but it enraged them. They started shooting arrows at the flying creature and whenever it got low enough, slashing with their dagger. In the end of the fight, they suffered from some minor wounds like cuts and bruises, but won. Their father had never told them who their mom was, just that their mom was special. Rowan had been on the run from monsters ever since, especially since a fire breathing horse had caught their family home on fire and killed their dad. They had been trying not to run into anymore harpies that said they were a disgrace, when they ran across a harpy nest. Rowan broke all of the harpies’ eggs and was shifting through the nest to see what they could find when they found the bismuth staff. Rowan was drawn to it, the bismuth looking extremely beautiful in the sunlight. σπαθί προσωπικό (spathí prosopikó) sword staff, it had said engraved in the wood. Rowan immediately picked it up and ran out of the forest, trying not to let a harpy see the bismuth staff.
They finally found Camp Half-Blood after running into a satyr that and almost killing said satyr. The satyr had pleaded for his life, to which Rowan reluctantly obeyed. The satyr told Rowan that he could lead the child of Hecate to a camp for demigods just like them. Of course, Rowan had heard that term spoken by several monsters, but had no clue about what it meant. The satyr decided to lead Rowan to Camp Half-Blood and to the director, who would most likely explain nothing to her, but it was worth a try.


 Amulet that gives the ability to see possibilities of the future. (Hecate left on doorstep)
 11” Celestial Bronze Dagger (given to by father, not knowing it was not a mortal weapon)
 Wooden Staff tipped with Bismuth that helps controls powers and can turn into a sword if needed (found in a harpy nest)


 Abbie - Skeleton Horse

--Venomrunaway (talk) 13:55, January 16, 2019 (UTC)venomrunaway


Hi there, and welcome to the wiki! I'm Flopfish3, and I'll be helping out with your claim today.

Firstly, major props for havin a non-binary character! As a trans girl myself I always love to see LGBTQ+ representation <3 There's a few things to update/add to your claim:

  • You only actually need one God Parent choice - I'm assuming you'd like Hecate?
  • What do you mean by Rowan being born regularly?
  • What do you mean by her father teaching her spells? (I'm not overly familiar with Wicca, I'm sorry.) He likely wouldn't be able to teach her about any of her demigod powers, even accidentally.
  • How did Hecate tell Rowan about who she was? Telling her directly or visiting her would count as direct interference, which is not allowed.
  • What happened during the first monster attack/what was the outcome? How did she defeat the monsters?
  • Cyclopes are a strong and difficult monster that would be extremely difficult for Rowan to overcome, even with some training by mortals. Please select an easy monster instead from this list:
  • Where did she obtain her weapons?

Thanks for your patience! Please note that her pet (the skeletal horse) will also have to go through claiming once your character is created, but should be ok for now. I can't wait to see you around the wiki!


Flopfish3 (talk) 20:19, January 15, 2019 (UTC)

Hello and welcome! While I have the time, I'll hop in here and keep things rolling! Thanks for your patience and cooperation. At this rate, you'll be ready to go in no time. Let's jump right back in:

  • To give a bit more context to Flop's comment above, mortals can actually perform magic to a degree in our universe's canon sources. Hecate kids have a bit of a technicality to them though: while some of their abilities are *spells*, that can be learned or created, some other abilities are just innate powers like any other demigod's. Those are exclusive to them and can't be taught by mortals. But once Rowan has been at camp for 6 months, they'll be able to use their own spells (within reason). At that point, feel free to have Rowan put their dad's teachings to use in real custom spells!
  • Since the wooden staff has some magical properties to it, please expand a bit more on how Rowan got it/why it was there. This can be dealt with alongside the next point:
  • Please add a bit more about Rowan's first fight with the harpy. Aim for a couple more sentences of detail on how they defeated it. Explaining that they found the staff in its nest and used it to save themselves, etc., would work. However you want to do it!
  • As a matter of precedent, magical items shouldn't just flatout improve a character's abilities. Unfortunately that effect will have to be removed from the amulet. The divination effect is okay in theory, but please elaborate a bit more on how it works just to be safe. It's okay as long as it can't be exploited in combat, or be used for godmoding.

That's all I see right now. Smooth those couple things out, and we should have ya good to go.

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