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Daughter of Nyx

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Name: Ruby Everhart

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Species: Demigod

God Parent Nyx

Mortal Parent: Carlo Everhart

Personality: She is very shy around strangers, but is really weird to those she considered to be close with.Spend most of the time at home reading fictional books, or watching TV series. She is very, intelligent, witty and responsible. She is considered as arrogant by some people, yet Ruby does not care at all about their opinion.Most of the time, she feels superior compared to other people. Overall, Ruby is a shy but an honest and kind girl that tries her best at all times.


Carlo was a journalist living in New York. Most of his job involves bizarre scenarios. One night, he just finished a field work when he saw a mysterious yet hauntingly beautiful woman. Feeling struck by the goddess, he followed her until she slowly turned and smiled at him.

After that incident, the two frequently cross path. Maybe it was because Nyx has also a thing with the man, though this meetings were always at the night, were the goddess was more comfortable. This thing continues until one faithful night, the two shared a passionate moment.

Nyx disappeared after the incident. Carlo was upset that the goddess serves him no proper farewell. One night months later, a cry of a child can be heard. Carlo sense it was coming from his room, and in his surprise, the Goddess was present, holding a beautiful baby. The Goddess explained to the mortal about herself, their daughter and camp. Carlo was dumbfounded but still believes what the Goddess told him. She then vanished in the dark night, leaving a shocked Carlo, holding a crying girl and ring that the Goddess said will protect the girl.  Carlo decided to name the child Ruby.

Ruby grew up really dependent with her overprotective father. Because of this Ruby had little social life, spent mostly to the people around her. Her father married Sandra, a manager at a local company. She was uptight around her but Ruby did not mind. They had a respectful relationship with one another. Carlo and Sandra had a daughter which they named Cass. Ruby was glad to the new addition and the sisters became really close.  Ruby just wanted her family and some other close people to be her world, always feeling awkward toward others.

Ruby, even if she had ADHD, was an intelligent person. She was one on the top with her class. But some of her classmates perceive her as an arrogant anti-social freak. Ruby was okay with this for she had no care for the opinion of the other people.

One night, she came late due to some school activity. She was 13 then and had never known about her demigod side. Her father kept it a secret to her daughter. She just knew a fake story that her mom died in a car accident, and that only remembrance was the gold ring Nyx left them. So at one corner a hellhound confronted the child, She thought it was just a huge black dog, but was soon terrified when the monster got near. She tried to run but her feet seemed to be stuck. When the hellhound came closer, something within her told to touch the ring. It glowed and turned to a sword. The hound seems to be scare at the sword. Again, her demigod instinct told her to fight using the sword. She may not know how to use the sword, that night, she actually gain some strength and was successfully killed the monster. Maybe it was her demigod blood waking up, or maybe the goddess was helping her in her night domain, but whatever it was, it sure help her not die, just got some bruises and a bit trauma about it.

She run towards home but only finds her father. She hugged him with tears in her eyes and told her father about the attack. Feeling that it was time, Carlo decided to tell the girl about everything. Like her father was 13 years ago, she was in total shock and if not experience had what she just felt, will not believe it. Still not wanting for Ruby to go away, Carlo refuses to let her go there.He wanted to be with her daughter, not wanting her leave his side They told nothing to the other members of the family.

A year has passed and things seem rather normal, until one day, the Ruby and her father were walking, when they sense two creatures was fallowing them, those were actually harpies. Of coarse, the father thought that it was just a huge bird. But when the harpies tried to attack Ruby, he thought otherwise.Ruby quickly drew her sword and desperately tried to defend. The father grabs a stick, wanting to fend them away, but did nothing. Luck was on Ruby's side for she killed one. The other seemed to be scared when her company was gone, it run away not wanting to have the same fate.

Hearing it and actually experience it were very different. With this Carlo decided it was time that Ruby went to the demigod camp. Ruby was okay with this for she wanted to know about what she was, what made her different from normal mortals. The two lied to Sandra and Cass, that it was just a normal camp, and Ruby will stay there for the meantime. They were skeptic at first but was able to do nothing as the two drove of.

She was claimed by her mother the day she stayed at camp, and has been there for just about a week.

Weapon Celestial bronze sword, that can be activated whenever Ruby wants it, just by simply touching the ring that her mom gave her.

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  • A monsters main priority is to kill demigods and they will try and achieve that even if it means their death so Ruby, an untrained demigod, wouldn't be able to scare off a hell hound probably 3 times her size. As for the harpy i can probably allow that since she did watch her companion die and was facing two people all by herself

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I changed the part to she actually killed the hellhound :) any more things i need to change.

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