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Name: Ruby 'Rue' Jewel

Gender: Female

Age: 16

God Parent: Hades, Poseidon, Zeus

Mortal Parent: Sapphire Jewel (clear-sighted mortal)

Mio Kifune as Ruby Jewel

Personality: Rue is a very introverted person and she won't approach anybody and talk to them, unless they talk to her first. She knows how to stand up for herself and for others however and won't be afraid to pick a fight when she wants to. Rue also knows how to be a leader at the most crucial moments.

Weapon: CB sword (changes into a necklace)


Parents meeting

Sapphire Jewel is a famous jewelry designer who was very beautiful and captivated every mans' eyes. But no man was a match for her. No man except for Hades. Hades tried every possible way to make Sapphire fall in love with him. After a couple of months trying to make her fall in love with him, he succeeded and they started dating. One day, they decided to take it a step further and made passionate love. But the next day, Hades suddenly vanished. Even though she was a mortal, Hades told Sapphire that he was a god and that he needed to leave once they had a baby. So she understood why he left right away but was a bit heartbroken as well. 9 months passed and she gave birth to Ruby Jewel. After a week has passed since Ruby was born, a small package came for Sapphire that appeared on her front door step. She opened it and a necklace was inside it as well as a small letter. The letter told her that it was actually a weapon their daughter can use to defend herself with and also gave out instructions on how to get to camp half-blood. Sapphire thought of wearing it for herself for a couple of years until Ruby was old enough to learn how to use the weapon.


Ruby had an okay childhood. She got to study whatever she wanted to study. That included from learning how to sing, play the piano and learn karate. Her school treated her well but at times she had bullies who bullied her since she was so introverted and 'weird'. She only had one good friend: Lily Wright (a torchbearing nymph) who was always there for her no matter what. Her mother treated her well and they got along greatly and Ruby took an interest in jewelry designing.

Monster attacks

When Ruby had her 13th birthday party in a park, it was just Lily, herself, and her mother. They were having a picnic and a giant scorpion suddenly attacked Ruby. Lily used her powers to do her best and save her but it wasn't enough. being a clear-sighted mortal, Sapphire saw the giant scorpion attack her daughter and immediately tossed the necklace to Lily and quickly explained to her that it can turn into a celestial bronze sword. being familiar with celestial bronze weapons, she immediately morphed the necklace into a sword and attacked the giant scorpion. After 5 direct hits from the sword, the giant scorpion disintegrated. Ruby then passed out from shock. When she woke up, she was in her house and Lily and her mother explained to her everything about her and the gods. Since she saw the monster attack her, she knew there was no choice but to believe in them. (Before Ruby woke up, Lily explained to Sapphire that she was a torchbearing nymph sent by Hades to protect Ruby from danger). Sapphire then gave Ruby the necklace explaining that it can transform into a weapon that she can use to defend herself with. Sapphire obviously told her of camp but Ruby didn't want to leave her mother yet and asked her if she can go when she was 16. Sapphire agreed but made her daughter promise to be safe. Ruby commented that she'll be safe as long as Lily is near her.

At age 14, she had her second monster attack. This time, Lily and Ruby were going shopping and a harpy attacked her. With the help of Lily's powers and Ruby's celestial bronze sword, they got the harpy to disintegrate within minutes.

At age 15, she had her third monster attack. An empousai attacked her and she was by herself. Even though she disintegrated it in time, she was beaten up pretty badly and she had to be healed by Lily (ambrosia and nectar) in the end when Ruby went back home (Lily and Ruby lived close to each other so Lily walked over to Ruby's house).

Getting to camp

At age 16, she finally had to pack her things and leave her house so she can be safe and have a fun time with no monsters attacking her. Ruby told Lily she didn't need any protection but Lily refused to stay away from her. Ruby told her that she might need to protect another demigod and do other important things Hades and Persephone might want her to do. Once Lily hear that, she backed off and let Ruby to go camp by herself. Sapphire drove Ruby to camp using the directions Hades gave her and got their safely without any surprise monster attacks. Once they got to camp, Ruby told her mother goodbye and walked into camp where she got claimed as the daughter of Hades.


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