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Name: Rune Vesper

Age: Currently 13

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Apate,  Melinoe, or Nyx

Mortal Parent: Jakob Vesper

Appearance: Rune has glossy black hair in the stand-up fringe haircut. His eyes are dark-- either dark dark brown or anthracite, no one can really tell. He's Filipino-American. He's not remarkably tall or short, probably about average height. Rune is slim and wiry. When he's not in camp clothing, he's wearing a graphic tee and grey jeans. 

Personality: Mischievous, but not overboard. Sarcastic and sardonic. He doesn't use these traits to be humorous, it's just his nature. However, he also uses these traits to hide more negative emotions. He's a bit of a pessimist, and at first he can come across as distant and harsh-- he can be very closed up, but only at first, and once you know him, he's the mischievous/sarcastic/sardonic guy who's always up to one scheme or another. ...Although when it comes to pranks, he's under the radar-- he doesn't get caught for his shenanigans. 

History: [Written assuming Apate] His father grew up in the Philippines, with one Filipino parent and one American parent.  Jakob met Apate at a café, where he was taking his lunch break, and apparently, so was "Kimi Darnell". They met in the café about once a week, until a love developed. And then a child was born. 

"Kimi" left, and of course Jakob never knew she was Apate. She had claimed she was going on a business trip, but never came back, leaving Jakob alone with their child, Rune. Jakob, at first, raised Rune in the Philippines. Rune knew his father loved him, but was often busy for work, and Rune learned to take care of himself. 

Jakob had to move to Texas for his job, and dragged Rune with him. Rune was unhappy to leave what few friends he had, but soon learned to love Texas. He made friends there too... and then came his first monster attack at age eleven. Well, technically it wasn't an /attack/. It was a pack of hellhounds attacking another demigod. Rune didn't know why, but he felt drawn to help... Instinctively, he wanted to help, but didn't know what to do. Before he knew what was happening, or that it was his doing, he felt his energy draining a bit (as untrained demigods haven't, of course, had the training of sustained power without energy drainage) as some barely controlled [illusional] vortex distracted the hellhounds. The other demigod was able to destroy the hellhounds while they had focused on the illusional vortex.

The other demigod disappeared [back to camp, unbeknownst to Rune], and over the course of a year Rune attempted to forget the incident. It was on his second encounter and first real attack by a monster (a rogue empousa) that a satyr arrived and escorted Rune to camp. It took quite a bit of controlling of the Mist, but Camp Half-Blood was able to convince Jakob that Rune was attending a boarding school. [he arrived at *newly* 13]

Weapons: Small celestial bronze projectiles such as darts and shruiken (ninja stars) usually injected with some sort of venom to add to the effect. 

Mystique of Music (talk) 20:47, February 24, 2013 (UTC)MyStIqUe Of MuSiC

How old was he at his first "attack"? How would he know how to help, what was the distraction?

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Yes, I shall now answer those questions. :] Mystique of Music (talk) 00:33, February 25, 2013 (UTC)Mystique [of music]

An untrained demigod wouldn't have that much control over there powers. How old was he when he was brought to camp?Joker by NerdXV.gif Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 03:07, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

In my eyes, untrained demigods can occasionally control their powers under instinct (although it's usually only barely controlled). (And untrained demigods can kind of self-train their powers a bit, once they could understand somewhat) If you cared to look, you would notice or assume it was immediate, which it was-- seeing as he was twelve at the monster attack, he was old enough to be escorted to camp. Explaining this to his father... That required quite a bit of controlling the Mist from people at camp. (I edited the form, see above, nah duh) Mystique of Music (talk) 03:37, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

Are you trying to claim he's already been at camp on the wiki since fall?

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