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Name: Ryan Terry

Gender: Male

God Parent: Cybele!!!!! or Tyche and maybbeeeee Eros.

Mortal Parent: David Terry



Personality: Ryan is extremely cheerful and energetic and can be a total flirt. He is completely unphased by bitchy or cranky behavior, and continues to be his uber-fun self anyway. He is incredibly claustrophobic and cannot stay still, and doesn't mind stuck-up, selfish, bitches, or any of the bad people. He is always at ease when riding horses or with animals, and although he can seem somewhat arrogant and self-centered at times, he's really not-underneath his cool, confident surface is a big heart full of compassion and a hopeless romantic.

History: Ryan's history is of that of a typical demigod's. His father, David Terry, was a 24-year old instructor at a horse-back-riding class. He was one of the rare mortals that could see through the Mist, and he had had several friends who had been demigods, so he had a notion about their world. One day he was out hiking in the mountains when he saw a beautiful woman sitting under the shade of a tree, chatting with some nymphs. They began to talk, thus further blooming into an intimate relationship.

Their relationship continued for a year, and one day when they met up they stayed together so long it was almost midnight when they realized the time. Luckily, in the depths of the forest was a teeny tiny cabin for hikers to rest. There was only one bed, and well, you know what they did.

Maybe a year later, David went back to the spot and found his son, wrapped in blankets. David remembered the stories how gods never stayed long, and he took his son home. During this time, he met a daughter of Eros, Miriam Taylor, and they began developing a new relationship. When Ryan was four they married.

Miriam taught Ryan about the demigod world. By ten, he knew how to wield a spear, sword, dagger, and shield. Miriam's old but faithful pegasus, Jango, warmed up to Ryan and he learned to ride, from his father and from Miriam. One day Ryan and Miriam, when Ryan was thirteen, wandered into the mountains and there was a beautiful black-and white wild pegasus. Ryan, with his mega-cool Cybele powers-uh, sorry-was able to tame the pegasus and named her Lucky. 

Monster began attacking, and although Miriam knew Ryan should get to Camp, they lived all the way in England and were constantly traveling. There was no way they could get him to Camp without somethng going dreadfully wrong, and there was no sign of satyrs. 

Eventually, when he turned 15, he was walking the streets when he got mauled by a hellhound. He received dreadful wounds but the hound yelped and splattered into dust. Standing above him was a slim Japanese girl wielding a rapier and shield, the blade thrust where the beast was standing. She guarded him as he rushed home, explained the situation to his parents, and allowed the girl, who introduced herself as Acacia, guide him to Camp. It was a looooong, perilous journey, but with their combined skills she was able to get him to Camp safetly.

Weapons: Ryan can fight with anything, but prefers the standard sword and shield.


ok it seems a lil unrealistic that mariam would get back together with the guy who left her for cybele and plus wouldn't he warn her sooner that she'd left him? And there's no way in hell a persephone kid could use a travel rose to get him to camp

2227111-miles super I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 00:37, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

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