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Name: Ryann Black

Gender: Female

God Parent: Iris/Athena/Themis

Mortal Parent: Adam Black

History: Back in 1995, Adam Black met a woman, named Nicole. The two developed a strong love for each other and a few months later Nicole gave birth to their daughter, Ryann. A week after Ryann's birth, Nicole was gone. Adam searched for her for years and years, but never found a thing. Ryann grew up with her father, in Los Angeles. The two had a very good relationship. Adam was a journalist in a newspaper. Sometime in 2004 he wrote an article about a politician, telling people that he truly was a criminal that was taking money from various charities. The politician, who's career fell apart, sought for revenge so he killed Adam. It was a great loss for, at the time nine years-old, Ryann. She was sent to an orphanage. Her life there wasn't good at all. Her teacher, miss Anna, was abusing her, the kids at the orphanage made fun of her and nobody wanted to adopt her. But after 3 years spent in the awfull place, Dylan showed up. Dylan was a satyr. He was just passing by, when he smelled Ryann and decided to help her out. 3 years passed and no one harmed Ryann. Although she was still hurt, now with Dylan being around her she started smiling again. Her powers started showing then. Few more months passed and during a trip of the orphanage a hell-hound "smelled" Ryann. The creature attacked her and was about to kill her when Dylan managed to save her. He then told her the truth, that she was a demigod. He talked to her about a safe place, Camp Half-blood. Ryann decided to join the camp. Dylan brought her there, deafeting a few monsters in their way.

Appearance: Ryann has short red hair that she took from her father. Her eyes are big and beautiful and have a green-blue color. She is tall (5'8") and slim. She has a well-built body and she is always full of energy. She has a cleaqn face, with no frecles on it. She has a beautiful smile, but doesn't use it often.

Personality: Ryann was once an outgoing and always smiling child. That was before her father's death. In the orhanage she became very shy and now doesn't trust people easily. She is very creative though. She doesn't smile often, because her dad's death still hurts her. If you get to know her and if she decides to trust you, you will see that she is a very good friend and that you can trust her. She is also smart and very quite.

Weapons: Her demigod powers and a bow with arrows, a gift from her satyr friend, Dylan.

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