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Name: Ryanne Kavanagh

Aiofe 1

Age: 17

Species: Demigod

Parents: Eros & Naomi Connelly

Personality: Ryanne refuses to speak to anyone, even though she hopes to find some friends. She'd sometimes forget to speak and just write on a paper or do a series of sign language. For a daughter of a love god, her life's full of sorrow and death of loved ones, pushing her to the point that she might not even try to keep someone else close to her. When in a fight, she rarely feels any emotion while defending herself and will only strive to keep herself alive. Her secretive personality under a forced smiling face could be a harm to anyone thinking on making her a friend. But there is always the chance that her heart might soften.



Naomi Connelly was trained by her father, a full general in the British Army, since she was still a child. Although her mother, a military medic, seemed to refuse to let her daughter go through such practices, she let him, anyway. However, when she turned eighteen, she went out of what her father had planned for her. Instead of continuing her military schooling, she rebelled against her parents and ran away, cursing the life she'd been born into. She didn't want to be like her father. She always had dreamed of being a doctor, and that's all she ever wanted to be. To help people and not join in a battlefield.

Luckily, her aunt, who was a doctor herself, took her in and helped her take nursing classes. Soon, Naomi got a doctor's degree and was set out for work in her aunt's hospital. Everything was going well, until she fell in love with the right person, who made the whole picture go wrong.

Phillip was his name. He was kind, smart, charming, and . . . . perfect. They both wanted to make each other happy, and that's what they did - not wasting moments whenever they're together or not. Phillip did his best to have her trust him, and Naomi made sure he was really the one. After five and a half months, they planned their wedding. But Phillip had a secret that he knew would destroy his relationship with her, so he decided to keep it to himself and live a new life. But Naomi accidentally found out.

Phillip had been running away from his old life, and was then determined to change. But he met Naomi too suddenly, yet he didn't want to let her go. He was once part of a ruthless mafia, and had spilled blood on his own hands. He didn't find it wonderful to do, so as years passed, he thought hard about leaving. And when he did, he found happiness. Now, not telling Naomi seemed like the worst idea he'd ever came up with. Like he expected would have if she ever found out, she threw a fit of screaming and crying.

Naomi loved Phillip, but him hiding his past and what his past was - that she couldn't take. And he was still someone wanted by the police! She called off the wedding and decided not to see him for as long as she could recover. But she still loved him. Confused, she, one night, went with some friends who said they knew what was best for her. They said having so much fun could make her forget. Naomi haven't experienced this type of 'fun' of theirs, so she came with them.

Night clubs were too muc noisy and irritating for someone who preferred feeling the cold breeze of the night and gazing at the stars. But the drinks were good, no doubt. After some drinks which she ought not to have in order to avoid getting drunk, her friends gave way to a complete stranger to have him meet Naomi. With giggles, they left their place and watched from another table as the impossibly handsome man sat beside their friend.

They started with a little talk, introductions and perks, then having more drinks together. The man, Elliot, found Naomi interesting, whilst she found him astounding. She wasn't in her normal state, and she didn't exactly know what she was doing after then. The world was spinning around her, smiles and hard dancing and loud music and shouts blurring together. She didn't remember anything that night, but the next morning, she found herself in her own home, in her room, bare under her think blanket, and the vacant space beside her was warm, as if someone had recently lain down there.

Phillip visited her the next day, and she shut him out. This continued on for a few months, Naomi blindly refusing to accept his apologies, until she learned she had a baby in her womb. It was ridiculous, she never slept with anyone. She couldn't remember anything that would have conceived the child. But suddenly she saw a dazzling smile in the back of her mind, a melodic laugh that she'd never heard any laugh like it. It wasn't Phillip. What was his name, then? El . . . Elliot, right! In that short moment of memories, she burst into tears.

In the next months, she didn't show herself to anyone. She'd rarely go outside, and stayed in her house even though her friends or Phillip was waiting for her to come out. Her hand maid was the only one with her. Months later, Naomi gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who she didn't consider hers. She brought the child home, but left her somewhere in the outskirts of her town. She didn't want to have a child, let alone get stressed over it. Meanwhile, Phillip was debating whether to give up on Naomi or not let go. He arrived in a quiet place out of the busy streets of town to think, and heard the fragile cry of a baby. He searched for it, and found the babe between two huge rocks leaning against each other. No one was around.

A baby girl, with only a pink towel covering her and a necklace with a Connemara Marble pendant too big for her around her neck. Phillip took her in, and named her Ryanne after his dead older sister.

Early Childhood

Ryanne grew up under Phillip Kavangh's care, knowing in an early age that she was abandoned by her real parents. She considered Phillip her own father, and did anything to make him happy and return his care. She had lived normally - going to school when she turned five, making friends in the neighbourhood, playing in the nearby park, and having an undisturbed life with her dad. Phillip made sure to keep his past self far away to protect Ryanne. But as some time passed, the child slowly seemed to look like Naomi. Ryanne has Naomi's fiery red hair, her reserved smile, the twinkle in her eyes whenever she meets somebody new - it was suspiciously like his past lover's. But it was impossible; Naomi never had a child, and as far as he knew, she was in London, living her life as an unmarried doctor.

When Ryanne turned seven, a pair of robbers entered their house. Phillip heard the noise and went down the staircase to check it. Before he even had the lights on, the sounds of gunshot rang through the house. Ryanne awoke, running down as fast as she could, and saw her father down the stairs, getting shot for the third time, blood blooming from his chest and tainting his shirt. She didn't know why she fell silent and frozen in her spot. She just stared at her dead father, and watched in the darkness as the robbers took the things they deem nice and exit the house with nothing so much as an apology. The police came the next day, and found the little girl on top of the stairs, hugging her knees and gazing at nothing.

She was sent to a foster home located in Kinsale, a town in County Cork on the southern coast of Ireland. Mrs. Byrne, one of the foster parents, showed interest in her and was the only one who even cared for Ryanne. Since that incident, Ryanne never spoke a word, and spent nights in her room crying herself to sleep. No matter how much the other kids present there made her want to talk, she never did as if she never had the ability to speak. She was nicknamed the 'red-headed mute' in the foster house, and she didn't care, as if she was also losing her ability to hear and care. She only clutched her necklace with a pendant made of the Irish marble mixed with silver shaped as a bow with a nocked arrow.

Monster attack

Accidentally, when she was eleven, she found herself in the morning hugging a huge, double-bladed sword. Surprised, she threw it away and made a loud, clanging noise as it hit the tiled floor. Footsteps stirred outside the door of the room. Before the door opened, the weapon shrunk into her familiar necklace. Thank goodness,no one found out and no one was in the room when it happened. Curious, she went to the abandoned park a few blocks away and tested her necklace out.

After her discovery of her very own weapon, she started training herself in using it, doing it her own way. On her thirteenth birthday, while playing with her necklace in a single-bladed steel sword, a dracaena dashed out from the bushes to attack her. Ryanne immediately swung the sword, but didn't even gave it a scratch. The monster hissed, babbling about how mortal swords couldn't hurt it. Ryanne, panicking, tried to ask for help to any god above, and wished the monster was just a dream. Suddenly, her sword turned from silver to a glowing bronze, glinting under the sunlight. The dracaena hissed and lunged. Ryanne, instinctively, slashed a full arc with her eyes closed. Only golden dust was left in the place of the strange creature when she opened her eyes.

It took her a full week to understand the difference when the sword turned to bronze and when it was normal steel. The other foster kids saw the sword as a really long stick when it was coloured bronze, and impossibly went through their bodies as if they were ghosts, but it wounded her. When it was normal steel, they could see it for what it really was, and could wound them. On this moment of discovery, a few children shouted about it, crying that Ryanne was a killer. She immediately turned it into a necklace and whistled away.

Three months later, two pairs of telekhines attacked her while she was by the seashore. She had her double-bladed sword in hand, in which she called 'bronze mode', twirling it, and slashed at the monsters, sidestepping and ducking and parrying then whacking at the monsters. In a few minutes, she was covered in their golden dirt. The next attack happened a month after her fourteenth birthday. That time it was a fire-breathing horse, and she found an unfamiliar pretty boy watching her as she finished the monster. The boy was so amazed he clapped like it was the end of the world and ran to her side. He introduced himself as Aedan Schwarz, a local and a sudden fan of hers. It confused Ryanne how he could see the monster and her sword, but she concluded that maybe some could see, people like her.

They both met at the abandoned park every other day, telling stories - he spoke while she wrote on paper. No, her voice didn't seem to want to be back. Aedan said it was just because of trauma, and he'd make her forget about it. Ryanne was happy to have someone like him as a friend. He then told her that she looked so much like someone he once knew - a doctor who used to take care of his dead mother. Ryanne took it as the same because of their matching hair colour, and laughed it off. Aedan said he could also see the monsters she sees, and had also wondered if there was something wrong with him. Ryanne was proof he wasn't.

Six months later, they were both attacked by a pair of empousai. Ryanne then found out that her necklace could change into a bow, and a quiver full of arrows appeared slung on her back. Even she was unable to believe how she shot accurately at the monsters at their heads. They burst to golden dust, and the arrows disappeared, reappearing clean in her quiver. Aedan just praised her all over again.

An accident

Ryanne, although still so young, admitted that she loved Aedan. Aedan, two years older than her, told her the same, and asked her if he could date her. Oh yes, she never said no. No matter how much the monsters scared the life out of Aedan, he'd still stay with her. Even though she could be a pro killer, he'd stay by her side. Monsters here, monsters there, but love here and love there. She shared her first kiss with him when she turned sixteen. But one day, when she was walking home and Aedan had some business to run, a car had lost its brakes and turned to where she was. She realized what was happening when the car hit her dead-on.

She woke up in a hospital room, with Aedan's head resting on the side of the bed, waiting for her to wake up. She went back to sleep, and woke up again, this time Aedan missing. Minutes after examining whatever happened to herself, a red-headed doctor walked in with a nurse in trail. Their eyes met, and suddenly the world felt like it was moving in slow motion. The doctor was shocked to see Ryanne, looking so much like her when she was younger. As if she saw something terrifyingly strange, the doctor backed out of the room and hurriedly told the nurse to check Ryanne herself.

The nurse told her that she was fine; bruises were all that she had, thanks to her last-split-second decision to jump out of the car's way. Although confused on the doctor's sudden reaction, Ryanne's hand subconsciously went to her chest, and sighed in relief when her fingers clutched the marble pendant. The nurse then told her that the boy with her suggested to just keep the necklace on her. She silently thanked Aedan.

However, when Ryanne was asleep, the doctor would check on her and debate in her mind whether she was her abandoned child. But who took her in? It was impossible. No one could've found her in that place. Naomi didn't want to know, but she kept looking after the girl.

Three days later, the hospital let Ryanne go. Aedan was there with her, and took her to lunch to celebrate. How wonderful she felt, finally being with him again. She tried to speak, but nothing comes out, yet she promised herself to keep trying. The red-headed doctor sometimes checked on the foster house and ask for Ryanne, but she's only take a few replies before formally leaving. Ryanne was always left confused. A couple of weeks later, the doctor, Naomi, invited Ryanne for lunch, and the girl agreed. At first it was awkward between them, but Naomi asked some questions that the girl answered through pen and paper. It steadily turned to a light conversation, with jokes and puns and other funny things. Naomi didn't bring a car, so Ryanne suggested they walk back; a little jog won't hurt, too. Halfway back to the foster home, a Cyclops appeared from behind a colonnade of trees. Naomi almost fainted at the sight of such a monster, but Ryanne took out her double-bladed bronze sword, and killed the monster.

The second the monster burst to dust, a person covered in black from head to toe ran to them with a gun in hand. Naomi was inching nearer to Ryanne to check if she was okay, but Ryanne was too late to read the stranger's move. Assuming the stranger was a man, he aimed his gun at the doctor and unhesitatingly pulled the trigger. Before Ryanne could deflect it, the bullet went straight through Naomi's chest. For the first time in years, Ryanne screamed. Like a flash of lightning, she willed her weapon to turn into a single-bladed steel sword and slashed at the stranger. Blood spilled from his gut, and when Ryanne rushed to Naomi's aid, she was already gone.

Furious, she ripped the stranger's black ski mask and held her sword's tip on his face. But it was entirely impossible; why was she looking at Aedan's pretty face?

Aedan had tears streaming down his face, and he told her why he was doing such. He only wanted to make his father, a part of a gang present around the county, happy, because he'd never done so for his own mother, who the doctors were unable to save. Naomi was the lead doctor in his mother's case, and she failed to save her. Aedan's father was so mad at her, and erasing her from the world would be the only thing to bring back his happiness. With sorrowful apology, the life slipped away from him. Ryanne just cried and cried, screaming words that felt foreign on her tongue but so much familiar.

A new home . . .?

Ryanne ran away from the site and spent the remaining hours of the day alone in the park she always visited with Aedan. As she tried to discern everything that just happened, a woman who seemed to be in her late twenties appeared and held out a hand. She was beautiful, Ryanne thought. The stranger introduced herself as Janice, her older sister. Ryanne was immensely perplexed. Janice laughed it off, and she offered her chance to start a new life. She said their 'father' sent her a letter to help her, and she was to bring Ryanne to America and show her to a new home. Ryanne, losing all hope, agreed and went with Janice.

Janice's riches surprised Ryanne like a sudden slap to the face. She was so, so rich. A private jet was waiting for her at Cork Airport, and they flew to New York. While in the flight, Janice gave her some 'better' clothes to wear and styled her hair and just did everything that she deemed necessary for modern beauty. And during the whole flight, Janice explained everything to Ryanne. Ryanne's father - their father - was a Greek god, Eros. She was a demigod, and monsters always come after demigods. Aedan was a mere mortal, but one that has the Sight. Janice said that Eros stated in his letter that the Connemara Marble necklace was his gift to Ryanne, and a doctor named Naomi Connelly was her real mother.

Ryanne started to cry again, but asked about this 'safe haven' they were going to. Janice again explained: Camp Half-Blood, a place where demigods can be safe against monsters and other dark forces, where they can train and learn how to defend themselves. The younger girl just nodded, but asked if maybe she could not go there for a while; she wanted some more time to clear her mind. Janice, kind as ever, agreed to let her half-sister stay in her house.

Oh, her house was huge. Janice took her around New York for a change, and some monsters find their way to them, only to end up in a heap of golden dust. For almost a year, she stayed with Janice. But her older half-sister convinced her to go, for she wouldn't be able to protect her for so long. Ryanne hesitatingly agreed, but Janice promised to check up on her. With Janice's car, she brought her to Camp, and Ryanne just hoped that everything would change for the better when she stepped inside.

She was claimed a day after and has stayed there for five days.

Weapons: A golden necklace with a pendant shaped like an arrow nocked made of Connemara Marble and silver., given to her by Eros when she was left by her mother. It can turn to its other forms by its user's sheer will - a single-bladed sword and a double-bladed sword, both either made of steel or Celestial bronze. It can also change into a bronze recurve bow, with a quiver full of arrows slung across her back simultaneosly appearing. However, when an arrow hits it mark, it will immediately disappear and return to the quiver. 

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So, Koutarou, what are you up to now? Well, only thing I see: how long has she stayed in Camp after arrival. Two weeks max, dear.

And is Aedan a demigod, too? We have a choice: to live or to exist.Harry styles png 10 by tectos-d5t9eu6

No, he's not. (stated it already)

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