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Name: Rylee Lancaster

Gender: Female

God Parent: Eris

Appearance: She has dark red hair that contrasts brilliantly against her pale skin. Her build is long and lithe, since she is around 5"7. She is practically identical to her older sister except for two things: She lacks the scars that her older sister, Brennan, received from her mother; and her eyes are a pale hazel-green color.

Personality: She's quick to fights and arguments, and has a wicked sense of sarcasm and bitter remarks to make sure that she wins the fights she gets into. But if you happen to whip up a few sarcastic remarks of your own or just happen to interest her, you'll find that shes actually a fairly nice person. She has a strong sense of humor and a strong sense of loyalty towards her friends and adoptive family.


History: One known fact, Eris had Brennan Lancaster on February 12, 1993. One little known fact, Brennan actually had a twin. Eris was no idiot, she doubted that the 25 year-old that she had them with wouldn't be able to take care of the children, he would struggle with one if he took care of it at all. Still, she left them with the man, thinking he could handle it. He freaked at the sight of two nearly identical girls infront of him and the message that they were his. So he paniced and did the only thing he could think of. He took the two girls to different orphanages, thinking that if separated they would be harder to trace back to him.

Rylee was the luckier of the two. She stayed at the orphanage until she was five, and then was adopted by a young couple. They took her to their upscale East Coast neighborhood and raised her with all the wealth and joy the upper-middle class can rain on a child. All this time they deicided not to lie to her about her past, let her keep the name that had been given to her at the orphanage due to her wild and unruly nature as a child and let her keep the surname that was given to her by her father according to the orphanage. She always accepted that she wasn't really their child, but she was the closest they had; and to her they were as close she got to real parents. She lived those years as a happy perfect child living with her new family and not giving a thought to her past

.She lived life as the golden girl: perfect grades, perfect family, perfect friends.But when she turned 15, her parents dropped a bomb on her ideal life, shattering it forever. They told her that they were expecting to have a child of their own, that she was going to be an older sister. She grew upset as the child was born, feeling like she was no longer needed seeing as how they had a child of their own now.

She started acting out, hanging out with the boys that her parents said to watch out for, staying out all night, rebelling in the only ways she could. She was desprate for her parents to pay attention to her and not her now two year old sister. Then her powers stared to manifest. She started to accidentilally incite fights in groups of people, make two people randomly start arguing. One night at a party she was at her powers attracted an empousa who had been feeding on some of the men there. Luckily for her the Party Ponies had decided to drop in to hit up the party too. They helped destroy the empousa and then they had one of their members quickly ferry her up to CHB, where she was then accepted as a daughter of Eris

Weapons: None yet

Bctcz 22:51, February 26, 2012 (UTC)

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