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Name: Sabrina

Creator: Dionysus

Species: Wine Nymph

Appearance: 319px-Sabrina

Personality: She is very flirty. She can be sarcastic when someone annoys her.  She makes pretty friends easily. But suprisely she is very hardworking. Sabrina can be very random at times. Sometimes she can be a little crazy and isn't afraid to point something out. 

History:  Dionysus was very busy and had no time to pay attention to his children. So he decided to create Sabrina in 2012. Sabrina was very hardworking and did everything she was told. When she was not keeping track of his children she was running errands. When she wasn't doing anything she was spending time with other nymphs and was very outgoing and made lots of nymph friends. Soon Dionysus got even more work so Sabrina was busier than usual. She didn't have time spend time with her nymph friends.

After 2 years of hard-work, Dionysus decided to send Sabrina to camp since she was a hard-worker for an award. He also send her to camp to keep an eye on his children.

Weapons: None

I think this is much better. >.<

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(This history is very vague...)

  • why did she get bored of her job? (don't really have to answer that but i think it's best if you did)
  • why did she get rebellious all of a sudden?
  • if Dionysus was so angry, wouldn't she have gotten a worse punishment than being send to camp? (cause that's like, a minor punishment..)
  • when was she sent to camp? (because it seems like you are stating that she has been there for several years...)

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Sorry i know It's a bit rushed >.> And fixed

Why would Dionysus need help in making wine when, it was seen in the books that he could easily conjure up wine with a flick of his hand? Why did she want to leave? Also, could you specify what she wanted to leave? Her job, her creator, or did she want to leave Olympus in general?

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Why would he send her away if she was a hard worker?

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