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Name: Sabrina "Sab" Chromme Sparks

Age: 14; turning 15

Mortal Parent: Crysanthium Sparks

Godly Parent: Hecate, Nyx, Demeter

Personality: Sabrina is really brilliant. She is jovial, enthusiastic, and optimistic. She can outsmart his opponent easily. She was a nerd in his class which tends him to be bullied or most of the time his homework is always copied before class. Though being a nerd, she engaged herself in sports. She was a former team captain of her school's volleyball team.

Appearance: Model= Sabrina Carpenter (Blonde hair, blue eyes)

Weapon: During her schooling, she chose in her Martial Arts class the art of Tessenjutsu (martial art of the Japanese war fan (tessen). She is skilled in using single or dual fans in battle. She can throw it like a bommerang or inflict long wounds through the fan's sharp edges. She is also able to defeat persons who wield swords and spears by parrying/blocking their attacks and accurately hit them with a single blow in theor pressure points using her metal fans)


Crysanthium Sparks is part of his ancient tribe that settles in Greece. He is half-Greek, half-American. His tribe used to worship one of this goddesses as their main religion. One day when Crysanthium was about start his ritual, a goddess appeared to him and told him that his life will be in great danger if he will stay in Greece. She said that he must leave before he will be killed with his fellow tribe-mates. He flew away from the tribe with the help of this goddess. (The way he migrated from Greece to USA remains a secret and was never told to Sabrina)

When Crysanhtium settled in Detroit, USA, he fell madly in love with this goddess. The goddess went to Earth and had a relationship with Crysanthium. 2 months after that, Crysanthium proposed to the goddess. The goddess refused his proposal. But even though the goddess still lived in Crysanthium's company. A month after their "live-in" they had a baby daughter.

A few months later the goddess made labor and placed Sabrina in a fruit basket and placed a letter. That morning Crysanthium saw a girl baby in his doorstep and the goddess making her last farewell and vanished in thin air and returned to Olympus.

Crysanthium grew rageful and a bad father to Sabrina after he was abandoned by the goddess. All of Sabrina's 14 years has been a labor to her father. There was never a day that Sabrina became happy with her father's company. Crysanthium became alcoholic and a drug addict.

One night Sabrina escaped from her father. She loitered around and around. She begged for shelter, food and money. She spent 2 weeks loitering around the streets, hungry and homeless. Two days after that Crysanthium was reported for he jumped from his house's rooftop and committed suicide.

That night Sabrina fainted due to hunger. Markus, a satyr examined Sabrina closely. He found out that she was a demigoddess. He carried her at her back and started travelling.

The next day she was shocked that he was being moved by a certain type of transportation. Shocked she was wrong she was being carried by a satyr. She jumped from the back of the satyr and ran as fast as she could going to the direction the satyr awhile ago was going to. Sabrina ran and ran until she encountered this place so-called the Camp Half-Blood. Unaware of the magic that will happen when she enters, she went through the barrier and begged for food and money, unknowingly that the people inside there are demigods, centaurs and nymphs.

And then she met a boy named Michael and Michael taught her about the place and gave her a few introductions. Sabrina knew her real identity. She was shocked to know that her mother was a goddess. 

So from now on Sabrina is living in Camp Half-Blood away from her terrible father and her terrible childhood in her village.

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How was she trained by her father if he was drunk/high etc and abused her throughout her childhood? ~ Light saber-512I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.Light saber-5124- Wonder

Hey this is a pretty well written claim but there is one thing i feel you should fix before someone can claim it 

The model Sabrina Carpenter has been Permenatly reserved by the User:AriLovesIt so you will either need to ask her if you could use the model or you will have to find another one.

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