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Name: Sadie Lyric York


Gender: Female 

God Parent: Aphrodite, Pandia, Demeter

Mortal Parent: Augustus York



Being an Aphrodite child, Sadie is deeply attractive and instantly has boys fight over her. Unlike many of her siblings, Sadie is not a flirt and sort of dislikes it when boy's act dirty towards her. Sadie wants a simple relationship with no making out every single minute, she's looking for a boy who will love her for her not for her looks. She is very compassionate and loyal to her friends and family, she also is very sweet and hates it when her friends are sad and will try to do anything to cheer them up. She smiles at every possibility and makes the negatives into positives.


Augustus York was a son of Dionysus who just wanted somebody to love him. All his friends had girlfriends, were married or were engaged. He was a lonely man who lived in an empty mansion on a hill in a country side located somewhere in France. One day he was in Paris for a business meeting, the day happened to be New Year's Eve, he was walking to his hotel where he stopped at the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful fireworks erupted behind the monument, then a miracle happened. A beautiful lady with flowing blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a kind smile accidentally crashed into him. The two locked eyes and fell in love.

Of course, this lady was Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. They made love later that night and Sadie was conceived. Aphrodite whisked off to Mount Olympus and a few months later gave birth to Sadie. She sent one of her love nymphs to the mortal world to give their child to Augustus. The nymph rung the doorbell and ran off before he opened the door. Augustus found a beautiful baby that bore a resemblance to the beautiful lady and thought of their fling. In the cradle there was a note, talking about how she was Aphrodite, their daughter needed to go to camp, there would be monster attacks, he instantly believed not because he was a demigod himself, he took the baby girl in and named her Sadie after one of his dearest friend.

Sadie was the shy popular girl in their school and all the boys had crushes on her and asked her out, though Sadie never agreed to anyone because she knew they just liked her for her looks. Sadie was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia when she was just 10 but nobody cared, she was still the popular girl in school. She didn't have a loyal friend until a girl moved in when she was 13 this girl was Natalia and was a daughter of Pandia who secretly used to go to camp during the school breaks and gained some fighting experience, the two did everything together from gymnastics to soccer. Sadie's first monster attack was when she was 13, she was walking home with Natalia when a harpy came. Natalia's favorite bracelet turned into a sword and with multiple slices she dissolved the monster. Immediately she brought Sadie to her home where Natalia had a private discussion with Augustus decided to tell her about the Greek world, who her mother was and she needed to go to camp. Natalia brought Sadie to camp during the summer and she stayed there for a day and left because she knew that she couldn't leave her family. She returned back to France and during the four years she had a few attacks per year involving simple monsters such as harpies and hellhounds which Natalia easily slayed. 

She turned 17, this time was a Chimera, Natalia and the Chimera fought brutally each exchanging stabbing and fire throwing and Natalia fell from the attack and was wounded severely. The Chimera was also lying on the ground, a few hits from dying but Natalia was too injured and tired to go on. Picking up her friend's fallen sword Sadie stabbed the monster about five times in the stomach and the monster dissolved into ashes. Natalia died shortly afterwards. A satyr was sent from her mother because she saw that her daughter needed help. The satyr and Sadie travelled from France (on an airplane) to Long Island where on the way they battled a fierce harpy which the satyr easily killed thanks to his dagger. They made it past Thalia's tree and Sadie had been at camp ever since.

Weapons: The sword from her friend, Natalia

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  • First off, how did Natalie know about camp? If she were acknowledged of its existence, wouldn't she presently be there? As it isn't stated that Natalie ever went to camp herself, how could she have fended off the monsters with such low experience?
  • Why didn't they simply tell her about the Greek world and let Sadie go to camp, instead of lying to her? One way or another, she would notice the constant monster attacks. Wouldn't she still be suspicious?

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i don't think Chimeras would randomly attack demigods... I think you should change it to something else that actually does randomly attack monsters (like harpies or hellhounds or Stymphalian Birds...) aside from that, this claim is pretty good.

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I got edit conflicted, so I'm going to add these missed details anyways. Being Sadie's closest friend, wouldn't Natalie have told her about the fact that she had been going to camp on breaks earlier?

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No.. Chimeras could be used for claims according to the Monster Encyclopedia..

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Why would he suddenly believe that the woman he bedded was a goddess when all the proof he had was a note? If Natalia was with her everyday, and knew about her being a child of a god/goddess, Sadie's monster attack would have come at a sooner age, since their scent together would be strong enough to attract monsters towards Sadie. Also, how did Natalia know Sadie was a demigod? Did Sadie ever learn how to defend herself? Or did she constantly rely on Natalia? Chimera's are hard to injure, let alone slay with a single slash from an untrained demigod.

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