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Name:Salem Monterato


God Parent:Hades

Mortal Parent:Sabrina Monterato


Age: 11

Personality: Salem is a sweet girl, she is very intellegent ( for a girl with dyslexia) and she has a strong personality just like her mother. She was adventerous and she loved to read books. Salem likes to keep to herself, she does have a few good friends. Salem is also ADHD.

History:Salem's Mother was a good women. She was strong and independent,and she didn't let anyone or anything bring her down. Salem's mother Sabrina meet her father at a club called Silver Mustang in Los Angeles. When Sabrina meet Salem's father she fell in love with him instantly. Her father felt the same way about her when he saw her. Sabrina and Salem's father had a heck of a time that night.They danced and got drunk, at the end of the night Sabrina gave the guy her number. During the three months Sabrina and Salem;s dad went on lots of great dates, Sabrina thought the relationship was going great.They had Salem about 3 months after they met. When her father found out Sabrina was pregnet he took off. Sabrina was devestated but she eventually got over it. At least that's what Sabrina told Salem, after Sabrina had Salem she vowed to never let anything happen to her. When Salem was ten years old her mother died in a car accident while going to pick Salem up from school. When Sabrina died non of her relatives would take care of Salem, so Salem was sent to a foster home.

At the foster home Salem meet two kids named Jacob Cedar and Hailey Medina. Salem, Jacob, and Hailey were the best of friends.The three were insparable, they were always togetherr like the three musketeers. Salem Jacob, and Hailey went on many adventures in the woods. They climbed the tallest tree in the woods, they played pretend and went on amazing imaginary adventures. On the day before Salem's 11th birthday Jacob,Hailey,and Salem went for a walking on a path in the near by woods when a giant Scorpian jumps out of the woods. The Scorpian hissed and attempted to sting Salem, when the stinger was about to sting Salem, Hailey jumped infront of Salem and got stung instead. Then Jacob did something unexpected, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a dagger,and slayed that Scorpian,the battle was epic but didn't last long Jacob slashed the Scorpion in to dust in two minutes flat. Jacob didn't get a scrach. Salem didn't know Jacob could fight like that it was amazing.  Hailey was on the verge of death until Jacob (after killing the scorpian) healed Hailey by pulling out two items that looked like some kind of cake and asomething that looked like cream soda in a weirdly shaped bottle,which eventually healed Hailey in about an hour. Salem was in shock, not because of the giant scorpian but because of her best friend Jacob who she thought she knew so well had just slayed a giant scorpian in under 2 minutes. After the event Jacob explained how he defeated the scorpian. It turned out that Jacob was actually 15 (which made sence because he did look a little to big to be 10.) and he was some kind of magical creater called a satyr which was a half human half goat person (which explained why he walks slanted and always where's long pants)

    Jacob took Salem and Hailey on a plane to Long Island (which im still wondering where he got the money for the plane tickets from and how he got permission to go to Long Island) the plane ride was pretty cool. Jacob started to tell stories of his many battles to Salem. Jacob also told her that the reason the monster came and attacked them was because they were something called half-bloods, Jacob said that half-blood's were the children of the gods. Salem's mother did tell her that her dad was a god like man but Salem didn't know this is what she ment. Jacob told Salem stories of demigods like Achilles, Odyseeus, and Hercules (which Salem all knew about) the stories helped pass the time the flight felt like only 10 minutes, but when they were about to desend Salem rememberd that it was her birthday she was so happy. The plane final desended  when they got off Jacob took Salem and Hailey to a tall hill he told them that they were going to a place called Camp Half-Blood. When they arrived at camp two campers came and took Haliey to then infirmary. Jacob and Salem went to a place called the Big House where this man named Alexander The Great who welcomed Salem to the camp.

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Hey good to see you again so now lets get to work shall we?

  • Two demigod would attract more monster as will three... so please do add that or make the first monster age sooner
  • How did the 15 year old with no training fight off one monster? and plus how did he know all the things he did??

thats all my questions for now good luck

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Amandla Steinberg may also be too famous to be used as a model. I recommend that you either change the model or put the model through a vote, just to make sure that they pass through character policy.

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Hallo, I'm Omnia and I'll be sifting through your claimmmm today. :3

  • Why did Salem's mum suddenly die? It would be appreciated if you didn't just put "unknown causes."
  • Could you please try not to switch between third person and first person? It's a little confusing.
  • They were in a foster home, correct? They told their foster parents nothing and just upped and left for New York? This is just for clarification. c:
  • I'm assuming that Jacob has been a protector for other demigods before, hence he's more experienced with fighting?
  • New York is roughly one and a half hour away from Long Island by car, and is roughly sixteen hours and thirty minutes away on foot. However, there is an airport in Long Island. To avoid confusion, I suggest that you say that they took a plane to Long Island instead.
  • As Meloney has stated already, Chiron is no longer at camp and has been replaced by Alexander the Great.

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Since there are two demigods within the same household, their scent combined would probably have attracted monsters sooner. An attack one day before Salem turns 11 seems a bit late because of that, especially since Salem is a child of a big-three god as well.

  • If Jacob has been best friends with Salem and Hailey for some time and they live in the same foster home, why did Jacob wait all the way until they got attacked before bringing Salem and Hailey to camp (since it's a satyr's main priority to get demigods to the safety of camp as soon as possible)?
  • From your claim, Salem got to camp when she was 11 (or 10 if she arrived at camp before her birthday) and she's currently 16. To avoid metagaming, at the end of the history, a demigod can only have already been at camp for a maximum of two weeks.

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Heyo there again~ this is almost ready to be claim just answer me two questions. Are you planning to make Hailey? and also how long was she in camp? as mention by kevin we have a 2 weeks policy and such

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~checking cause I can~

Ok first it would have been easier to post here about the claim rather than my talk page... second what is Hailey the child of? if another big three than the monster age is no longer acceptable sorry.. its cause two demigods living in the same place would attract more monster,...

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Hailey is daughter of Athena. -- FlameP Sig GIF "Believe in yourself and don't let anyone bring you down" Flame Princess FlameP Sig GIF 22:45, March 10, 2016 (UTC)

  • jacob sucking out the poison is unrealistic
  • this is nitpicky, but what happened to the mother? did she just run off without telling her?

that's all i see, keep up the good work you are almost there

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It is realistic because if he did it fast enough all the poison would have gone out of her system. -- FlameP Sig GIF "Believe in yourself and don't let anyone bring you down" Flame Princess FlameP Sig GIF 21:29, March 13, 2016 (UTC)

Yo, It's Chase and I'll be your claim checker today.

  • Like Yorkie said it's not actually unrealistic considering the scorpion is a monster from Tarturas. It would spread rather quickly, so I doubt Jacob would be able to suck the poison out.

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