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Sarah Ross
Daughter of Pandia
The Moonlit Madame
Maiden of the Moon

Name: Sarah Ross
Gender: Female
Age: 15

  • Father: Levi Ross
  • Mother: Pandia
  • Sister: Kyler Ross


Personality: Sarah is extremely damaged inside. She believes that she is alone and nobody cares what she does or who she is. Often worrying about other's opinions of her over her own. She thinks of herself as a nobody and often she becomes suicidal over it. She builds walls in order to protect herself emotionally. Often never letting her walls full unless around her family. She tends to let others push her around, letting them walk all over her most of the time. Behind her damaged emotional self, is an intelligent, and cheerful girl, but that rarely comes out due to her emotional state.

Kyler "Kye" Ross
Daughter of Cybele
The Hidden Angel

Name: Kyler Ross
Gender: Female
Age: 17

  • Father: Levi Ross
  • Mother: Cybele
  • Sister: Sarah Ross


Personality: Kyler is a brave, strong and caring girl, though at times she can be stubborn, prideful and assertive along bit of a temper. She's also very loyal to those she trusts and respects, as she is willing to risk her life to protect them. Kyler can also be very serious and has a moderate sense of humor. She also has a strong sense of honor and justice as shown by his great compassion. Though a natural leader, Kyler can be plagued by doubt and criticizes herself whenever she makes an error.

Levi Ross was a zoologist working in the Amazon Jungle. While he was walking through the jungle, an anaconda began to stalk him. With Levi not knowing about the giant snake stalking him from behind. When he reached an opening with a river he knew he would need to cross, the anaconda attacked, and soon Levi was being suffocated by the snake. Until a women came out of the jungle with a lion by her side. The lion had pounced on the anaconda, causing it to leave Levi alone, giving the women enough time to pull him away.

Soon Levi found out the women was Cybele. After a series of events the two ended up having sex together. The next morning Levi left to continue his assignment. When he returned to his home in New Orleans months later, and there was a child on the steps of his house. He took the baby inside and when he unwrapped the blanket she was in, a note fell to the floor. When he picked it up and read it, he discovered that the child was Cybele and his' daughter. He soon named her Kyler. But that was not the final time Levi would encounter a goddess.

Two years had passed and Levi was walking home late one night from the lab, and Kyler was being watched by a babysitter. Whilst walking home he accidently bumped into a women who was wearing a gown. It was almost as if she was glowing, and soon the two began to talk, and within an hour ended up in bed together. Soon remembering about Kyler, Levi left and went home. Within months yet another baby arrived on Levi's door, and unknown to him, she was a child of Pandia. Just like the last time, there was a note, and he found out the child was a daughter of Pandia. Soon he named her Sarah, and he felt as if his family was complete.

The two girls were inseparable. They spent most of their afternoons together. Doing every little thing together, whenever Sarah needed Kyler, she would be there, and when Kyler needed Sarah, she would be there. Nothing could keep them apart. When Sarah turned eleven and Sarah was nine, the two girls had gotten attacked by a Cyclops. Managing to evade his attacks, the two girls ran away into a large crowded area, when the Cyclops persuade them, they were already out of sight do to the large crowd.

That night when Kyler confessed about the attack to her father, he told her not to worry and that he would take her somewhere safe, as he already knew about Camp Half-Blood from the notes from both Cybele and Pandia, he did not send them first thing however due to him not expecting monsters would keep coming and coming. The next year when Kyler got attacked when coming home alone from school, she managed to avoid being attacked thanks to a satyr. When the satyr took Kyler home he began talking to Levi. With roughly an hour of the two speaking, the satyr took Kyler to camp, leaving Levi and Sarah. However due to this Sarah went into a depressed state.

When Sarah went to camp at the age of fifteen, after a monster attack in the empty school gymnasium, which she nearly escaped from. She was hoping to find her sister, but when she arrived she was told that Kyler went on a quest a year before hand, and wasn't spoken to nor seen since. Sarah took it upon herself to go rescue her so with the help of the satyr that saved Kyler and took her to camp, they went to find her. When arriving in Dallas, they stumbled into Kyler, who had no knowledge of them due to an injury she suffered earlier in the week. With no ambrosia in her system she was not in a good state, so the satyr had to force her to eat some.

Kyler soon took her sister and the satyr to where she was staying, a foster home in which only two other kids lived in. Throughout the day however Kyler regained her memory and eventually remembered who Sarah was. The satyr took them to camp once again, where Sarah was about to tell Kyler that she was suicidal, but was cut off when claimed by Pandia. Later that night when she was alone in her room, she became grateful of the camp for taking her in.

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If he knew about Camp when they were first attacked, why would he allow them to stay in danger when he could send them to a safe place?


Well I figured since we don't allow characters under twelve that I shouldn't say they went to camp under that age.

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Still, no loving parent would let their children stay in an obviously dangerous situation. My suggestion is changing it so he knew about camp, but didn't know monsters would keep coming and coming.



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