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Name: Sarah Shadow

Gender: Female

God Parent: 1) Themis 2) Nyx 3) Tyche


Sarah Shadow

Mortal Parent: William Shadow

Appearance: Brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She hates all shoes but, her combat boots and red sneakers. She likes wears her leather jacket.

Personality: Sarah is a smart, brave and loyal kid but, she can be very mean. She’s never afraid to get in to a fight.

History: When Sarah was born in Washington DC. She lived with her father William Shadow in a large modern apartment in the city. Growing up, Sarah taught herself most things because her father was too busy being a rich boss of a large fashion company with his new wife Lexi Shadow. Sarah was treated like a nobody at school because she never told anyone about her parents. When she was seven she stole a diamond necklace from a lady at one of her father’s parties. When the necklace went missing she hid it in the floor but, the cops soon found it. After that she was sent to boarding school in Maine but, within two weeks got kicked out because of a fight. When Sarah returned home her step-mom had already found a new boarding school for her to go to in Florida. After two months in Florida she was sent home for letting an elephant out of the zoo on a field trip. After that she got to stay at home because no boarding schools would let her come unless she had changed. When Sarah turned ten she ran away from home but, three days later was found by the police and took in home. Soon after her step mom sent her to a new boarding school in Montana. At the boarding school Sarah met a boy who turned out to be a demigod. When he figured out she was a demigod he started training her so she stayed as long as she could without being kicked out. After she turned thirteen she got kicked out for stealing a school bus. Right before she left the boy gave her the address to the camp half-blood. When she got back home her dad started bonding with her. When she turned fifteen her father taught her how to drive a motorcycle at the private race track. Her step mom didn’t like that so she sent her to a boarding school in New York. That's when monsters started attacking so she stole a motorcycle and drove it the camp half blood but, she kep the motorcycle.

Weapons: Her dagger – Shadows -

ShadowGoddess 04:25, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

lookin good girl.Waterdaughter1

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