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Name: Satoru Nakamura


God Parent: Hermes, Nemisis, Nyx

Mortal Parent: Aki Nakamura

Age: 16, born July 12

Appearance: Was born albino (no pigment in hair/skin making them appear white) Daighi Nakamura Short Hair

Personality: He is a calm, and peaceful person, not wanting to lower anyones spirits. He is the time to amuse and humor people, and laugh at the bickering of others. He can also be determined and when threatened he will become very serious.

History: The Nakamura family ran in the traditional Japanese ways, with a family head being the eldest living male in the household. This fell upon Satoru's uncle Katsu Nakamaru. Their family ran and "guarded" a shrine that people would come to pray at. (although in these modern times there was much less guarding). Some family members worked full time at the shrine while others had other jobs and helpped out where they could. As a family tradition the father would teach their sons, and sometimes daughters Martial Art techneques, which used to be used to protect their family and the shrine, but now was just a tradition, and for self-defence.

One day the family was robbed and the buglars escaped with the majority of the money from the shrine. While praying Aki noticed a strange man entering the shrine, he approched Aki with a bag. He said he had come to return this, and handed it to Aki, who took it and saw it had all the money that was stolen the night before. She repeatitly thanked him. That was how they had met, and since then they had gone on dates, and one night concieved Satoru. When the family had found out about this they had forbid Aki from seeing this man again, and said she had shamed the family, and when Satoru was born albino they had blamed that on her sleeping with "some stranger". Although they held her responsible for this disrespect of the family and tradition, they didn't disown her nor her newborn son.

Satoru grew up and went to school like any other student, took English classes as a normal study. (Like how most schools require a forien language class) When he got home ever since he was 8 Katsu acting as a father figure taught Satoru martial arts. He excelled at this, with quick reflexes and was a natural. Eventually Katsu agreed to teach how to use a staff as well, wanting to see how well the boy will do. Satoru struggled in school, even though most people saw him as a bright kid. He could understand and remember things easily, to the point where he would rarely studie unless it was for a big test, but he was Dyslexic so he couldn't understand some worksheets, and hated writing assignments. When he wasn't struggling with school he loved to go out walking through the woods around his house. Enjoying the freedom, and it made a nice place if he wanted to practice martial arts when his uncle wasn't around. He would use a stick he had found as a nice replacement staff. While not always taking the time wo walk through the woods, he spent a lot of it with his cousins. Him and his cousins would run around and play different games, and even sparred with each other every now and then, or worked together on homework.

Years later, Satoru is now 13. An odd occurence happened. A stray old dog had walked up to the shrine door, and began scartching to come in. Satoru heard the scratching and walked over to the door, and opened it. The old dog began growling at him and imeditaly it pounced at Satoru. Satoru tried to rolled out of the way, but caught off guard the dog clawed his side, making a nice red stain start on his robe. The dog began to change. Satoru starting to see what the Mist was hiding now looked upon a more terrifying sight. A hellhound. The beast slowly truned towards Satoru ready to pounce again. The hellhound ran closer before jumping, and Satoru quickly threw himself to the right just missing the hellhound, and sliding along the floor close to a hallway. Satoru was able to quickly get up and run into the hallway. The hellhound, which is much faster was catching up with him. Satoru came to a corner in the hallway were a large statue was sitting. He turned around waiting for the hellhound to pounce. The stopped running and was now slowly walking up to Satoru it's head low and growling. The hellhound leapt and Satoru once again missed it by an inch. The hellhound hit the statue, and fell to the floor slightly dazed, Satoru quickly pushed on the statue tipping it over onto the hellhounds, but it dissapeared, Satoru looked around, and saw it running towards him from the opposire hallway. Satoru managed to run out to the front of the shrine. Suddenly he heard music, and vines grew from the ground and caught the hellhound. Satoru saw a man run over with a (celestrial) bronze knife, and he threw it into the hellhounds neck, killing it, and it seemed to dissolve away. The man put away his reed pipes, and looked at Satoru, telling him that he was a Satyr, who was traveling the world, and that he knew Satoru was a demigod of some kind. He told him to be careful of danger, and he wandered off.

That same night Satoru was dreaming and out of the blue he hears a voice. It was the voice of a man, and it seemed very powerful. The voice turned out to be his father, and he explained to him that he was a Greek god named Hermes, and told him if something else happens he must leave his family and to venture to Camp Half-Blood and become his Priest, because his family and he himself were very spiritual already. When he woke up, even though it must have sounded like he was crazy, he believed in it completely. He explained to his mother what he planned to do, and she somehow understood as well. Nothing happened for a long time. It was wasn't till about 2 years later, almost Satoru's birthday, meaning he was 15 now, about to turn 16 when the next monster attacked. 

A woman, beautiful and attractive, entered the Shrine. Satoru was there studying schoolwork keeping his cousin and mother company. This woman came, and stared seductively at Satoru, making him blush. Aki approched her and asked what she needed, and the woman asked to see the boy, saying she was a police officer, and she wanted to know if Satoru knew about an incident that happened at his school. Satoru walked over, and waited for the woman to say something. The woman suddenly grabbed Satoru. Satoru quickly took her arm, and pulled her, then sweeping her legs out from her. she fell to the ground. The woman changed, definitly becoming less beautiful and now had a mule's leg, and a mettalic bronze looking one. Her eyes glared at him, now red, and she hissed baring her new fangs. Faster than before she grabbed Satoru and lifted him into the air. Aki panicing bagan hitting this monsters back yelling for it to let Satoru go. Annoyed the Empousia took one hand off of Satoru and knocked Aki back. Quickly Satoru swung his legs up, kicking the Empousia in the face, only seeming to make it drop him. The empousia slashed at Satoru, who quickly jumped back out of reach, and ran to grab his cousin, who was balling at the table yelling for the "Donkey Lady" to stop hurting Satoru. The empousia quickly ran after them. Satoru made it into the shack out in the backyard where he knew the family stored old staffs and weapons. He knew he wasn't suppossed to be digging through this stuff, but he didn't care at the moment. He found a staff with a blade at the end, called a naginata. Quickly he turn seeing the Empousia walking outside. Satoru tried his best to keep the monster at bay, but the blade seemed to just hit and do nothing. Satoru running out of options led the empousia out to the front of the house. He knew he wouldn't be able to fight this thing off, so once he knew it was after him for some reason he turned and ran from the shrine. The road nearby was busy with cars flying passed. It was rush hour and people on their way home from work probobly thought this kid was crazy running from what they thought was a police officer. Satoru checked to make sure he wouldn't get hit, and began to sprint across the road, but being paniced he didn't pay attention to the other side, and a car's horn blasted as it came towards him. Quickly he jumped hoping he wouldn't get hit. Suddenly after a loud crash, and tires screeching a body rolled off of the hood. The Empousia that was chasing him had gotten hit by the car, and Satoru picked himself up off of the ground. Minutes later an ambulance came and picked up what they thought to be an attractive cop. Officers arived as well and questioned Aki and Satoru about what had happened Aki told them that she was a cop and that she had attacked Satoru, who ran out into the road. The cop didn't recognize the woman, nor did her fake name come up as a policer officer in Japan. He told them that she would be taken into custody after she recovered at the hospital.

The next day he and Aki talked about the dream he had after the first attack like this. Aki had been saving up money for Satoru to use on a plane ticket, and some extra cash for anything he would need while he was gone. Satoru left without confronting the rest of his family because they would have stopped him, and told him he was crazy for believing in these stupid things, but he wished he could have at least said bye. He was however looking forward to a change in his life, and feeling ready to become the Preist of a Greek god. He made it to camp saftly. he had turned 16 (his current age) a couple days before reaching the camp. The plane dropped him off in New York, at the John F. Kennedy Airport. He remembered in World History that was one of the famous Presidents in America. Once he was dropped off he waited for his luggage, and went out into the town. Traveling along the town he eventually bumpped into some boy, the boy was walking with one of his friends, who immediatly got aggrivated at Satoru. The boy who had bumped into him grabbed his coller. Satoru grabbed his arm, twisted it and kicked him onto the ground, ready to run off, but the second boy grabbed him around the waits. Satoru elbowed him in the face, and then grabed one of his fingures threatning to break it off. In pain and worried, the boy was forced to let go, but once more the first boy was on him, tackling him to the ground, and the second boy began kicking at his side. Just before Satoru got himself free and punished these boys a police officer blew at his whistle and began yelling at them. The kids ran off, but the cop stopped and looked at Satoru. "You aren't just some normal punk... Your a demigod aren't you?" The cop asked. Satoru looked at him, expecting another monster to want his spilled blood. "Don't worry I'm a satyr, are you looking for camp?" He asked. Satoru had remembered in his dream with Hermes that he might run into a satyr, and to accept his guidence to camp. "Yes. I am Herme's son, and soon t be Priest." Satoru explained, bowing at the satyr. The Satyr gave him a ride up to the small town by the camp in his police car, and let Satoru walk up into the camp with his stuff.

Weapons:Naginataa new naginata from camp, the blade is made from CB, and the staff it'self is a hollow steel, lightwieght but more durable

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That image/model is already in use by another user, so you won't be able to use it (like same exact image)

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fixed o.o is this one taken?

HiddenRealm (talk) 21:47, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

The Current Age thing says he was sixteen, but when he first got attacked you said he was thirteen.  Please, elaborate a little more on the early childhood stage.  I'm not sure if they allow thirteen year olds on planes b themselves, you'll have to ask. 

Rainbows. Very macho. Dancin4evah 06:39, February 9, 2014 (UTC)

Nope, ages 12-17 are concidered young adults and can travel alone without any assistance, and I put more details on the things he did when he was a child, and added in a different first attack moving the empusia later in his life when he was 15 to close of the age gap.

HiddenRealm (talk) 14:25, February 9, 2014 (UTC)

As he will be a priest, you don't need three godparent choices, iirc

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I believe only if they are mortal they don't need three choices, Satoru is also Demigod o.o

HiddenRealm (talk) 20:13, February 9, 2014 (UTC)

I just have a few things to point out. First, untrained demigods would not have left from his/her first monster attack completely unscathed. Next, why did Hermes ask him, of all people, to be his priest? How was he able to survive for 2 years without any monster attack? Then, who exactly is Daichi? Next, did he ever arrive at Camp? Lastly, what age was he when he arrived at Camp?

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Sorry about where it said Daichi, that was his old name before I had it changed to Satoru, I guess I missed some spots. He was trained in Martial Arts, but I did add in a part where he got wounded cause he was caught off-guard. and lastly I explained why he was chosen as a priest, Satoru and his family are already very spiritual in the way their family runs a shrine, and has a whole family line of priest and priestess.

HiddenRealm (talk) 13:20, February 15, 2014 (UTC)

  • You cant kick over a hellhound, just like you cant kick over a garbage truck.
  • Why did he bring the naginata to camp in the first place, even though he had to replace it later?
  • After the empousa dies, it is gone. Nobody would see it, even a demigod.

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  • Not all hellhounds are the size of garbage trucks, this one is a smaller one, a little over the normal size of a dog
  • He didn't get rid of the naginata, he only replaced the blade with CB, and he brought it in case something happened on the way there
  • The empousia isn't dead, it is severly injured

HiddenRealm (talk) 21:03, February 17, 2014 (UTC)

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Did Aki ever question how "the man" retrieve her family's lost money?

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No :/ she was pretty much just thankful and happy to question it

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