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Name: Scarlet Faye

Gender: Female

God Parent: *1* Hecate ( If its anything other then Hecate, I'll change the story c: ) *2* Nyx *3* Hades

Mortal Parent: Hunter Faye

Appearance: Scarlet has blazing red hair. Every tiny movement makes it look like she has a halo of fire on her head. She died the ends of her hear black just for a bit of darkness in her hair. She has dark emerald green eyes. She is a inch or two taller then most girls. She can almost always be seen wearing black clothes, and her hair tied up into a tight high ponytail. 

Personality: Scarlet mostly keeps to herself. She is sarcastic and aggressive. Once she warms up though, she becomes rather sweet and innocent. If you mess with anyone she deems close to her, she will not hesitate to teach them a lesson.

History: Hunter Faye was wandering the streets when he first heard of Scarlet's mother. He heard that every full moon, a goddess would appear to those who most interest her. Hunter- not being the superstitious type- ignored the legend. But throughout the whole day, it nagged at the back of his mind. After an exhausting day at work, Hunter tried to sleep. But, he couldn't. He was uncharacteristacally nervous. When he finally managed to close his eyes, he felt a slight breeze. He snapped open his eyes, he was greeted to the sight of a beautiful women with green eyes and black hair. They simply stared at each other, before the Goddess placed a delicate, amused smile upon her face. She stated that Hunter amused her, and she would be keeping a close watch upon him. He sat there stunned, before promptly shouting some interesting words. Over the next few months, he spotted the Goddess frequently. One time in a cafe, another in a musem. Soon, he found that he didn't mind the Goddess' intrusion of his privacy. Finally, he just walked up to her and told her that if she was going to stalk him, she can do it up close if she wanted. Then, the duo started falling in love. Then, Scarlet came to be. The Goddess sadly had to leave, and was sad to part from both her lover, and her beloved daughter. Before she left, she gave her daughter an amulet. When she put it on, her appearence changed. For this particular reason, her hair turned blazing red and her eyes deep green whenever the amulet was put on. Without the amulet, Scarlet's hair became fathomless black, and her eyes turned a very, very pale blue. 

Scarlet was an only child, and her father was always out trying to make a better life for both him and his daughter, so she spent a lot of her childhood alone. She had to teach herself a lot of things, such as cooking, cleaning, etc. Whenever she came home from school, she had to watch all of the children run by, playing. Meanwhile, she would be inside cleaning or doing something else. No one dared to talk to her at school, because of all the roumers that spread around about Scarlet. Some said that her father walked out on her years ago and was living all by herself. Another said that she was a spy for the government, too see if there was a missing criminal hiding in the town. There were many rumors about why she kept to herself. All of them were lies. She didn't want to talk to anyone, in fear they might come to know her secret. But one day a new girl came in 6th grade. She was pretty, and well liked instantly. A little to well liked. A boy came up to her during lunch break, and tried flirtting with her. She expressed that she didn't care to date him. The boy soon became violent, and was about to hit the girl and raised his arm. When he tried bringing his hand down, he couldn't. Something was holding him back. He looked behind him, and found Scarlet holding his wrist in a vice-grip. She asked him to leave the girl alone. When the boy didn't comply, Scarlet took his arm, and snapped it to one side. She released the boy who was howling, and took the girl by the arm. They both ran away from the boy, into the girls bathroom. From that day after her 10 day suspension ownward, the girl knew she liked Scarlet. Scarlet tried ignoring the girls attempts to talk to her, but in the end, she caved. She found out that the girls name was Rylee Moore.   

A little bit before Scarlet met Rylee, the attacks started. Every year, at least one attack happened. She always fended them off by retaliating. Her father always taught Scaret how to fight on the weekends when he could. He always made it a point that she needed to protect herself. Now, she could destroy a couple of monsters at once. This was how she became even more anti-social. She didn't want to risk befriending a monster in disguise. This rule didn't apply to Rylee. Rylee gave Scarlet a different vibe then most people. It was a good vibe. Anyway, Scarlet always fended off her attackers, and barely lost. She faced hell hounds, chimeras, orthurus, and a lot of other monsters. Most wins were just barely won. Out of each battle, she came out bruised and battered. Every time she came home and her dad saw her, his face paled. He gave her a bit of a drink that tasted like the greasy pizza that came from the pizza plaza down the street that would probably give you diabities, but it was Scarlet's favorite food in the whole world because that was Scarlet and her dad always ate when they could. After she drank the drink. her wounds would always heal quickly. Afterwards her father would start mumbling about ' Camp ' and ' maybe its time '  and ' training, ' and ' dang canadians. ' She went through her life sinking more and more into a new rountine of life, and acutally anticipating it. 

One day during Summer, when Scarlet was 15, Rylee invited Scarlet on vaction. Rylee always asked Scarlet out camping, but Scarlet always refused with exuses such as work, homework, etc. But this time, Scarlet had no excuse.  Scarlet reluctantly agreed, and was brought to Virginia on a camping trip. They were eating some fish that Scarlet caught ( Rylee kept failing at fishing ) when there was a rustle in the bushes. Rylee ignored it, but Scarlet started to become nervous, and kept checking over her shoulder. After their meal was over and they were cleaning up, a beast jumped out of the bushes. It was a two-headed monster with one head of lion, and other of a goat, lion claws in front and goat legs behind, and a long snake tail. Scarlet jumped up as Rylee screamed and scurried to the car, calling Scarlet to come with them. She told Rylee to drive away. After concluding that Scarlet wasn't going to come with them, Rylee drove away. Scarlet snarled at the creature, and it tried attacking her. She quickly recalled how this was another attack in the long stream of attacks since the first attack. Back to reality, Scarlet, in return, whipped out a dagger that was passed down from her ( so she thought ) dead mother. The metal- her father told her- was something called Celestial Bronze. Scarlet always carried it around as a keep-sake. Never had she thought she would have to use it. None-of-the-less she quickly sliced off one of the heads. But, that wasn't enough. It regrew, and was snapped at her once again. The creature slashed at her, and a deep, long cut was left on her stomach. Scarlet tried her best to kill the creature, but she was soon about to be over-powered. She shut her eyes, waiting to be killed by the creature, but instead, she felt a warm feeling surronding her. She opened her eyes to find the gash on her stomach healed, and feeling replineshed. Scarlet stood up, and smirked at the creature. She heard a set of something that sounded like....hooves? But that didn't matter. She opened up her hands, and balls of fire was planted on the palms of her hands. The creature started backing up, but it stood no chance as Scarlet blasted the thing into non-existance. Behind the creature, Rylee stood, open-eyed. She had no time to ask questions, for at that moment, Scarlet collapsed, dead to the world. 

When Scarlet woke up, she found herself in an infirmary with Rylee hanging over her. Rylee explained how she was a camper for a camp- Camp Half-Blood- and was searching for wandering demigods. She then explained to Scarlet how she was a half-blood, a half-God. It took time for Scarlet to accept the news, but she eventually did. She quickly got used to Camp life, and started to enjoy it. People still didn't really talk to her, but she still got to shoot arrows and such. She spended most of her days wandering about, wondering whether this was just some 15-year-old dream, or if she was in some type of coma. But no matter how much she thought otherwise, she belonged her. This, was now her life. And she loved it. 

Weapons: Butterfly knife, daggers ( she usually hides them in her shoes and hems of her clothes ), and poisonus hair sticks that she hides in her hair. 

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  • Include in your history how the godparent and mortal met. 
  • What consequence did Scarlet receive for snapping the boy's arm? The school would have to do something about that as it's against school rules and if they didn't the boy's parent can complain to the school/school board
  • How old was Scarlet when she went with Rylee on a camping trip as it'll provide us with information of the age of her first monster attack too.
  • Chrion's no longer at camp on our Wikia (As well as Dinoysus, who we assume was sent back to Olympus), our camp director is Alexander the Great.
  • Please specify that the weapons are made from the metal, Celestial Bronze; as it is the only type of metal fatal to monsters and are generally used by demigods.
    • Kindly explain where and/or who she received the rest of her weapons from aside from the daggers (Which fromt he history I assume was given to him by Hecate).
  • For our reference, include somewhere in your claim what her current age is.

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Okay, so I did everything that you suggested. Thank you for the suggestions by the way. They helped me improve my story. I also changed the ending a bit as well. Please tell me if Hecate is full ( Its fine if it is. I tend to be very flexible ) so that I can change the story. Thank you once again. 

please make it so that your signature links to your user page and talk page (you can do that by adding three tides: "~") and just to clarify, her current age is 15 yes? plus Hecate has one spot open but those spots usually get snatched up really fast so if they do get snatched by other users, I suggest that you have a history in mind for the other goddesses you picked out. :) another thing, is her eye color black? if so, please change the model because black is not a normal eye color >.<


I did the ~(x4 ) but I'm not sure if I did it right xD The person before said that it was four ~ o-o And yes, he age is 15. I know. I have a couple of story lines in my head c: And no, the picture is just a black-and-white cause I liked that picture a lot and I couldn't find any colored in pictures that reminded me of Scarlet :/ So, because of that, would it be fine if I kept it? c: 

I suggest you say she has dark brown eyes. 'Cause I have really dark brown eyes that look like black ones :) Also, out of all the children of Hecate, why bless this one? How much power would she gain from that amulet?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken


She has green eyes though o-o Like I said before, the picture is just in black and white. It doesn't have anything to do with the coloring. And because she knew from Hunter's stubborn streak that Scarlet would probably either refuse to go to CHB or never find out about it. She would gain enough power to advance her power just a bit. As time goes on and Scarlet keeps training, then the amulet would adance as well. c: 


  • "~~~~" leaves your signature with a timestamp while "~~~" just leaves your signature.
  • The amulet giving Scarlet exceed in her powers is unfair as it will render her and the other child of Hecate's powers on our wikia on a unequal state of strength. This would place her in an advantage. In my opinion it is a bit unbalanced if used in combat and would effect fighting RP's if both characters are children of Hecate. So I would highly suggest you change that, a regular amulet's totally fine though.
  • From what I read there's no mention of Scarlet being attack prior to her encounter with the Chimera at the age of 15. So I'd assume that's her first monster attack; if that's the case it's too late. Since she's not a child of a big-three god her first monster attack generally occurs in the ages of 10 to 13. 14 being absolute latest under some circumstances; however, I would highly suggest that it'd be from the ages of 10 to 13 though.
  • With Rylee being near Scarlet there scent combined will attract much more monsters than Scarlet by herself. Since Rylee was sent to bring Scarlet to camp, how come Rylee didn't when she first met Scarlet? And even if she didn't bring Scarlet to camp right away why did she wait 5 years to do so?

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  • Okay c:
  • That is true. I pretty much just couldn't decide which appearence I wanted her to have, so I just did that xD Can the amulet just pretty much flash when a monster is near? It can be a Godly item like how Athena gave Annabeth her invisiblity cap. 
  • Okay. I edited a bit telling how she has been attacked before. 
  • Thats because Scarlet always refused ( Just put in an edit about that. ) 

im not sure if it's just me but i think you skipped the years 12-14 in her history >.< if you did, could you please add them in and also add in a monster attack for every year she wasn't in camp. but if you didn't please bold the events that happened in those years (you might want to bold the years as well so we can identify when the events happened).

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I tried making a summary of what happened during those years. Do you think that would be good, or would it need to be more specific? Oh, and I also realized that a lot of people have the last name Faye, so should I change Scarlet's last name? If so, how do I do that? XD

yes you should be more specific but you don't need to be too specific. like say if she had any monster attacks if she wasn't in camp during those times. also the last name doesn't matter. :)

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I made it so that it shows that she wasn't in camp c: If you can't find it, its the third paragraph in the History c: 


"Every year, at least three attacks happened." That is a bit too much for a daughter of Hecate. Usually we just tell users to put down a single monster attack for every year the demigod isn't in camp. >.< (so i think you should change that and do that as well)

Also "cyclopes, trolls, emposa, hell hounds" we don't have trolls in our Monster Encyclopedia and cyclopes as well as Emposuai are very hard monsters to kill if she is untrained. I suggest picking something from our easy section in the Monster Encyclopedia: Light/Easy section c:

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Okay, I fixed it c: Sorry, I was about to put 1 the first time but then I was like ' nahh.....' 

"One-three monsters attacked Scarlet." Are you saying that 3 monsters for each attack attacked Scarlet? Or are you saying something else? Also, its a bit much if three monsters attack Scarlet at all once (that's how I read the story) seeing that she wasn't a trained demigod. Maybe have like one monster attack her. just one monster for every monster attack.

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There. Fixed it. 

Looks good to me now. :)

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