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Name:Scott Walker


God Parent:Nike, Eris, Nemesis

Mortal Parent:Lance Walker

Appearance:Above average height, black hair, hazel-brown eyes

Personality:Protective to the people he loves, caring, short-tempered

History:Lance Walker met Nike at a small cafe. Lance walked by and saw the beautiful goddess Nike. He went in. He saw her, she didn't see him yet. He took a deep breath and walked nearer. Now she saw him, Lance now is five feet away. He took another deep breath then asks, "Can a guy like me talk to a amazing woman like you?". She replied, "Why not?.

After that they started going out. After two months of dating her, she dissapeared. She left a note saying, "Got to go somewhere. I'll be right back honey. I love you. -Nike". He waited. After precisely nine months he heard a knock at the door. He opened it and saw a baby with a note saying, "This is our baby, please take care of him for me. I love you. -Nike". Lance then saw a ring with the note. When he got the ring it turned into a single-edged sword. He kept it for Scott when he is old enough. Scott then grew up with Lance in Manhattan. He was good at sports and in martial arts especially arnis, a Filipino martial art. He also didn't have problems with friends or in school. But he noticed strange men and women following him. He has a friend who is very hairy for his age, John. He is his bestfriend.

One day, in his fourteenth birthday, Lance gave him the ring and said, "This is your mother's, keep it and it will protect you.". Scott didn't understand but he put on the ring. After a week he invited John at his house. Before they will go, Scott found a black puppy. John looked at it suspiciously then shouted with a goat like sound, "Dont touch my friend!". He kicked the puppy away, he then grabbed Scott's arm and ran. Scott looked back and saw the puppy turned into a large black dog. A hellhound. They bolted off, but was cornered in an alley. John pulled out a pipe then played it. Nothing happened at first, then roots of trees and plants were coming out of walls and wrapped around the large dog. John kneeled, gasping for air. Scott didn't know what to do, but he let his instincts get over. He carried John and jumped over the dog.

Fortunately, John got up, with the help of Scott. Then John said he will bring them to a safe place. Scott replied, "How about dad?!". "He will be okay." John answered. Scott think about it then he followed John. On their way to the camp, they were followed by a hellhound, the same hellhound. The large dog swiped with its paw but was intercepted by John. He flew hundred meters, then the hellhound looked at Scott. Scott's ring turned into the sword. Then he remembered what his father said, "It will protect you.". Scott, with anger, charged the dog. Dodging, rolling and slicing, he eventually got to the hound's throat then slit it. He then ran to John and carried him. John, who was still conscious, gave directions to the safe place, Camp Half-Blood.

In camp Scott found out he was a demigod, a half-blood. That answerd all his questions in his life, why were strange men and women are following him, the ring, the hellhound and John, who was very hairy, is a satyr. Scott suddenly thought about his Father. He asked John, then he answered,"He will be fine, we will give a message to him that your safe." "What?!", Scott answered. John replied, "He knows that your a demigod and I know he wants you to be here. Follow me Scott, I'll answer your questions." Scott followed John.

Weapons:A Ring that will turn to a Sword

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Sorry, we don't have heracles or kratos cabin for camp. Please change. We have Nike, Ares, Deimos for your strength seeking

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How old was he when he got to camp? An untrained demigod wouldn't be able to get out of a fight with a  hellhound without any injuriesJoker by NerdXV.gif Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 04:36, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

It said that He trained martial arts. He also trained in arnis, its a Filipino martial art that use sticks instead of swords. He was fourteen.

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