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Name: Scout Thompson

Gender: Female

God Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Robin Thompson

Appearance: She has brown hair.Flawless skin(No freckles),She has skinny legs and skinny arms. She is slim. She has big brown eyes.And Light Blonde-Brown hair.

Personality: Sweet,Spunky,Nice,Naive

History: Her Mom was at the beach. She was then caught by a rip current. She was drowning, Then all of a sudden she got lifted by this man. He then asks I got you don't worry She was happy she didn't drown. They met up and went on dates. After that Scout was born. Poseiden had to leave. And Robin was devastated. But Robin knowed the truth that he was a god. She then vowed she would take care of this baby. The years went passed by. Scout was bullied. Pushed into mud when one day. She was at the community pool. This girl pushed her in but she caught herself and pushed the girl in. The girl then began to drown. She then started focusing as she drowned. But then she lost her concentration and the girl stopped drowning. She thought What just happened When she was 13 her mom. Came and said We need to pack She said Why Her mom said You'll soon find out They packed and drove. As they were driving, Scout saw something big with wings. She said Mom what is that? Her Mom then screamed and said Please don't let us die Then the creature grow closer. And she could see the sharp teeth. It grow closer into the back mirror of the car. Then her mom pressed the breaks and the car spinned. Scout was on the floor. The creature bursted through the window and hit the ground. Scout woke up and saw Camp Half-Blood, She tried to get up but she could tell she broke something. When she tried to get up again she couldn't. She knew her ankle was broken. She got up and held to a tree her mom tried to save her as the creature lunged at Scout and grabbed Robin. The creature holding her mom. Then the creature flew up. When it came down her mom wasn't with it. Then it flew towards her. She screamed and tried to run. But then she fell and the creature missed her. She then got up and ran. Right when she ran she screamed HELP All these people came out and she fell unconscious on the floor.

Weapons: Crossbow,Dagger,Swords.

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