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God Parent:Palaemon, Ares, Zeus (in order of preference)

Mortal Parent: Alisa De Luca

Personality:He is VERY flirty and romantic. He will always show off for girls so they will like him.

Appearance: He has short black hair, rock hard six pack.

History:His parents met at a bar in Hollywood, California. They met and fell in love and had a baby boy. HE kind of resented his father leaving because sometimes his mother would start crying about it.. They named him Seth. He had a pretty normal childhood, but when he turned 11 weird things started to happen. He suddenly became "new best friends" with a kid he'd never met before, he was also seemingly watched by his school's vice principal, Ms.E.

One day, when he was 16, as he was going home Ms.E cornered him, she told him to come to her office, he did so and when he got in there, she pushed him against the wall. She demanded to have back what he stole from him. He told her that he didn't steal anything, she did not believe him. Suddenly his newfound, funny-walking friend bust through the doors with reed pipes in hand. He played a song with them and leaves, vines, and poisonous plants started to grow. They entangled Ms.E until she burst into dust. His friend told him that he was a satyr and that Seth was a demigod. At first, Seth didn't believe him, he thought his friend must be crazy to think that. But his friend played more songs, and more plants started to grow and then Seth had found it hard not to believe him. His friend took him to his mother and she drove them both to camp where he now resides.

This could use a bit more, to make it stand out. Maybe a bit more about when he was born and the god parent left, or how he reacted to finding out he was a demigod. Also, if this thing with his principal happened at 11, does that mean he is 11 now?
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