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Character: Shahtia Colgan

Daughter Of: Iris, Aphrodite, Athena

Age: 17

Personality: Shahtia is humorous but knows when a joke goes too far. She is very shy around guys but oddly, most of her closest friends are male. She is talkative about the things she love and protective of her friends. She is a bit of a scaredy cat, being afraid of things like sharks, geckos, spiders and clowns. She is also a bit of a tomboy, not really into things like makeup and nail polish or shopping.

History: It had been a cool day... She was five years old, walking in the daisy fields. Shahtia's father had walked beside her and she asked him the question she had never dared to ask before... What happened to her mother? Her father, Jason Colgan, had told her that her mother was busy. That she was very important but that she loved Shahtia very much. He told her that he had fallen in love with his mother when he was a teenager, that she saved him from dying as a monster had attacked him in a field of daisies, just like the one they walked through back then. Shahtia remembers thinking that he had been kidding about the monster, like a fairytale...

Shahtia grew up happy. She lived in Hawaii, by the beach but she and her father traveled everywhere, which is why they got to see the most beautiful flower fields in the world. Her father worked for CNN and got to travel, reporting on the weather and events. He also did a few odd jobs to bring in money, like busking or helping with construction jobs. She grew up with money and happiness. When she turned eleven, her father decided they would stay in Hawaii until she was ready to go her own way, due to money slowly leaving their accounts because it was harder for her father to get work.

When Shahtia turned twelve, something happened that changed her. She was at the beach with some friends, just joking around. The sun was going down and she told them she would walk home. They left and she was alone on the beach. She walked back to the road and into the back alley, a shortcut to her home. A growling came from the darkness. Out from the darkness had came a huge, black hound with glowing red eyes and a frothing mouth filled with tiny little teeth that looked like daggers. She screamed and the hound had leaped at her. She thought she was a goner until an arrow, a real life arrow, had pierced through the hound and it turned to dust. She fainted.

When she awoke, her father sat next to her. It was then, that moment, that she found out the truth. The Greek Gods existed. Her father was not just Jason Colgan, weather man. He was Jason Colgan, son of Apollo, the Greek God of the sun. Her father had gone to a special camp for demigods, that's what they called half god half mortals, and he had grown up there, later falling in love with her mother...After he had been attacked by a monster, much like the hellhound (her father told her it was a hellhound) that had attacked her. 

Her father told her that Shahtia's mother was actually Iris/Aphrodite/Athena, goddess of rainbows/love/wisdom. That he had really met Iris/Athena/Aphrodite after he got attacked and was dying and prayed to her.. He told her everything... Shahtia's father gave her the choice to go to Camp Half Blood or stay with him but become home schooled so he could protect her. She chose to stay home until now, on her 17th birthday to come to camp because the monster attacks were becoming so frequent her father was scared he wouldn't be able to protect her anymore... He escorted her to Camp and there she is.

Weapons/Belongings: An bow with celestial bronze tipped arrows that her father gave her, because it was the one he shot the hellhound with that day in the alley.

LilSheep (talk) 03:38, April 9, 2013 (UTC)


Please add two more god choices aside from Iris. Please add how her parents met and her childhood, before her first monster attack. Fourteen is a bit too old for a first monster attack, they usually start at twelve.Cookie!I want Ice Cream!. -Kookies and Kream

Okay. Her parents met when the demigod father got attacked (I edited it so that is said more clearly) and I added two more godparents plus changed the age she first got attacked. I also added some of her childhood. :) LilSheep (talk) 08:24, April 9, 2013 (UTC)

It seems okay now but sadly I don't have the power of claiming this. I'll tell one of those who are allowed to claim :) Cookie!I want Ice Cream!. -Kookies and Kream

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