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Name: Sharon Tyler

Gender: female

God-parent: Hecate (preferred)/Melinoe/Perspehone

Mortal parent: Peter Tyler

Appearance: She has black hair and blue eyes. She’s 5 feet 9 inches. She’s very fit from cross country running. Her birthday is October 12 1994

Personality: Sharon can be cruel and ruthless when she wants to be. She’s always nice to family and friends unless they piss her off. She is a bit arrogant and also quickly angered.

History: Sharon’s dad is a banker who makes a lot of money so Sharon is used to getting her own way. They live in a big mansion outside of New York City. Sharon’s father spends most of his time working. From when Sharon was 5-9 her father hired nannies to watch her though none of the nannies lasted longer than a month. By the time Sharon was 10 there were no nannies that would take the job anymore. Sharon’s dads answer was to send Sharon to different boarding schools around New York. Sharon never lasted long in the boarding schools because she would constantly get in fights. When Sharon turned 15 her father decided to hire a tutor instead of sending her to schools. The tutor he hired was nice kind, but the thing Sharon noticed the most is that he always wore a hat. He was an expert in Greek mythology and speaks fluent Greek. He also understood about Sharon having ADHD and dyslexia. One day a few days before Sharon’s 17th birthday she and her tutor where studying when they heard the front door being broken down. The tutor brings Sharon to the backyard and goes in the house to see what’s happening inside. Sharon looks up and sees a flying horse with a brown haired boy on it. The boy tells Sharon to get on the horse. Sharon gets on and the horse takes off just when a Cyclops bursts out into the back yard. The boy introduces himself as Chris Davis and tells Sharon that he’s here to take her to safety. Sharon asks Chris how he knew to come save her. Chris tells her that the tutor was a satyr and that he sent an iris message to camp asking for someone to come get Sharon. They land down just outside of the border of camp Sharon gets off and walk across the border.

Weapons: none until she gets to camp

How did Chris Davis came in the first place? Queen.Bee(Your Highness here!) 14:16, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

fixed it - iceclaw100

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