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Name: Sidra                                                                                                            

Gender: Female                                                                      

Creator: Asteria

Nymph Type: Star nymph 

Personality: Sidra has a rather bubbly and out-going personality, and will walk up a dntalk to people if they look lonely.  She is also a day-dreamer and spends most of the day with her head in the clouds. She is easy-going and loves to talk.  She is very loyal to people she loves, and hates unkind remarks.  She has a rather short temper and can flare up at any time.  

History: Sidra was created by Asteria to wait on her hand and foot; basically running errands on Olympus and doing anything she asked.  When Asteria had accumulated too many nymphs for her liking, she sent Sidra, her least favorite and most dispensable nymph, to Camp Half-Blood to look after Asteria's children, and to carry messages from Camp to her.  Asteria disliked her mainly because of her dreamy attitude and her tendency to wander off into a world of her own, daydreaming when Asteria wanted her assistance.  She was only about two years old when Asteria sent her to Camp, but she looks about 16-17. She works at the Camp on her creator's orders - carrying messages and watching over Asteria's children.

Weapons: None





First of all, this is the wrong format for a nymph. as they are created, they do not have a mortal parent unless they were a demigod before hand. also, you have to state what species of nymph she is. (you do not put that under weapons...) and kindly add your signature please.

and some other things:

  • why was sidra her least favorite and most dispensable nymph? there has to be a good reason behind that
  • (totally a small detail but will make the claim better if you answer this) when was she created/how old is she?
  • (continuing from the question above) also if she was with Asteria for quiet some time, couldn't she have been her favorite nymph since she knows everything and has been there longer than the other nymphs???
  • (minor thing as well) since you have a picture, you don't need that really short appearance description. >.<

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Hey, Pandy. I answered the questions addressed above, i believe. If you need better answers, let me know. (This is my first nymph claim, so it might be a little crappy). Dancin&#039;ssigpic01"Can we just call them storm spirits? Venti makes them sound like evil espresso drinks." -The Super-sized McShizzle Message the Dancer!Dancin&#039;ssigpic01ng

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