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Name: Skye

Species: Cloud Nymph

Creator: Aelous

Gender: Female

Personality: Skye is very nice and helpful. She can take very harsh manual labor. Sometimes, she can be get clumsy but it's rare that she ever gets clumsy. If she doesn't feel helpful, she gets depressed and shuts herself from the world.

Weapons: her powers


History: Back in the old days, Aelous made very few nymphs and spirits to help him keep track of weather and etc... Skye was one of them. Skye was one of his trustworthy nymph servants who always followed his orders and everything.

However, as time went one, Aelous needed more and more helpers so he created many others who did most of the work for him. In due time, they became very experienced with certain jobs. Skye and his main nymph/spirits got very depressed and many ran away to find work with Boreas and the other wind gods.

Skye didn't, because she wanted to stay by Aelous' side. Aelous saw her depressed sate and knew it was time for her to go to camp half-blood. At first, Skye refused. She didn't want to become a servant to the demigods. But after Aelous explained that she was only to help his children, she then knew that he wanted her to be useful in something and she happily accepted to go down to Camp Half-blood where she know resides.

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If Aeolus created more nymphs to help him, why wasn't Skye used over the new nymphs? Seeing Skye would have more experience, I think Aeolus would pick her over the new ones to work. There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

well, Aelous created a lot of nymphs who knew how to do the job and also they became very experienced in due time @broken


Alright, please add that in the second paragraph.

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There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

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