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Name: Skye Morris

Gender: Female

God Parent: Mnemosyne/Melinoe/Athena

Mortal Parent: Kyle Morris

Appearance: Skye is a beautiful 16 year-old girl, with long wany honey colored hair and big dark brown eyes. She has freckles, but they appear only during spring and summer. Her nose is straight and her lips are full. She is not so tall for her age, 5'5", and has a slim figure.

Personality: Skye is artistic and loves to write stories, songs, poems, etc. She is a loner and doesn't make friends easily. She is really clumsy and is shy about it. When she makes friends she is loyal to them. She is open-minded and judges people only by their actions, not their history.

History: Back in 1994, Kyle Morris met a woman named Kate, during a work trip to New York. The two fell in love and after 9 months Skye was born. A week after, Kate was gone. She had told Kyle the truth, that she is a goddess and can't stay. Kyle understood but decided not to talk to Skye. The girl had a great childhood with her father. She was a very good student and wrote articles for the school newspaper. She didn't have a lot of friends though, only Isidora and Roy. When Skye was 14, her father met a woman named Sheila and they got married. Skye was happy for her father and liked Sheila a lot. It was then, when her demi-god powers started to show. Sheila, who was a demi-god of Themis, was curious about her and then Kyle told her the truth. Sheila was always there for Skye and she taught her how to use a Nunchaku. Skye was enjoing these lessons, but she didn't know that Sheila is teaching her how to defend herself in the world of the Gods and monsters. For another 2 years Skye's life was peaceful, until a hell-hound attacked her. She was alone and the creature almost killed her, but Sheila retuned and managed to save her step-daughter. She and Kyle told her the truth about her mother and Sheila talked to her about Camp Half-Blood. The girl decided to go there so Sheila showed her the way. The two were attacked a couple more times, but they managed to reach Camp without being harmed.

Weapons: Her demi-god powers and a Nunchaku, from her step-mother

Nickiiiiiiiiiiii 14:16, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

Where did they live before going to camp? How old was she when the monster attacked?--BachLynn(Send an Owl!) 20:33, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

Before going to camp they lived in Brooklyn. She was 15 and a half. Nickiiiiiiiiiiii 11:00, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

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