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Name: Skylar-Twina Davise

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nyx, Aphrodite or Harmonia

Mortal Parent: Harley Davise

Skylar has long blonde hair, with greeny-grey eyes. She has a pale skin tone and is 5'6, or around that height.

Personality: Skylar is very sweet and hates arguments. She does want peace to be around the world, but knows that there will never be peace. She is friendly to those she meets, but can go to a cold, evil side if she gets angered enough.

History: Harley Jones grew up in Malibu with his younger sister, Jenny Jones (mother of Blake Jones). When he was 15, and Jenny was 13, their parents divorced, and Harley and their mother moved to Denver. Harley and Jenny always kept in touch.

Harley, at the age of 16 came out as gay, and moved to New York, with his boyfriend Kellen Davise. At the age of 20, Harley and Kellen were married and still he kept in touch with Jenny. In 1995, Harley and Kellen celebrated the brith of Jenny's son; Blake Jones. Harley then offered to get him and Kellen a son. Nyx/Aphrodite/Harmonia noticed the Davise's pleas, and went to grant them their wish. She appeared to Harley as Kaiya Lance, and said she was a woman who helped gay men have kids. Thus, they did it and nine months later, Skylar was born.

That day; 22nd August 1996 was the day that Harley and Kellen worshiped. They thanked the goddess, who had since revealed herself, and promised to send Skylar to Camp Half Blood. Skylar grew up happy, yet everything she did was shadowed by her couin, Blake's success. She never took it to heart, she always said that Blake was older and did more. When she was 11, she was attacked by a harpy. Screaming and yelling for her Dad's, she ran into another demigod, who took her back to her fathers. Upon hearing the news, they moved back to Malibu, where Harley and Kellen and Skylar lived with Kellen's mother.

Skylar and Blake always met up, and though she was always shadowed by him, they grew closer, and she would always give him the 'dating advice' when he came out as gay. On her 16th birthday, she and her fathers went up to Camp Half Blood, where she said goodbye to them. Harley made her promise, that she'll visit them back in Malibu.

Weapons: She has a small dagger.

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