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Name: Sophia Torrents

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nyx, Hades, Thantos

Sophia Torrents

Mortal Parent: Justin Torrents


Personality: Sophia is sarcastic and would rather hide in the shadows. She'd rather have several best friends she can connect with, rather than millions of friends. Her personality is darker and she can be intimidating.

History:Justin was an astrologist when he met Nyx. He was in the small diner he ate at every day, reading about stars. Nyx entered and Justin immediately thought she was beautiful. He bought her a coffee and started talking. He was entranced by her and asked her to meet him the next night. She agreed and they met each other for several weeks. Nyx soon discovered she was pregnant and told Justin she had to go. She returned soon and gave Justin his baby. Justin named the baby Sophia Cassiopeia Torrents. He often called her Phoenix after the necklace Nyx left her.

Justin married a woman named Felicity Dareks when Sophia was three. Felicity didn't like Sophia because she was different, always naming stars and staying inside. Sophia was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD when she was six. She always got in trouble at school for getting fights and sassing her teacher. Her dad finally shipped her off to military school when she was nine. Her childhood was rather like most demigods.

She was expelled when she was ten and was sent to another military school. Sophia managed to keep out of trouble until she was thirteen. She'd been studying in her dorm room alone when one of the students knocked on the door. She let her in and the student turned into a dracanae. The monster lunged for her and she ducked behind the desk. She'd thrown her text books at it and started to get up, hoping to run out the door. Her Phoenix necklace caught on the desk and she yanked away from it.  It turned into a sword, which she fumbled with.The monster scratched across her shoulder and down her arm.  The monster screeched again and lunged at her. Following her instincts, Sophia thrust the sword into the monster's chest. It dissolved and Sophia vowed to forget about the events.

Several more monsters attacked over the years, such as hellhounds and dracanae. Sophia used her necklace turned sword to kill them. She'd taken self-defense and fencing lessons when she was younger and her scent wasn't very strong with her being ignoran and frequently moving schools. Injuries she had gave her the depressed self harming reputation. She was almost sixteen when a satyr finally caught up with her. The satyr explained to her about the gods and led her to camp. Monster attacks were dealt by Sophia. She sent a letter explaining to her dad what was going on. She didn't receive a reply until Felicity sent one, telling her to stay away. Sophia listened and is now at Camp Half-blood, wondering the point of her life.

(Never mind, she doesn't have to be Nyx's priestess. By the way, Rosalie Emory put exactly the same thing, which is where I got it from. Okay, thanks!)

Weapons: A necklace with the Phoenix constellation that turns into a sword. 

DaughterOfWisdom (talk) 23:42, December 30, 2013 (UTC)


yes but you have to explain how she was chosen to be nyx's priestess and all of that stuff. and as of the "draeca" do you mean the Scythian ? also if she could kill monsters that easily, over those years there is no need for camp. (bach's words of wisdom)


if the spot for that god/goddess is open and you explain how she was chosen, she'll be picked. (most of the time)


Why did Nyx chose her in particular? It sounds as if Nyx could have gone to anyone and asked them to be her priestess.

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Almost there :)

You just have to explain further how she was able to survive 4 years of monster attacks. She's untrained. How was she able to defeat such monsters?

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So close :)

The reason you've put for being chosen as a priestess by Nyx is a bit... lacking. Most of the time, the demigods have done something to honor the god/goddess, or are particularly skilled or something. 

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An untrained demigod would not be able to leave from her first monster attack unscathed, especially when she was fighting in such a small place. Kindly enumerate some of the monsters she encountered after the dracanae. Is she 16 now? I'd also like to bring up Bird's last point regarding the priestess. It doesn't really make sense to me that she'd become Nyx's priestess just because her father prayed for her protection. Not to mention there's bound to be many other people, other children, whom Nyx respects.

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Learning to fence from mortals, wouldn't give her the training she'd need to survive actual monster attacks for years, they train you to spar, not to fight for your life, if you could train that easily to defend yourself from monsters, by simple mortal fighting stuff, camp wouldn't need to exist.

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erm, your priestess explanation part still doesn't explain why sophia should be chosen to be Nyx's priestess... i mean, Nyx can believe in any of her children and they could be priest/priestesses. what makes sophia special out of all ot the other nyx demigods? does she have special connection with her mother or...?

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How did she find out she was a demigod? It mentions that Nyx told the father, but it doesn't mention anything about Sophia finding out, just goes right into her having monster attacks.

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The satyr told her. Nyx told him Sophia would explain him. Sophia managed to figure out that monsters were interested her, but didn't know she was a demigod. DaughterOfWisdom (talk) 22:22, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

I don't see in the history where it states that the satyr told her, and if she didn't know she was a demigod, how would she understand what the monsters were?

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I bolded where it said the satyr told her.

DaughterOfWisdom (talk) 02:43, January 23, 2014 (UTC)

It says in the beginning that Nyx left a letter to her dad saying that he should bring her to camp once she's 12, yet it wasn't fulfilled. Why is that? Also, the second issue from before remains unanswered, "if she didn't know she was a demigod, how would she understand what the monsters were?"

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It's a monster, it doesn't exactly look like a puppy.

DaughterOfWisdom (talk) 23:45, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

I don't think there's anything wrong with this claim anymore but let's see what the others have to say :) Good job on this claim btw *thumbs up*

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