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Name: Steven Winterson

Gender: Male

Age: 13

God Parent: Eros, Apollo or Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Melisa Winterson

Appearance: Steven is an attractive, very tall boy (around 1.90 meters) with thick, spiky black hair, icey blue eyes and very pale skin. He has a small flesh earing on his left ear and huge angel wings tattooed on his whole back. He usually wears tight T-shirts with light jacket on, his tight ripped jeans with a chain on the left pocket and his high sneakers. That's him on the photo. 


Personality: Steven is a cheerful, sometimes shy boy with mischievous nature. Always loyal to his friends but too shy to show his appreciation. Very scared of Wasps. Usually a bit clumsy. Randomly starts speaking french when stressed or scared.

History: One day Melisa Winterson was going through her daily routine before going to work - make a coffee, get a shower, put her make up on and then leave. It was an ordinery Thursday. On her way to work (as a secretary in a office) she remembered she forgot to eat breakfast so she stopped in a near-by fast food resturant and ordered a burger. While getting it she dropped her phone on the floor and while picking it up she bumped into a very attractive man. Melisa was living alone and when she saw how beautiful this man was she blushed and tried to escape the awkward situation "Oh! Sorry i really...sorry!" her face was red like a tomato and even the make up couldn't hide it. "It's okay. I'm Ernest" the man said while offering his hand "Nice to meet you. I'm Melisa" said the young woman. During the next weeks they started seeing each other more and more often at that same resturant. In no time they fell in love and soon Melisa was pregnant. She was hopeing they would live together and be a happy family untill one day her beloved revealed that his name is actually Eros - the god of love and he has to go back to Olympus and leave her. Melisa was shattered. She knew that her small salary will not be enaugh for her and her baby. So when it came time for her to give birth she gave it away for adoption.

Steven's childhood wasn't easey. He grew while moving from one foster home to another. He couldn't make friends easely and when he did - he had to move away because of his rebelious behavior. And the other kids form the homes didn't make ti easy for him - they laughed at him and teased him for his fluent french and tall figure. Always alone,and never having everything he needed.One day when he was 11 an importan looking guy came in Steven's current foster home. He looked around the boys and then walked over to Steven. "Do you want to run away from this place, boy? If you do come with me. It will be lots of fun and you'll be away from those horrible kids who tease you. Later i can even give you a job as a model. I can adopt you and i promise you we will live a happy life" It sounded very tempting and for some reason Steven felt like this guy could be trusted so he said yes. "Wonderful. What's your name now?" "Steven, sir. Steven Winterson" the boy replied. In no time he was out of that horrible place and on the road to his new home. The guy (whose name Steven later found out was Bruno) lived in a huge seaside house on Malibu beach. The house had a lot of rooms - the biggest of which was for Steven. They even had a housekeeper called Constanza. She was like a mother to Steven and he liked her even tho she was a little weird. They really lived a happy life through those 2 years. He really got into modeling but on his birthday on 21st of July something horrbile happened. While looking through the pages of a magizine, his now adoptive father called Steven in his office. "I need to show you something, son" Bruno said and in a mather of seconds his previously handsome face turned dog-like with brown eyes and pointy ears. His hands' nails grew to abnormal size. His skin turned black and sleak - like a seal. The monster tried to attack Steven but he ran towards the living room. The Bruno-monster was fast and quickly flew towards Steven when suddenly he heard Constanza scream his name and throw him a sword. Steven was scared to his bones so he jus swung the sword in every direction untill he hit the black monster. It bursted into dust and disappeard. Constanza came to Steven who didn't knew what was happening and was trembling like a leaf. "Quick!" she said " We don't have much time.I know you're confused honeybun but i'll explain it to you." said Constanza in her latino accent. "I'm sorry i hid this from you so long but it was for your own good. Now it's time you learn the truth before that horrible Telekhine returns" Steven was scared. "You're a demigod, my pepper." "A-a-a de-demi-what? And what's a Telekhine?" Steven mumbled "A demmigod. Your father was a god and your mother - a human. You have to understand that this horrible monster who wanted to kill you was not your father. I sensed him last night which means he's been here for only a few hours. I...I don't know where Bruno is pepper - maybe he's kidnaped or...Anyways quick take this and I'll sent you to a special place for children like you. Don't worry - the people there are gonna help you like they helped me all theese years ago. Now off to the taxi darling." said Constanza as she handed him a small package.

While all of this was happening Steven realised how unpleasantly logical this whole story was. He never knew his parents, he was always an outsider. He didn't wanted to believe it but he had to. He opened the package and found some money and a buisness card with waht looked like a taxi number on it. "Constanza what is all th..." Steven said as he was turning to see his houskeeper but she was gone. He was left alone...again. "What if this thing comes again?" he thought and quickly called the number on the buisness card. No one answered. He was feeling stupid untill after 10 second he saw a vey old New York taxi parked in front of the house. He quickly ran towards it and got into the car. "Where are we going sweetie?" a very old eyeless lady asked him. This surprised him a little bit but it was nothing compared to waht happened literally 2 minutes ago. Steven didn't knew how to answer her question either. He fliped the card and saw Constanza's handwritng 'To camp Half-Blood'. "Uuuuum to camp Half-Blood?" He was very unsure untill a second gray, old, eyeless woman answered him "Right on hunny" and the car dashed through the land. In 10 minutes time the car stopped. "Pay up" a third woman said. He pulled the money out of the package and gave them to the ladies who kicked him out of the car. Having a second to adjust to his suroundings he saw some small buildings and an archway in the distance. As he got close he read "Camp Half-Blood" on the archway. He steped through it in the place he was about to call home from now on. 


Steven's Bronze Scythe

Now, 2 weeks after the incident he's still confused but behind the safe walls of Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: Detailed golden bow with arrows made from celestial bronze and a Celestial Bronze Scythe (which can shrink to a small keyholder). 

Steven Winterson (talk) 17:55, December 28, 2015 (UTC)


So yeah, almost there i guess? :)
Leather wings tore through his expensive suit and his hands turned boney and green. The monster tryed to attack Steven but he rant towards the Living room

  • I assume you meant a Fury? If i guessed it right, Fury only attacks if the character is a bad demigod or on Hades orders.
  • Can you indicate where he lived before going to camp?.

That will be all! Good luck hun~
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Soooo I'm back.

  • Telekhines definitely doesn't have "Leather wings".

My lie in April,brought me to you. あいしてるMusicnotesplz

hey there I'll be your claim checker today and let me just list out the stuff I need you to fix ok?

  • There havent been an orphanage in the states in a very looong time.. they replace it with the foster care...soo yeah please change..
  • 15 is too old for a first monster attack so please make it older
  • How long have he been on camp?

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Hi. Thanks for submitting your claim. It's nearly ready but there are a few things you can do to tie up loose ends

  • Wait, so Steven inexplicably walks off with Bruno, without telling his mom? Also, this is done when he's at the age of eleven? It sounds a little unrealistic and shady to me, so I'd probably edit/change slight details. 
  • If Bruno was a telekhine, he would have instantly attacked Steven. Only certain creatures such as empousai can stay hidden for long periods under the mist iirc, and it would make little sense for a monster to have to stay in human form and not immediately attack the character when vulnerable. 
  • How does Constanza know about demigods? How does she know to give him the package? How does she know how to call the Gray Sister's Taxi? 

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Hey Steven! Anyway, I read others' comments, and  some of them I think you haven't done.

  • Telekhines can't stay in disguise for a long time, let alone two years. Their insticnt is to attack a demigod immediately.
  • Who was Constanza? Please add details about her since all she's done—knowing about demigods, calling the Gray Sisters' taxi, and also knowing about camp and the telekhine.
  • We have this 2-week rule, in where unclaimed demigods can only stay in camp 2 weeks or less. Your claim suggests that he arrived in camp at 13 and 'after 4 years', which in where he's already 17. That staying in camp for 4 years is considered metagaming, so please change it.
  • Is your model Sean O'Pry? If he is, then I'm afraid that he is currently in use You may ask the user who owns it if you two can share the model.

That's all, Steven!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

From what i read, Steven is now 13? Is that correct? If not then please state his current age at ethier the end where he gets to camp or at the top of the claim

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Hi I will be your claim checker for today

  • First, during your history you mention how people bend to his will? At camp, we don't have charm speak as a power for children of eros. Also, Steve would be too young to have any powers showing
  • For the first monster, what monster was it? please add the name in your history
  • if the monster was a telkhine, telkines reside in the water, so it would not be probable for him to be a telkhine. please change it if so
  • Also, what age was he when he got attacked the first time? please add it in your history
  • Had the monster been the dad the whole time? why was he not attacked sooner, if the dad had been the monster the whole time?

that's all I see right now, come again!

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