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Do not look at me!!! 00:33, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

Do not look at me!!! 00:33, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

Name:Sunny McFarlene


God Parent: Notus,Zephyrus,Zeus

Mortal Parent Kay Mcfarlene

Appearance:Brown hair, blue eyes, 5"8,kind smile


Personality:Helpful,Smart, Tricky, good to get to know, like to joke with his friends


He lives in Kansas..His dad loved his mom due to here job as a Storm Chaser. They fell in love over there bond with the weather, and Sunny was born.His Father left.His mom named him after the weather that day,and it was a Sunny, and hot. Sunny was a common demgod.He went to 4 diiffrent schools and these are his storys for each.

Tucker K-5th grade

At Tucker he made it till 5th grade,his ADHD and Dylexica were horrble, then. He went till the end of the 5th grade year, when he was 11 with out getting kicked out. See on the last day His teach said he needed to go to the nurses office (he had pink eye).. The Nurse was the mean guy, who told him it was time to die demigod.Then the guy Grew into a giant . Sunny was scared out of his mind. If he wouldn't have started to run out of the building before the giant could grow into his full form he was gone.He got Kicked out for destroying the nurses office and ditching school.

Hebes Middle school Grades 6-8th.

Hebes Middle school was one of the schools he loved.At Hebes middle school, it was a special private Greek school that was named after the goddess of wisdom. He made it here until 8th grade, he never got attacked by monsters here, there was just no High School

Mr.Mikes HighSchool

This was the worst school, he went to a high school just for kids with Dylexia, ADHD, or any other problem, mental or not. He met is friend Earl Green there. his mother oddly died, that day from gangsters who mugged and killed her. He was scared he told Earl how he was homless now and Earl explained how he was a saytr.Earl took him to camp.

Camp Half Blood

His Current home,he was claimed after he joined around 30 mins later.

The part about the string, is just like Percy in the first book.
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