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Name: Suri "Mirage" Sandstrider

Gender: Female God Parent: Dionysus (1st choice.concept doesn't really fit anything else well). Eros (far distant second choice, if I have to), Aphrodite (best 3rd choice I can think of).

Mortal Parent: Adara (Last name unknown)

Appearance: Suri is 5'6" with long blonde hair and golden brown eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned, but it is hard to say if that is from the sun or if it is her natural tone. She has a slim build, as if she hasn't had enough to eat, but otherwise appears healthy.

Personality: Deep down, Suri has a very caring heart and would love to make everyone around her happy. However, her rough past has skewed her views somewhat and she is just as likely to help someone find an escape through drugs or alcohol as she is to help them find true joy.

She has also developed a survive at all costs attitude, which sometimes brings out a dark side in her where she will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill without a second thought. She will try to be nice to people under normal circumstances, but if she feels she is threatened or being used, she can turn on them very quickly and often without warning.

History: Suri's mother, Adara, was a typical teen girl for the Middle Eastern region she grew up in. Although not from a Muslim family, she still lived a conservative lifestyle to blend in with all of her neighbors who were. She dreamed big, but still knew deep down that she was likely to end up as a housewife with no real chance at excitement or adventure. That all changed when a friend invited her to a secret party being held at an old warehouse outside of town.

Adara knew the punishment for getting caught would be severe, but she realized this might be her one big chance to say she did something fun in her life, so she agreed to go. She carefully arranged her pillows to makes ure it looked like she was still in bed and then snuck out into the night.

The party was unlike anything she could have imagined in her dreams. The colors, the scandalous clothing, the drinks and other methods for fogging the mind and releasing inhibitions. She got caught up in it all, especially the boys. In a daze, she hooked up with an unknown number of them, including an intoxicated Dionysus in disguise.

When she found out she was pregnant a short time later, she was absolutely terrified. She did her best to hide her condition, but knew it would be obvious to everyone soon enough. She went to church to pray for a miracle and ended up meeting a missionary couple, the Sandersons. They helped her mask her appearance as much as possible and also helped find her light tasks around the church to get her out of the house and keep up appearances with her family.

Eventually though, little Suri came and there was just no hiding it from her friends and neighbors. Word got around and a small mob decided to take action and purge the evil influence from their neighborhood. Adara was chased through the street and was just short of the church's sanctuary. Mrs Sanderson rushed out into the street and saved little Suri from the rain of stones, gettign badly injured herself in the process.

The Sandersons fled, but soon found that news travelled faster than they could and they were not welcome in any settlement of reasonable size. They moved out into the desert wilderness and travelled for a time with a number of wandering tribes, which earned them the nickname of Sandstrider.

The travel took its toll on Mrs Sanderson though and she started to grow weaker and eventually passed away. Mr Sanderson started drinking to drown his pain and turned out to be an abusive drunk. He never remembered what he did while intoxicted though and Suri wanted him to be happy too much to reveal her bruises to him. As she grew into a young woman, the assaults became more forceful and Suri had to knock him out any way she could. One night though, she hit him in the head with a frying pan and caused a wound he would never get up from.

She fled to the nearest city, but having no money, she ended up getting involved with the local drug trade. She wouldn't take them herself, but she would certainly sell them and found people under the influence to be an ot looser with their wallets. She would probably still be livng that life, if not for a chance meeting with a satyr trying to escort a wild daughter of Eros to camp.

The duaghter of Eros, Lily, stopped to buy some of Suri's stock. One of the more potent mixes she had in fact. Suri laughed at her, saying she probably couldn't handle the stuff, but agreed to sell it and even offered a discount since she felt sorry for the girl having a boyfriend who looked like a goat. Lily and the satyr were stunned that she could see through the mist. After the satyr determined she was most likely a demi-god and not just a mortal, they invited her to travel with them to see if Suri might be a good candidate for camp as well.

Suri agreed to hear them out, figuring if they were feeding her a load of lies then she could just keep doing what she was already doing. The camp idea did seem to catch her interest though and so did Lily, who seemed set on showing new and personal ways of reaching total bliss, when their satyr chaperone was out of the room and patrolling around of course.

During one such encounter, Suri ended up blindfolded as Lily said she was going to try something new. Suri hear a sharp crack and then felt some kind of warm liquid being poured over her and wondered just what Lily was up to. She then heard the door break open and their satyr guardian cry out in rage. Suri figured they must be totally breaking the rules, but then she heard a series of snarls, thumps, and other sounds of a fight. She wriggled her hand free from Lily's knot and pulle doff her blindfold just in time to see the satyr strike something vaguely reptillian before it dissolved into dust. That was when she noticed Lily's lifeless body laying on the ground and saw that the warm liquid had been her blood.

Suri was in a state of panic until the satyr the satyr slapped her hard and brought her to her senses. "You may be a far cry from hero material missy, but I am not letting this search end in failure. One way or another, you are going to camp!"

Weapons: No formal training yet. Is comfortable using small knives, shanks, or broken bottles if they are available.

LongClawTiger 20:03, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

how did Suri and the satyr get to camp? they couldn't just walk from The Middle East to Camp Half-Blood. They were still in The Middle East, right? Nobody's Home 00:05, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

Does it really matter, if the trip was uneventful? LongClawTiger 00:09, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

well were they still in The Middle East? Nobody's Home 00:10, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

Of course. But does it really add any depth to the history to explain the exact mode of transportation they used for every leg of the journey? LongClawTiger 00:13, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

well then it looks good to me, i cant approve claims though Nobody's Home 00:18, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

thanks :) LongClawTiger 00:20, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

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