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Name: Taisun Chronaster (CHRONA-ster)

Age: 12

Gender: Unknown 

God Parent: Eris

Mortal Parent: Franklin Chronaster

Taisun Chrona-Star

Taisun's Appearance

Personality: Taisun is a very different type of person. He enjoys the occasional bloodshed. He doesn't trust a lot of people. He is not very self controlled and always has a smirk on his face. He always has one way to kill people and he thinks thats all he needs. He laughs a lots and likes to talk to himself (in his mind). He doesn't try until his opponents proves that their worthy of his master plans. Thats why he needs friends to pull his over confidence down. He is interested in becoming a hitman when he gets older. He bursts into laughter randomly.

History: Franklin Chronaster was a con-man of sorts. He tricked a lot of very powerful people. On one of his special "missions" it changed his life forever. Franklin had leaked information on one of his best pals, André. André was an African American man that Franklin was roommates with during college, they dropped out a few weeks later. The info Franklin received was that there was a woman going by the name of Viper, and  she was going to trade 1 million to a very important person for a certain item. The location was at a hotel in Vegas. Franklin's plan was to trick the woman into giving him 1 Million dollars, but instead of giving her what she asked for it would have something special. When Franklin arrived there, a woman as beautiful as a golden apple was waiting. Franklin had to concentrate. Franklin gave the briefcase to Viper, but the plan went wrong, instead of handing the 1 million dollars, she opened the briefcase. Inside, was a rose. Franklin with a smirk on his face, shrugged and said "Surprise?"

Viper was touched by this gesture, she appreciated and enjoyed con artists, but she had to punish him. Her goons did beat him up. After that, with a playful smile Viper takes him into a hotel room. That night, was said to be the best night in Franklin's life. A couple months later, Franklin got an anonymous doorbell, outside was a cradle with a baby boy and a note, the note read- "Dear Franklin, this is Viper the woman you tried to con, this is your son, his name is Taisun. I know that you will take care of him. Thanks." At first Franklin was annoyed by this, but he took the baby in anyways, after a couple of days he got used to it. He treated Taisun with respect and gave him only the things he needed to not spoil him. At the age of 3, Taisun and his Father moved from Vegas to Yonkers, NY (thats a real place) there Franklin met a women named Ashley, Ashley was a pharmacist and had 2 kids with her ex-husband named Deth and Maka, Deth was older than Taisun and Maka was younger. Franklin and Ashley dated for around 4 months until got married. They settled down near Untermyer Park. Franklin became a contractor. 

Growing up Taisun felt different, His step-brother didn't talk to him much. His step-mom Ashley dispised him. His Father was to busy at work to pay any attention and Maka was just to young to do anything. The only friend that Taisun had was his old neighbor Mr. Crank. Mr Crank was a very cranky man, though he got along fine with Taisun, together they would get naughty children away from his lawn. The only thing that Mr. Crank hated about Taisun, was that he burned insects on his plants with a magnifying glass. At the age of 8, his school shut down so he had to move to a new school where all the snobs were. There he felt a little awkward, cause he had no friends and no one to talk. Everyday he would run back home and talk to Mr. Crank. At the age of 12 he experinced his first monster attack. It was a Saturday afternoon on a Feb Morning. Taisun and Mr. Crank were walking through the forest looking for rocks. Then there was a ruffling near one of the bushes. Mr. Crank was suspicious about this, but didn't really care. A couple of minutes there was more ruffling in another bush. Mr. Crank was now irritated about this. "Thats either a bunch of raccoons playing or thats a..." Mr. Crank was able to finish his sentence because Hellhound jumped out of the bushes. Taisun fell to the ground while Mr. Crank reached for his cane. While trying to reach for the cane the Hellhound ripped his pants off. Taisun looked in confusion, instead of looking at Mr. Crank's barebottom he saw goat legs. Finally, Mr Crank reached his cane and pulled something off, revealing a blade on his cane. The Hellhound backed away and barked. HAHA, take this Slobberface" as he pierced one of its legs. The Hellhound screeched and hit the old man to the floor. The Hellhound then came after Taisun. Trying to shield himself to what was about to happen he blasted the Hellhound into dust with his Chaos energy. Taisun was confused then saw Mr. Crank on the floor. He helped Mr. Crank up than the old man explained everything. He said that the greek myths were true and that he was a Saytr, and that thing that attacked him was a Hellhound and more importantly Taisun was a demigod. Mr. Crank got his ripped pants and put them on.

On there way out of the forest the Saytr explained that there was a camp for demigods and that he would be safe there. The Saytr was about to call Taisun's parents, until Taisun put his hand on the Saytr's phone, "No, my family doesn't have to know. " The Saytr nodded and called a taxi. They hopped into the taxi. Mr. Crank then responded with "Camp please. automatically the taxi started driving at the light speed. Taisun was surprised about this, then he noticed something, their was 3 cab drivers and none of had eyes, except one. 'Relax, Mr. Crank said, they're good guys not bad guys. Taisun relaxed at those words, good. At the end of the taxi ride which took around 6 minutes, Mr. Crank paid with golden coins called Drachmas. Welcome to camp, Taisun. Was they arrived Taisun, was claimed by his mother right on the spot. The Eris Symbol. Taisun has been there for 5 days.

Weapons: CB Chain-Sickle, it was created by a Hephaestus Child at Camp, as a special request from Eris. Before he had the CB Chain-Sickle. he was given a CB Sickle by his Saytr, now its just a spare weapon. The Chain on the Chain-Sickle is also celestial bronze and it burns the monster slowly. The Blunt object at the other end of the chain is not CB. 

A Portal to Pain

A Portal to Pain


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Hallo, I'll be your nitpicky claim checker for todayyy~ :D

  • Furies may be considered "easy" monsters, but they are only for special cases. Hades wouldn't send one after Taisun if he didn't do anything wrong. People/demigods have to do something terribly wrong (i.e. desecrating a temple of the gods) to attract that kind of bad attention from Hades. Please use another monster from here.
  • Nitpick: It seems quite out of character for Mr. Crank (a satyr) to burn and kill insects. Being a satyr, he would be very aware of animal nymphs and spirits and very respectful of nature.
  • I'm assuming Taisun got his weapon at camp?

That's all I can see for now :)

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding 03:18, January 21, 2016 (UTC)

I can find nothing exceedingly wrong, though I do nitpickily request that you mention that Taisun was exhausted by his first use of powers. Other than...congrats!

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