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Name: Takeshi Jin


God Parent: Cybele, Demeter, Lyssa

Mortal Parent: Ichiro Jin
Th (139)

Appearance: check pic

Personality: Takeshi is somewhat of a rich playboy. He normally acts cocky and a little snobby. He can quite advertuous, especially in nature. He can be very resourceful and knows how to handle a hard situation

History: Ichiro Jin was an accomplished architect/explorer. He explored the entire world. Finding ancient artifacts and exploring dangerous areas across the globe. He had such bravery when traveling through nature. He also loved animals. Cybele had watched him for afar. Falling in love with Ichiro. One day as he explored the riverine forests of Transcarpathia. Cybele had encountered him. She claimed her name was Jane. Ichiro was very taken with her.This was the start of a month long relationship between the two. They explored forests, jungles, mountains and more. One night in a 5 star hotel in New York. The two had consumed their relationship. In the morning Cybele was gone. 

9 months later, Ichiro was exploring a thick forest when he heard crying. Ichiro tracked the source until he found a little baby boy wrapped in a green blanket. He quickly picked up the child, There was a note in the blanket, explaining how he was Ichiro's and Jane's/Cybele's child. He had then named him Takeshi. Naturally Ichiro had to settle down now since he was a father. He traveled and explored much less. Takeshi had grew up, attending very expensive boarding schools and hotels. He and his father would only spend a month or 2 in one place before going to another. Since Ichiro still continued his work. So moving was very natural to Takeshi. 

One day for his 11th birthday, Ichiro had taken Takeshi to an uncharted island to explore. On their way to the island, a very deadly storm occurred. The ship was washed away in the storm. He woke up on the island. Scared, alone and worried. For his first few hours on the island. Takeshi strugged. He was attacked by animals, bugs and couldn't find any food. Takeshi's luck only seemed to get worse, when a giant scorpion had attacked him. He thought he was dead when a Celestial Bronze Chakram went flying through his head. Killing it instantly, Takeshi's savior was a strange hermit, looking about 60. His name was Sid, he explained to Takeshi everything about demigods and monsters. He stated he was out on the island because he was sick of demigod life. Takeshi thought he was being vague but decided not to question him.

So Takeshi spend 3 years with Sid. Learning how to fight off monsters, fight with CB chakrams and survive on the island. So when he was 14, he had went out for hunting. When he returned to his shelter. He found it had been ransacked. Seeing the place in shambles and blood around the place. He lived on his own for another 2 years. When he was 16, he needed some supplies that he couldn't get on the island. So he made a boat and left the island he grew to love. He arrived in Rio. After an hour of searching, he was attacked by a manticore. He managed to fight it off with his chakrams, but it grew to overpower him. A group of demigods saw this and decided to help him. They all quickly defeated it. The demigods then told him where Camp was. After they gave him the money for a flight to Long Island. He had arrived at Camp. Where he was claimed by Cybele and became one of the first members of her cabin

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Weapons: CB sword

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