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Name: Takumi Akira

Age: Physically 20 (real: 217)

God Parent: Nemesis

Mortal Parent: Arata Akira

Personality: Takumi has somehow developed personalities opposite of his original ones. He's nice and gentle, practically generous for some times, and he cares a lot. Though after a lot of time, he started to become pretty real overprotective and violent to protect himself and the ones he love. He doesn't trust easily and is sensitive about his feelings. He sometimes have anger issues after losing his memory, and it became harder for him to believe and trust someone.


Arata Akira was born from a family of the samurai class in Japan. He was raised nice and good, though his father had two concubines, who had treated him nicely as well. Arata was trained and taught on the art of the samurai fighting skills, mostly with a katana. He was good in managing his time and life's work, which made him both a balanced family guy and warrior. But his life changed when he met Natsuki, a pretty lady also from the samurai class from another castle town.

Natsuki was Nemesis in disguise, and soon met Arata during training. She had herself showing off her skills, and both of them ended up complimenting each other. Natsuki said she would stay for a couple of months, and Arata felt happy. During that given span of time, they became close to each other and had their little 'dates'. A night before the assured leave, Natsuki ended up conceiving a child, and soon, had a formal goodbye to Arata. He wanted her to come back, but she didn't made him hope so much.

Sooner after she left, his father announced that he was already arranged to be married with the daughter of a family they knew. Kimiko Iijima was then introduced to him, the lady he'd be married to. She was fair, and only treated Arata as a friend. But they both accepted each other, and had their preparations for marriage. But a couple of months later before the marriage, Natsuki knocked on Arata's door when his family was away. He opened it, and saw her holding a child in her arms. He was shocked, but let her in. Natsuki then explained everything—that she was the Greek goddess Nemesis, whose eye he had caught, their child was a demigod, and all things about monsters and stuff. She told him to be alert, and to take care of the child and give him the gifts she left. Arata was overjoyed and confused, but he accepted the child and made a promise to Nemesis. She left, having him name the baby.

Arata named him Takumi, for he knew he'd be skillful and intelligent as his mother. When the family knew about it, they asked Kimiko if she would accept the child as her own. She agreed, and became the mother figure Takumi had grown up with. Takumi, like his father, was trained early in fighting. Arata gave him his first double-edged tantō, one of the Celestial bronze weapons Nemesis had left. At seven, he made friends with Misaki Suzumi, a girl a year younger than he was, who was also a demigod herself and her older brother. They lived in a peasant community, though her village was just beside his. At ten, Arata told his son the truth about his mother, Nemesis, and of his being a demigod. He taught him the Greek myth, and Takumi sooner accepted it. His mother, Kimiko, also knew and kept it a secret from the other villagers.

At 12, Takumi was taught to fight with a katana, and he was given the last weapons his real mother had left—a pair of Celestial bronze katanas. He used them in his trainings, and had also learned to talk to Nemesis in prayer. Though she never answered in speech, he believed she was somewhere, watching him.

One time, when he was all alone by the border of their town, four rogue Stymphalian birds came across him. As soon as they caught his scent, they attacked. Takumi, alert and all, threw his short sword at one when it was near enough and hit it. The other two he slashed altogether, then slashed at the last one, gaining a slash himself. He told this to his dad, so Arata told him to be much more careful. The next year he had two harpies, but they were defeated by him and Misaki.

Misaki became his girlfriend on his fourteenth birthday. He soon knew Misaki and her brother, Ichirou, were demigods, too, children of Enyo. They thought it was cool. Ichirou, at 19, was called by the head of a samurai town not near theirs to be part of them. Ichirou agreed and left them for his dream. Takumi and Misaki had another friend, Naoki. The three were very close, until one day.

When they were in the boundaries of the villages, a hellhound appeared. Naoki was shocked, and the two knew he was clear-sighted. Takumi remembered what his father had told him, and unsheathed his katana and tantō. On count, the hellhound charged, but Takumi, alert, sidestepped and jabbed it with his short sword. With it, he jumped, stepping on the hilt stuck out of the monster's hide, and sat above it. The hellhound kept moving frantically, but he jabbed his katana on its back, killing it. He fell hard when it turned to dust.

Complaining about his back, he saw Misaki fighting another one, but had defeated it with her own sword, which was given to her by her mother. After, they tried to explain to Naoki, and it took a lot of convincing for him to believe and to not tell the others. Gratefully, he eventually gave in. The next year the same monsters attacked, but the couple defeated them, and their best friend just watched in shock and awe.

Ichirou visited home the next year. Misaki admitted to Takumi that she never liked her brother, and that he was stupid and arrogant and really hot-headed. And they had proved it right after an incident.

The three were both near a cliff, gazing at the scene below. Ichirou's things were near them as he left them to answer a call of his father in the village. Later, four dracaenas appeared, all slithering towards them. The couple had their weapons drawn out, fighting the monsters. When one of them fell and accidentally grabbed Naoki, Naoki got surprised, took Ichirou's sword (which he told then not to touch) and swung it. Unfortunately, his armor's ribbons was wrapped around loosely the sword, so when he swung, it lost its grip from the sword and flew, falling down the cliff. Misaki had killed the last, and went into silent panic about what to say to Ichirou.

Ichirou came, and when he knew, got angry and kept complaining about how he couldn't lose it. Misaki tried to stop her brother, but blind with anger, he took his sword and slashed at Naoki. He didn't really mean it, but it the slash on Naoki's chest was fatal, and he died within seconds. With Ichirou stunned, Takumi raged. Out of anger, he pulled out his sword and stabbed Ichirou, killing him, too.

Takumi didn't regret; all in his mind was vengeance for Naoki. Misaki was shocked, but didn't feel anything about it. Meanwhile, Enyo was furious. Ichirou was her current most skillful son and a favorite. She wanted justice, and so she cursed Takumi that one by one he would lose everyone he loved and see them die painfully with his own eyes which would result in killing himself. Misaki prayed to her mother to lessen it, for she loved him so much and didn't want him to be hurt. Enyo was disgusted, and made her last changes. Takumi would stay immortal only until he gets over with the death of his beloved, Misaki.

Misaki felt anxious, but decided to tell him. He was devastated, but even though it may hurt, he decided to stay with her. So they ran away, leaving Ichirou and Naoki behind. They arrived in another peasant village, and helped in the farming activities. On 1818, he 19 years old, married Misaki and lived a happy life and put the curse thing aside. They were attacked lots of times, but defeated them together. Soon, they had two children, Kaori and Kazuki, whom they had taught about the Greek myth and about fighting the monsters. They were happy as they took care of each other, watched their two kids grow up and get married, until the day Takumi realized they'd be gone forever.

After their 78 years of marriage, Misaki died at the good age of 96. It was real hard for Takumi, and thought that he would never had the chance to get over with it. He tried leaving his home and his children for he barely even survived the death of his wife. Fifteen years of longing and suffering and fighting alone was enough. He tried new hobbies, like learning other languages, for fun. But he knew Misaki wouldn't want it for him. So he decided to leave Japan, and sail somewhere else.

Upon arrival in Britain by ship on August 1912, the curse wore off. Takumi started a new life in Whitby. There, he met another demigod, Rei Ainsworth, a daughter of Mnemosyne. They became friends, and she helped him have a life and fight. But two years later later, Britain declared war against Germany, which wasn't what Takumi expected would happen. Whitby was pretty safe that time, so he and Rei made a safehouse in case of emergency.

Though one day, four months later, on December, after killing three telkhines by the shore, they saw German jets flying overhead. Quickly, they ran for safety. But what was worse when the enemies dropped a missile on the same bay they were on. Takumi and Rei found a cave and went it for shelter, but the impact of the bomb, even though it was far from them, made the ground shake, and the rocks above the entrance of the cave fell, sealing the hole up. More deafening bomb and jet noises were heard, but the two were safe. However, there was no one to help them to get out. The rocks were too many and too heavy, and the cave only had one way out, which was sealed.

They stayed in there, unable to do anything. Rei admitted she was planning to be a Huntress, but that wasn't the right time to. Meanwhile, Mnemosyne remembered her promise to Rei's father that she would keep her away from harm. And so she took pity on her daughter. She asked Hypnos to maybe just put them both in sleep, for the sake of not bothering the other gods, until she gives the cue that Rei is safe.. Hypnos was hesitating, but after persuasion of Mnemosyne, he put them both in a sleep where they won't age, but only for a short time. Mnemosyne was grateful, and sent some nymphs of hers to watch carefully.

The world war passed, and soon another rose. On 1946, Hypnos woke them up on the titaness' cue. A group of miners came on the site, and the two who discovered there were people in the cave were demigods. They helped them out and invited them in their home. Takumi and Rei were thankful, but their minds were fuzzy. After some conversations, Rei suggested they move to the Americas. The two other demigods told them it would be safer if they waited until the next years.

Monsters attacked them, but the four defeated them, revealing that the two miners they met were crazy in fighting and loved pranks. Two years later, 1948, they sailed off to the United States of America.

Months after they settled in the country, particularly in Las Vegas, Rei sought to find Artemis and succeeded, and continued her path in joining the Hunt. Takumi felt alone again. Then he saw the Lotus Casino, and went in. It was lots of fun, with his own cool room and platinum card stuff. He felt like he could stay there forever, and that would've happened if it weren't for Rei.

To him, it felt like a few weeks. But Rei found him after 68 years. Knowing he was in there, she went in to find him, giving the Hunters the reason that if it weren't for him, she wouldn't be with them that time, though they said that she was all on her own. Rei agreed and went. She brought him out with force. She took a car and drove him around the place to show him what time it was, a February of the year 2016. Takumi, fascinated and confused, argued with Rei that she left him and everybody just kept leaving him and his whole life ended in a crap casino. Rei tried to calm him down and explain, but she forgot to take a look on the road.

She drove straight when the light was red. A huge truck was passing and they were too late. They were too fast, and the impact shook them both. Cops came into the scene and called ambulances. They had Takumi and Rei out. Takumi was brought to the hospital, but Rei was taken immediately by the Hunters with the help of the Mist for themselves to heal. Takumi had severe head injuries, and was put in intensive care unit. Nemesis, meanwhile, turned her attention on him. She sent nymphs to take care of him and bring him to Camp once he's okay.

The hospital took Takumi in even though they couldn't find any records of him. The nymphs went to the hospital and watched Takumi through. After two and a half-weeks in a coma, he woke up, mind groggy and all. The nymphs introduced themselves, though he couldn't quite get what they were talking about. All he remembered was Misaki and nothing else. The nymphs thought it wasn't best to bring him immediately to Camp.

After some days of rest, the nymphs called Gabrielle, a trusted demigod friend who could help him. The next day, she came with her father, who was in New York for vacation. The nymphs explained everything, and the father decided to keep him and bring him to Camp when Gabrielle was to leave, too. The next day, with the help of Gab's mother, Ariadne, they went out of the hospital and the nymphs left Takumi to them.

Gabrielle made friends with Takumi and tried to help him remember, though the only answer she ever got from him was that he only remembers his name, and the name Misaki Suzumi and that he was from Japan. Gabrielle and her father, Enrique, did the best they could to help him be comfortable. Gab taught him words he eventually remembered after hearing them, and helped him speak more and taught him the Greek mythologies. Three months later, she told him they would be going to the Camp where demigods like him were safe. Takumi agreed, and was curious enough to know who he really was.

Weapons:  A short sword (a tantō) and a pair of katanas which are all made of Celestial bronze

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