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Name: Talia Alverez

Gender: Female

Species: Former mortal, Music Nymph

Parents: Johan and Maria Alverez

Appearance: Talia has naturally straight long dark hair and a natural, easily tannable skintone. Her eye colour is hard to determine, because it changes with the seasons.

Personality: Talia is a get down and get dirty kind of kid. she doesn't like messing around. She won't tollerate games or dily-dallying. She'll do anything it takes to get what she wants, no matter what anyone says and how it's done. Although she doesn't speak English very well, she works hard to make her half-Spanish half-English phrases sound understandable.

History: Talia grew up like a normal Costa Rican girl. She was born to Johan and Maria Alverez on June 19th, 1994 and grew up in a small house on the side of a steep mountain, making her house look slanted from the roadside view. The Alverez's home sat at the edge of a small village on the mountainside. Just a small collection of houses and an occasional farm or drugstore. At the top of the mountain was a little restaurant called Hermoso De La Montaña, meaning Beautiful Mountain, and as a daily act, dancers performed, showing off their enormous skirts. Talia and her family were regulars at the restaurant along with almost everyone in their village, and Talia was always fascinated by the dancers.

The children of the village attended a small charter school. There it was required that every student learn English. Talia was slow at learning, and never really finished even the basics. Talia quickly bonded with a girl named Ana, unaware that her mother was Harmonia. Ana and Talia did everything together, and when they when they were old enough, they began taking lessons from Louisia Ruiz, the instructor of the dancers at Hermoso De La Montaña. Senora Ruiz taught them until they were old enough, 14 and 6 monthes. They joined the dancers daily, performing for tourists, villagers, photographers and more. Talia and Ana loved their job, especially because their families got discounts on every meal they ate. After Talia turned 16, Ana quit her job to deal with family problems. Talia really didn't know if she should keep going with her job or quit to support Ana. about a half year later, right before Christmas, Ana and Talia were walking home from the drugstore at about 11:30 at night. In almost 30 degrees Celsius he air was humid and Ana's hair was like a bush. They walked down the street laughing, and they were jumped by two large boys. After a lot of screaming for help, the boys decided they weren't men enough to let the girls go so he started shooting at them, not meaning to hurt them, just scare them. But he kind of missed and shot Ana in thewrist on accident. He didn't stop shooting, and Talia couldn't bare to see her friend suffer so she jumped in front of her, and soon fell to the ground with three bullets in her stomach. Ana screamed. The kid with the gun still had his finger on the trigger. It went off one last time. The bullet socked Ana in the head. The kids ran off. The townsfolk heard the bullets but no one saw what happened before Harmonia. Harmonia felt bad for her daughter, but also looked upon Talia with great appreciation. Shee brought back Ana as a nymph, but also brought Talia back to show her appreciation. Ana's father took Ana to camp, but Talia wouldn't leave her. Talia's parents allowed her to go to camp with Ana.

Weapons: none

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