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Appearance:Teo 1

Personality:All-American teenage boy except he isn't one. He's a newborn nymph who was plopped down into Camp Half-Blood because Astrea regretted her decisions. Pretty friendly, normal, nice, but can be kind of a teaser when it comes to friends. Not that he's made any yet.


Created by Astrea as a representative and protector of the stars, Theodore came into being. Of course, having the attitude of a sixteen year old, he did not like his name. So everyone he met, he told them it was Teo and not Theodore. He made friends on Olympus with other nymphs that served their creators, but Teo was a bit of a troublemaker. He had served Astrea for five years until she had enough of him. Instead of placing him in Paris like she had originally planned, Astrea placed him into a camp full of rancorous teenagers. Luckily, this didn’t bother Teo too much. He wanted to make new friends anyway.

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