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Terrence smith

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Name: Terrence Smith

Age: 15

Godly Parent: Nemesis, Eris, Limos

Mortal Parent: Aaron Smith

Personality: Terrence is an introverted soul. He sees the world in a logical way and keeps to himself the majority of the time; like many children of Nemesis he prefers to listen and judge on facts alone rather than involve his emotions. However he can come across as abrasive and rude whenever he tries to put his opinions across. He can be reckless at times and break the rules trying to prove himself or do the right thing. After his hellhound attack, Terrence has been left with a healthy fear of hellhounds and consequently is wary of most dogs in general. He can mostly be found alone in his cabin or taking moonlit walks outside, to clear his mind after a busy day. His control over his powers is currently unstable which is common for his age and lack of training, however he is working hard to overcome it.

History: Aaron Smith wasn’t the usual type Nemesis approached. He was well balanced, mature and ran his own bookstore for several years. They met in the summer of 1997 in Manhattan, when he had just started to stock Greek mythology books. She approached him under the guise of a customer and asked him about the books. He apologized, as it was closing time and offered to meet her there the next day. Nemesis agreed, on the condition that he took her out on a date, to “repay” her for the inconvenience. They met as planned and got talking. Aaron was fascinated by the story of Prometheus, whereas Nemesis or Jessica as she called herself preferred the tale of Narcissus.

He was intrigued by the mysterious woman, and the two became fast friends. Nemesis would come and go, finding excuses to take Aaron out of his comfort zone and take him out. He was smitten and would give her a narcissus on every date. Eventually she took him to a dangerous bar where Aaron got drunk and made love to her, back at his apartment. He woke up the next morning, after the best night of his life to find that Jessica had disappeared. He could barely remember what happened. The local news station reported the disappearance of a girl who looked exactly like Jessica, a doppelganger. As it turns out, Nemesis had used her godlike abilities to become the woman of his dreams, the girl who he could have married. Aaron went into a state of extreme depression at this, worried that he could have had something to do with her disappearance. He started to drink and the bookshop fell into ruin shortly after. After three months, he awoke to the sound of crying on his front porch. The cries of a child, wrapped in a blanket and a basket. There was a hastily scrawled note tucked into the basket, and also one of the white flowers, Jessica used to wear.

The note read: “I am sorry. I cannot explain my disappearance. If I did, it would put you and our child in immediate danger. Don’t think our love was a lie. But don’t bury yourself in your own sorrows. This is our son. It is your job to look after him and let him go when the time comes- J.”

Aaron cried tears of joy. He decided to name the child after his grandfather, Terrence. It was a strong name. It would suit him well. He worked part-time as a carpenter, and made shelves for his collection of books back home. Terrence had a fairly normal upbringing for a demigod. He went to the local elementary school. He struggled with dyslexia and ADHD. Sometimes other children would tease him for not being able to read with the rest of them. Aaron tried his best to help and read him tales of Greek heroes in the past. Terrence was able to digest the information quickly, however he still felt withdrawn at school and got into a number of fights with the school bullies.

Terrence first encountered monsters in 8th grade. He had just turned 13 that month. He was on the way to school when a giant black dog tried to maul him. He freaked out and ran, accidentally throwing a burst of energy which threw the dog back onto the ground. The son of Nemesis ran all the way to his school for help, yet there was nobody who seemed to notice or care that a giant dog was on the premises. The demigod was cornered against the janitors' closet. He lifted up a broom in an attempt to try defend himself. Suddenly the broom transformed into a celestial bronze sword. Before he could process what happened, the dog burst instantaneously into dust. The janitor, “Apollo” came out. He revealed that the sword was his. He was a fairly old satyr who was there to find any demigods. Beforehand he hadn't known that Terrence was a demigod, as he seemed fairly weak, even by the standards of a minor demigod. He told the boy not to tell anyone about the incident, as Apollo was sure there were others in the area. Understandably Terrence thought he was insane and didn't mention the incident further.

It was 9th grade. Terrence was 14 and starting to become popular. He planned to go to the abandoned farm up Terrence’s road, as there had been myths and scary stories about a ghostly dog who guarded the long dead cattle. They agreed to meet at the farm that night. Aaron would not give Terrence permission to go out that late so he sneaked out his bedroom window and walked to the farm. He had a bad feeling about the place but decided to investigate nevertheless. He ran into a clear pool, where a bunch of Narcissus flowers were growing. A bunch of blurry shapes twisted and moved in the murky waters, where a bunch of telekhines were lurking, living off the fish and pondlife in the pool. Terrence was definitely the best morsel that they had seen in a while. He heard a deafening bark and saw their dog-like faces. They attempted to drag him into the water until he drowned, and travel back towards the ocean to devour him. Fortunately his cynophobia led him to run away as fast as he could. The telekhines were unable to follow im so quickly on land. Dazed and disoriented, he ran towards a pair of flashing lights in the distance. They belonged to Aaron's car. He had discovered Terrence was missing. It didn't take him too long to suss out where his son had gone. He pushed him into the car and drove back home, unknowingly saving his son's life. Terrence was quietly relieved, despite the fact that he was grounded for several weeks. He became the talk of the school, after being forced to recount tales of the ghostly dogs and how they barked. 

He decided to join the swim team at the age of 15. Terrence bulked up and went through a growth spurt. Aaron still remained ignorant of the attack and his son’s fear of dogs but the mortal was happy his son seemed to be gaining confidence and coming out of his shell. Apollo kept his distance and Terrence’s ignorance kept his scent low enough to avoid detection. The incident seemed almost like a distant memory, until one day, when the fire alarm went off when the students were due to take an English exam. The school was empty, apart from Terrence who was left alone in the hall. He was surrounded by a bunch of deadly bird creatures. They spoke for a while, about how they had finally tracked their juicy morsel down and planned to devour him. Apollo barged into the room and intercepted an attack meant for Terrence. They were impaled by a series of bolts. Terrence stood there, dumbstruck, as Apollo bled out. His half-sibling yanked the back of his neck, dragging him out of the school before any monsters in the neighborhood heard the sounds. She was dressed in her black combat leathers and packed a crossbow across her back and a long-sword in her belt. There was nothing that she could do for Apollo, whose days as an active satyr would be over for a while. Terrence was the priority. She led him to her bike and rode off towards his house.

Terrence was reluctant to believe what happened. After the ride she introduced herself as Analeese. She was a daughter of Nemesis, the Greek personification of revenge and divine retribution. She escorted him back to Aaron’s house and explained the situation. The camp had received word from the satyr that a young demigod was present at the school. She was tasked by Alexander the Great to bring him back to Camp Half Blood for his training. Her presence had alerted the harpies. Terrence was skeptical that this was the case. She threw him to the ground as proof of her abilities and then gave Terrence a small celestial bronze dagger as a backup weapon which would transform into the inanimate object of his choice as a mist form. Aaron gave Terrence his blessing and the letter from Nemesis. The two then set off, making it safely to the camp, aside from a few missed traffic lights and near-death experiences, due to her reckless driving. Terrence has been at camp for a few days. He chose to train with a celestial bronze spear and net, found in the weapons locker of the Nemesis cabin. Analeese saw potential in him and decided to take a hand in the young boy's training, out of a rare sense of duty. He is currently gaining his bearings and learning how to fight monsters.

Weapons: Terrence trains with a celestial bronze spear. The edges are barbed. He sometimes uses this in conjunction with a weighted net, similar to the fighting style of the retiarius. He relies mostly on speed and agility to get out of attacks. He also carries a small celestial bronze dagger. This appears as a smooth pebble in mist-form and can be called upon in times of need. Terrence has decided to call the dagger Fate, in reverence for his mother’s scope.


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  • Once a goddess is pregnant they leave the mortal and their pregnancies only last 3-5 months.
  • Goddesses do not give birth on Earth, they give birth on Olympus.
  • Please expand on the six year gap between being being born and being six years old.
  • When you say six years later and then nine years later, is he now nine or fifteen?
  • Since he is a child of a non-big 3 god, his first monster attack can occur between the ages of 11 and 13, no later.
  • Each year after his first monster attack he needs at least one monster attack.
  • Please keep the history in either first or third person, instead of switching between the two.

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  • Undead has my permission to use my character in his history. It would also be a pleasure to RP through this with him CherryBlossomBranch Embrace tears. They're the cheapest way to accessorise. FateScalesOfFate
  • How old exactly is seventh grade? Its age range is usually 12-13, am I correct? Kindly specify the age because if he was in the seventh grade at the age of 12, when he first encountered a monster, then you missed adding details on his monster encounter at the age of 13. It happens annually.
  • The harpies or any monster won't go for the older man even if he's a satyr. The demigod is tastier so >.< Well, unless he's really in the way, which I think he is not since you didn't mention anything.
  • You stated above that he's currently 15 but reached camp at the age of 14, am I correct? It is okay to point out if I'm mistaken. If ever I am correct, then please supply details of what happened to Terrence in that one year gap.
  • Where did he get the spear you mentioned to be his weapon of preference?
  • It's cute how you guys included the half-sibling moments. I imagine Thalia and Jason :) 
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  • Was the burst of energy accidental or did he know what he was doing? It is unclear.
  • What kind of monster was the two-headed dog?
  • How did Apollo know to come to the field? Did he just happen to be taking a stroll >.<

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