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Name: Theós Vanguard Hampton


God Parent: Hecate

Species: Demigod

Age: Immortal (Lived 16 yrs.)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Mortal Parent: Charles Michael Hampton (Father), Vince Walkers (Adoptive father)

Personality: Theós is rebellious to authority, often striking his teachers or cursing out his foster father. Having ADHD and being dyslexic, Theós tends to also be very aggressive, having served 2 years in juvinile detention for nearly beating a student to death at 11.  Thanks to the charm gifted to him by Hecate herself, Theós aggressive tendencies goes hand-and-hand with it. When Theós feels intense anger, excitement, or seriousness, his strength, speed, and durability dramatically increases due to the charm. However, when Theós feels intense sadness, despair, or silliness, his strength, speed, and durability dramatically decreases. Also, due to the charm, as long as Theós wears the charm, he won't age. Although Theós has destructive and aggressive tendencies, he holds a deep respect for women and children, refusing to hit one or even be disrespectful to one.

Although Theós was classified as an "aggressive, unreliable delinquent who endangers everything around him", he actually has a good side to him. Despite the fact that Theós did attack his teachers, he often did this because of his teachers exceptionally disrespectful comments. In reality, Theós is very quiet, yet still rebellious, and a brilliant thinker. While other children's IQ was around 100 or below, Theós held an IQ of 179, a genius level. He also spoke five different languages (English, Spainish, Latin, Greek, and Russian) fluently, and knows how to use nine different instuments (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, drums, piano, flute, trumpet, saxophone, and cello) at prodigy levels. Despite all of his genius-level accomplishments, his aggressive behavior and criminal record (3 offenses total: Age 9: One count of battery. Found guilty. Let off with a warning. Age 11: One count of attempted murder. Plead guilty. Served 2 years in juvinile detention. Age 13: Arson. One count of Vandalism. Trialed as an adult. 3-year sentence in Solitary Confinement with educational services yearly.), he was popularly considered a juvenile delinquent. Before, and after, his prison sentence, Theós enjoyed reading and playing instruments. He usually kept to himself, therefore establishing a rather mysterious aura around himself. He also has a couple of prison monikers and records he gained or broke. He is officially the Youngest Inmate in Rikers Island history, the Youngest Inmate to ever recieve the Solitary Confinement punishment in United States history, and the First Inmate to recieve a High School Diploma instead of a GED for completion of high school courses while incarcerated in United States history. He also was known as "Kid Destroyer" by inmates upon release from prison. Although he was infamous in many different states, his background was relatively unknown in Camp Half-Blood.


The Beginning

It was a cold June night inside a local bar in Brooklyn, when Charles first met Hecate. Charles wasn't as burly as he is currently back then. Before Theós was born, Charles was the lead guitarist of the best Underground rock band Brooklyn ever seen, or so Charles says. Charles was thin, and had a mohawak made of dreadlocks, a dreadhawk, if you will. Hecate was a bartender there at the time, and wore a white miniskirt, a light blue sleeveless blouse, and black stiletto heels. She wore a nametag that read "Henryetta". After talking, and a few too many drinks, Charles strangely fell in love immediately with "Henryetta". Soon, Charles took Henryetta back to his apartment to sleep with him. Upon waking up the next day, she was gone, and for the next nine months following, he searched New York far and wide for the mysterious Henryetta. Then, on a hot, stormy March 18th, Charles heard a knock on his door. Upon answering it, he saw a newborn, only a couple of hours old, and a note, laying in a basket. Charles picked up the note, and upon opening it, a golden necklace with a gold skull with glowing green eyes fell out. The note read: "To Charles; I am sorry I left you to search New York for months. Goodbyes just aren't my style. Within the basket is our beautiful son, whom I wish to be named Theós. It means God in Greek, if I recall correctly. I've also left one of my favorite charms, the Charm of Emotions. Certain emotions will increase his strength, certain emotions will decrease it. Give him this when they come for him. Send him to Long Island, New York upon giving him the charm, specifically Camp Half-Blood, a camp where he will be accepted as a son of Hecate. He should be amongst his brother and sisters, other children of Hecate. Goodbye, Charles. We shall not meet again. Sincerely, Hecate; a.k.a, your Henryetta." Charles was devastated by being abandoned by Hecate, and his sadness became so major, he quit his band. Charles, at the time, was only 18.

Growing Up

The earlier years of Theós' life was difficult. Charles became a frequent smoker and an alcoholic, spending the last of his money on cigarettes and liquor instead of food for his son or even diapers. As Theós grew older, he started noticing how no other students smelled of cigarette smoke or wore the same clothes everyday. Theós wasn't the only one who noticed this. Upon noticing Theós predicament, the school contacted Child Protective Services, and, at the age of 7, was placed up for adoption. Theós then was adopted by his father's childhood friend, Vince Walkers. Vince, unlike his friend, was a very successful and wealthy man. Charles was allowed visiting rights for his son once a month. As Theós grew up, he started despising Vince, and enjoyed his biological father's company more.

Theós also started having troubles with the law, beginning at the young age of nine. During class, the teacher started making disrespectful remarks to Theós, causing the other students to laugh. While the other students usually don't respond to this disrespectful nature of the teacher, Theós was different. Powered by the Charm of Emotions, Theós aggressively beat the teacher into submission, using only his bare hands. Theós was trialed as a child, and was let off with a warning. Vince, Theós' foster father, scolded Theós, but refused to discipline him. Charles, however, beat Theós within an inch of his life with a wooden tableleg. Strangely, this only boosted the mysterious Theós' love and respect for Charles, his biological father.

The Attacks

Theós had his first encoumter with a monster at the young age of eleven. Theós was in the bathroom washing his hands when a Giant Scorpion crawled out of a stall. Taken by surprise, Theós pathetically flicked water at it, to no prevail. The scorpion charged at Theós, two stingers coming towards his throat. Theós dodged them, and kicked the scorpion away. Theós started becoming more and more serious, causing the charm to activate, boosting Theós' strength, speed, and durability dramatically. This became obvious when the scorpion sent one of its stingers into Theós' chest, but the stinger broke. However, Theós was still flying backwards into a wall. The bathroom shook, and the lights on the ceiling fell on the scorpion, shatterimg glass all over it and killing it instantly. Theós, oblivious to the students watching, fell unconscious. Thanks to the Mist, the students saw something different than Theós. Unfortunately, what they saw was Theós attempting to kill an innocent, unarmed, unnamed kid. The school believed them, and Theós was arrested. He was charged as a child with Attempted murder, and was given two year in juvenile detention. Both Vince and Charles were angry, and watched as Theós was loaded into a bus to take him away.

The next attack happened while Theós was serving the last bit of his time in juvenile detention. Following a fight with another person, Theós was in the nurse's office when a male nurse came in. At first, that's how it seemed, but then, like a clearing of mist, Theós saw a Myrmekes in front of him, preparing to spit acid. Theós dodged the shot and grabbed a scapel. He lobbed it at the oversized ant, who screeched upon impact. It then spit acid onto Theós hand, causing it to immediately start gushing blood and bleeding profusely. Theós screamed in agony, then felt his anger rise. The Charm of Emotions activated, and Theós charged at the ant with newfound strength. Theós managed to lift the ant up above his head, which was a mistake, as the ant drove its legs into Theós' eyes. If Theós' durability wasn't increased, he would've died. However, his eyes were irritated by this manuever, causing Theós to throw the ant into a wall. Theós then grabbed a large bottle of hydrogen peroxide, stabbed a hole in it with his fingertips, and heaved it acros the room, into the stomach of the unconscious Myrmerkes, who was laying on its back. Then, Theós grabbed a match, lit it, and started a fire with the trail of hydrogen peroxide. The ant, hospital beds, bookshelf, and wall started to burst in flames. As son as this happened, a guard came to retrieve Theós. Unfortunately, due to the Mist and the flames, the guard couldn't see the ant now being burnt to ashes. However, he could see an angry-looking Theós with a hand that looked like it was burnt. The guard immediately tackled Theós and handcuffed him. He then started filling up buckets of water to try to stop the fire. Theós immediately broke out of the handcuffs and ran towards the door. He ran out of it and down the hall. Theós was staring back at the room, so he didn't notice the titanium steel doors in front of him. He smashed through them, but knocked himself out in the process. Theós was charged with arson. He was trialed as an adult and was given three years in Solitary Confinement with educational services yearly. He was assigned Rikers Island as his correctional facility. He served there, completing school there and recieving his high school diploma, since he was too young for a GED. He was released on his 16th birthday. He was released into the custody of his now sober biological father. Together, Vince and Charles told Theós about his mother. Although Charles gave Theós the charm far too early, it helped him survive so far, and thus, it was neccessary. The two explained to Theós the powers of the charm, and that his mother was the goddess of magic, Hecate. Although overwhelmed, Theós believed them and allowed them to drive him to Long Island, New York, to attend Camp Half-Blood. Charles then gave him a sword passed through the family, a Celestial Bronze gladius.

The Arrival

Theós, Vince, and Charles arrived around midnight. Immediately, Theós saw what his fathers couldn't: 4 people fighting a Laistrygonian Giant. Darting out of the parked car without warning, Theós ran up the hill towards the giant, sword out. Following his fathers' instructions, he let seriousness take over, and saw the faint red glow appear around himself, signifying the increase of his power. He was about to slash the giant's foot when it stomped its feet, causing everybody to fall down. One of the demigods, a short girl with red hair looked at Theós. "What're you doin', kid? Get outta here, 'fore ya die!!" the girl said with a Southern accent. Immediately, the giant turned around. "Hahaha! More delicious food for me! Who are you!" the giant smiled, slamming its fist inti Theós. Theós dodged, and ran at it, only to get knocked backwards. The other demigods tried the same, but were stepped on and killed. Theós stood up, blood trickling from his mouth. The giant picked a boulder up and heaved it towards Theós. Theós dodged easily, but then realized who was behind him: his fathers' car. Theós dashed forward at lightning speed. At first, he thoughthe could reach the boulder in time. But then he felt it creep in....despair. He remembered how his biological father said that if he feels despair, sadness, or silliness, his strength, speed, and durability would dramatically decrease immediately. Suddenly, Theós felt himself move exceptionally slow, slower than ever before. His red aura was replaced by a blue one, and Theós watched helplessly as the boulder collided with the car, causing it to explode immediately. The giant stopped smiling. "Whoops. Meant to kill puny demigod. Didn't mean to kill puny, worthless humans." it said, then shrugged as it brought its foot down on Theós. Suddenly, a burst of pure, demonic hatred poured through Theós. As his strength, speed, and durability dramatically increased, Theós slashed the giant's foot off. It went flying into a tree, knocking it down. As the giant started sobbing and whining, Theós involuntarily charged a exceptionally large blast in his blade.... and shot it at the giant's head. The giant was decapitated, and fell into the grass. Confused about what happened, Theós looked above him and saw it: the symbol of Hecate. And right then and there, as he got claimed by his god mother, Theós passed out.

Weapons: Charm of Emotions; CB Gladius


Hallo there!

  • Regarding the model, Lucky Blue Smith is currently under permanent reservation by JayeMalik'. Please ask her for permission if you want the model shared.
  • Why was he given such a charm by Hecate? Other kids of hers don't have something as special as that, so why?

That's just all, and my second point's the only thing I'm worried about haha see you! :D

Pleasure to meet you! I'm Summer June. B L I M E Y.My studio!

  • I'm soo sorry!!!:( I had no clue my character model belonged to anybody else. I'll change it immediately!
  • As for the charm, while other children of Hecate might not have charms from Hecate, many demigods recieve weapons from their god parents. Since Hecate is the goddess of magic, I didn't see Hecate giving her children physical weapons, but magical tools, thats all.
  • Anyways, I severely appreciate the feedback and look forward to perhaps roleplaying with you in the future. Thx so much!!!:)

Ajacopia1 (talk) 11:02, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

Haha it's ok it's ok. But one last thing: what are the limits of his powers with the charm? Since it's his strength and speed, does it include heightening his abilities as Hecate's child? 

And yes, I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you! :D (Once theos gets claimed c; )

Pleasure to meet you! I'm Summer June. B L I M E Y.My studio!

  • To answer your quiestion, there are many limits. While the charm connects to its user's emotions, positive emotions cause the boosting of his strength, speed, and durability, and negative emotions decrease them. The Charm of Emotions has no powers over the user's magical prowess. While such a weapon or tool like that would be cool.....It would also be godmodding, don't ya think? It also slowly drains energy from my character the longer he uses the charm.
  • In conclusion, the charm basically doubles, triples, or quadruples the user's strength, speed, and durability dramatically, but still not strong enough to fully restore health or even block all abilities used against them. That would make it an established cheat, then. For example, a fatal attack in a RP used against my character wouldn't just be blocked, but some damage would still hit my character, you know what I'm saying? With the several precautions taken by myself, the charm isn't able to be used as a OP weapon!!:) Any more questions:)?

Ajacopia1 (talk) 12:41, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

Wonderful! Well, as long as it only affects his mortal aspects, then that'd be fine. Congrats! :D

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