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Name: Thea Lee

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Lilly Lee

God Parent: Hades, Zeus, Poseidon

Species: Demigod

Age: 16

Personality: While Thea is generally shown as compassionate towards anyone in trouble, she's also a vulnerable, stubborn and very short-tempered girl. She frequently becomes angry and jealous. Despite her temper, she has a more prominent gentle side. She has come to the aid of her rivals, even consistently feeling compassion towards or helping people who try to make her life miserable. So in summary she is a short-tempered, compassionate girl.

Weapons: A Golden Samurai Sword

Model: Shampoo From Ranma 1/2


Lilly Lee was a asian daughter of Aphrodite and worked in a medical clinic. She was one of the top doctors and everyone asked to meet the famous Lilly Lee. One day, the clinic hired a new doctor name Lance for one of the sections since the other doctor moved to Maine, in the US. Lilly and Lance eventually became best friends. They would talk, hang out, and sometimes flirted with each other a bit. That’s when Lilly and Lance finally fell in love (*Squee*). Everyone at the clinic knew they were just, meant to be. They acted like the happiest people together, you could see it in their eyes. That’s when one day, they finally did it, if you know what I mean. About 1-3 weeks later, Lilly’s period was late. They thought it was nothing and sometimes when she stressed, her period came a little wait. The next week, it didn’t come still. She grew worried as this never had happened THIS long. She went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant. She told Lance the good news and they were overjoyed. They went to baby stores and even went to Macy’s for new stuff for their child. They decided to name the baby, if she were a girl, Thea. If it was a boy, Noel. Lilly was hoping especially for the little baby girl she never had. A few weeks from when the baby was born, Lance disappeared. All the she heard from him was that he went to Vermont, for his sister was had cancer and died in the plane crash going there. Lilly became sad without Lance, lonely you could say. But two days before the baby was born, she got a letter from Lance. It Said, Dear Lilly, I’m not who you think I am. I am Hades, God Of The Underworld. You probably know me considering you read Greek Mythology and your a daughter of Aphrodite. But anyway, just remember I still love you no matter what. I have to do my work up in the Underworld as my nymphs needed a bit One day, as you know this, Thea has to go to camp. Camp Half Blood. I really do hope you forgive me for this pain that you have had missing me. Hades (Lance) When she saw the letter, she smiled to herself, forgiving him. She was happy that he was actually alive but still wished to care for someone again and still missed him dearly. When she gave birth to her only female child, it was like she could care for someone again, love someone again, and thus this began the story of Thea Lee.

Thea’s Childhood Thea was quite popular in school, loved for her sweet personality (Of course only when she’s not angry at you) and became the friends with people that seemed unlike her personality or people lonely at lunch/recess. When she was 8, she started taking tons of karate lessons and after 3 years, she got her black belt which is surprisingly fast and quick for someone her age. She basically became a prodigy and was one of the best black belts in the class. She also became the best friend of Rei Yamasaki, a daughter of Circe (who becomes a member of the Broken Covenant later on). Rei was quite a sensitive girl who had trouble in school because a lot of kids bullied and teased her since she was such an easy person to pick on. Rei then thought of suicide because of the bullying but then Thea said that she shouldn’t kill herself because there were other opportunities out there for her and other people to meet. Knowing she was right, Rei stopped thinking about suicide and kept moving forward but she really didn’t want to go back to school so Rei went back to home school. They stayed very good friends even though Rei went to home school and they couldn’t see each other that often. Thea’s Monster Attacks/Finding out she’s a demigod When Thea turned age 11, she had her very first monster attack. She was walking in their wide backyard one day and a giant scorpion came out of nowhere which tried to attacked her. Her mother heard her shouting and immediately came running towards her to help defend her child. She took off her ring and it morphed into a celestial bronze sword. Since she was been in camp for quite sometime when she was young, she had a great experience with monsters and even knows how to fight them by herself. Her mother then first flipped it over, being used to doing gymnastics. She then tried to trip it with the sword and cut it’s leg. The hellhound grew annoyed and pounced on her, giving her a few scratches on her stomach, arms, and knees. She suddenly got a felt a rush to just kill the hellhound already and sliced it’s legs making it whine and howl from the pain. As it forgot what it was doing momentarily, she killed the hellhound making it burst into a bunch of golden sparkles. Her mom knew she had to tell Thea, what she was of course. Of course, Thea didn’t believe at first and even tried to deny it! Thea then finally understood what she was, and stopped denying it. She was a demigod and she couldn’t change that. Her mother held back on going to camp and was going to save that for later because she wanted Thea with her as long as she could be with her. Her mother gave Thea her lucky ring. “My first weapon given to me by my mother. I have my golden watch that transforms into a Celestial bronze whip or a shield depending on what I click.”, her mother stated it as. Her mother told her all about Celestial Bronze and how it was the main metal used to make weapons to then kill monsters with. Her mother told her all of the types of weapons and Gods and Goddesses. At age 12, she was with her mom coming out of the martial arts dojo (her training place for karate). They were going to get some shrimp, rice, and broccoli at their favorite chinese place, China King. She then saw a Stymphalian Bird . The Stymphalian Bird tried to pounce at Thea but Lilly was quick. Lilly ran over before the bird's claws got on Thea and held her shield out. Thea was being trained by her mom so she knew how to fight. Thea ran under the shield as her mother was holding it back and cut off one of it’s wing. The Stymphalian Bird then started trying to walk with one wing was fluttering like a little injured bird. Her mom then sliced off it’s neck at the same time Thea sliced off it’s other wing. It poofed into golden sparkles, as it disintegrated. After that monster attack, they started doing the training at least every weekend. At age 13, Thea had her next monster attack, but this time, it was with her best friend Rei. They were walking back to Thea’s house because earlier that day, they went to a park. When they were just around the corner, Rei got attacked by a hellhound. On her instinct, Thea took out her mother’s ring and morphed it into it’s sword form. She then ran in front of Rei to protect her from the hellhound and attacked at it. Since she was trained by her mother every weekend, she had some decent knowledge on how to disintegrate a monster. Which was what she did after the hellhound took 4 slashes from Thea’s celestial bronze sword. Rei was in too much shock and fainted right on the spot. Thea ran back to her home and called her mother so they could carry Rei back to the house and explain to her who she was. When Rei woke up, Thea and Lilly told her that she was some sort of demigod. So for that whole year, all Rei was trying to put together was how on earth she was half-god/titan. Thea's mother was a demigod like them as well told Rei that she was like her as well. She gave Rei a necklace that can morph into fighting fans that Rei can use to protect herself from monsters. (Lilly got that particular weapon from a friend who was a daughter of Hephaestus) Since they knew Rei was a demigod, Thea and her mother started training her so Rei can protect herself when Thea isn't around her. But after Rei became a better fighter, they stopped training her and told her that they won’t be there by her side forever.

When Thea turned 14, she and Rei stopped having contact with each other because Lilly decided to let her daughter go to camp for at least a year to get a feel of what it’s like to be in camp. So in that year, Thea did not have a monster attack and she had a better environment to train in and her fighting got better as well.

When Thea turned 15, she went back home because she started missing her mother. But when they got back home, a fire-breathing horse attacked them once Thea stepped out of the car. Lucky for Thea, her mother happened to have her celestial bronze whip with her and together, they disintegrated the fire-breathing horse in no time.

By the time Thea was 16, Thea saw a empousai. Although she was still learning how to fight better, she didn’t know what to do. She never met this type of monster and was freaked out of her mind. She then ran out and used her ring to turn it into a sword to slash it right in the heart. She got some of it’s chest but didn’t get exactly the heart. The empousa kicked her, making her trip but while the empousai was in pain, she went and hit right in the heart. She then ran home to her mom scared out of her life. Her mom realized that she couldn’t keep her in with her forever or she would probably die, especially without the comfort of camp. Lilly then said, “I guess we’re going back to camp.”

They then drove to camp not seeing any monsters on the way. Thea was then about to go through the door but hugged her mother, tears on her face. Once they said their goodbyes, Thea gained up the courage, and went through the camp entrance.



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