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Thomas Shelby





Mortal Parent:

Courtney Shelby


He is a reasonably tall man around 6' and isn't too heavy, more on the muscular side. His hair is a dark brown color with the sides and back shaved, but long on the top. He has shockingly blue eyes and mostly wears clothes from the era he lived in originally, wearing peek hats usually with suits and such.


He has a very multi-layered personality and usually trusts no one. He is very open to friends though.


It was a bright sunny day in Bray, Ireland. A man named Courtney was walking down the street with a few friends going to the local pub, the Orderly Pub. It derived its nickname as it was once the local courthouse but since then has been replaced. The small group of men soon found their way to the pub and entered. Ordering a few pints of Guinness and sat in one of the back corner booths. As the day went on they got more and more intoxicated and as the day went on the men left one by one, having to go to their wives and families back home. But, left all alone, was poor old Courtney. Getting into his thirties as a successful accountant he was going places, looking to even buy a place in Dublin.Soon it was almost closing time for the local pub and Courtney was the only one left in the bar besides the barmaid, a girl named Clair. Clair had been paying attention to the large handsome man all night and began to get slightly worried for his safety. Thus, she walked him home that night. As they stumbled to his house, he opened the door and turned around to talk to Clair but she was gone. He shrugged it off and went inside, passing out on his couch.

Upon awakening the following morning he found that in his shirt-pocket was a crumpled up napkin with writing on it. "Come back to the pub from 5-9, I'm working." So, after his work day he decided to go. Upon coming back he saw the beautiful woman he had barely noticed the night before, waving him over to the bar she began talking to him. All through the night they talked about their interests, she was a barmaid studying to be in law while he discussed his future plans. She admitted that she was impressed by him and they began to date. After around a month they decided to speed things up and once Courtney moved to Dublin, she'd come with him and go to law school. Though plans changed when soon she said she was pregnant. This was of course a shock to Courtney, but being the man he was and as loyal as he was. He decided to stay with her. Though the same couldn't be said for Clair, as after only a few months had passed the baby arrived and Clair disappeared. After almost a week of raising the newborn on his own, Clair appeared once again, but this time she seemed different, giving off a certain kind of god-like energy. She sat Courtney down and confessed that she was actually Themis and was a Titan. Courtney of course didn't believe her until she demonstrated that she could change laws of reality. She through a pillow into the air, and through changing the laws of reality, temporarily was able to make the pillow float for a few moments. After that, Courtney was all ears.

She explained that this child was going to have to grow up, not knowing his mother until the time was right to explain everything to him. Courtney agreed and Themis gave him a package that she said shouldn't be opened until the child was at the age of 12. Courtney nodded and with that Themis gave him one last parting hug and kiss and said her goodbyes. After a few years, the child was 5. He was growing up fine in a wonderful house in a great neighborhood right outside of Dublin. His dad had come to own his own accounting business and everything was great. Until soon after Courtney got a deal with a big time Gangster. Everything was still fine, except soon as the child grew he began to become enveloped with the world of crime. Courtney had moved to a very wealthy apartment complex and they lived on one of the upper floors in a very large apartment. Soon Thomas had begun to be a messenger for the criminals, carrying letters and such. After the age of 12 Thomas had his first encounter with the other-worldly creatures. One day, when going down a back street to reach a small apartment being used as a hideout for a asset of the Gangster he ran into a pack of Myrmekes. The giant ants were quick and began to chase him after seeing him. He sprinted as far as he could and turned out of the alleyway down main street, hoping the someone would see the ants and help him. But to no avail people simply saw a kid running down the street. Luckily he found a man hole that was open. He jumped down into the sewer tunnel and the ants in frustration spit acid down, luckily missing him. He walked around a block or two down while still in the sewer and sat down, thinking. Having studied at a rather well-established school he had learned plenty about animals and their sense of smell. Thinking of these animals as super powerful ants he guessed their sense of smell was super strong, thus he decided it best to jump into the sewage to cover his smell, though this didn't really do as much as he thought it would for him and the ants were able to track him from above ground for a while until he passed through a very bad part of town notorious for gangsters, his scent being masked by their's they lost him and he was able to make it through the ordeal.

Eventually getting back home, he ran into his father whom after being talked to, knew it was time. He took out the package and opened it. It was a small box around 12x12 inches big. After opening it, Thomas and Courtney found the box contained a map as well as brass knuckles and a small knife. Soon they were on the plane to New York and not a moment too soon. Soon they were at the front gate of Camp. Courtney had explained everything he felt Thomas had to know and soon left. Thomas spent the next 6 years at camp, honing his skills in combat as well as making friends and connections. Once he reached the age of 18, he felt his time there was done. War had just began and he wanted to be on the front-lines, being so naive and inexperienced, he thought it could be exciting. Joining the British military in 1915 he began his training for World War One. After a few months he was sent out. And after a grueling 3 years of hardships and battles he came home a scarred and changed man. Coming back to Dublin he felt lost and bored. He decided that a change had to be made, all these old places brought back terrible memories, not even seeing his father he left for England, specifically Birmingham. There he began to fit in a bit more with the common criminals of the area.

After just a few years he had already started up his own gang, the Shelby gang. Running out of an old factory and trading harbor, they made steel beams and other material for construction as a cover up, while in the background they set up illegal and pre-determined horse races for the derby as well as just generally stole cargo from the ships and made quick sells. Within these few years he had also made a very close friend, Castien. Castien was an interesting boy, the same age as Thomas but even more naive. The war had changed Thomas for the worse, having constant nightmares and using an opiate to help himself fall asleep at night, only to wake up in cold-sweats. He was easily able to hide these things though and keep his tough looking exterior, except to Castien. He was with Thomas every day for the larger part of the day, even living in the same apartments right next to the factory as Thomas. They grew to be best friends and Thomas was planning on showing him the ropes of the business, to help his friend achieve the life he felt he deserved. But that all changed one night when someone rushed to the Pub Thomas was drinking at.

The factory's warehouse was on fire, all his supplies and most of his amassed fortune and wealth was in there as well. He sprinted with everyone to the factory's warehouse and attempted to help battle the flames, but a massive amount of weaponry was stored in there and soon an explosion went off. The explosion threw everyone to the ground and after a few seconds Tommy looked up. He saw a dark figure and it wasn't till his eyes adjusted and his ears stopped ringing that he saw him, Castien. Castien had set it all up from the beginning. Castien then began to walk towards him with a pistol pointed at him and shot him in the face. Not immediately killing him it went through his jaw and hit his throat. It was able to miss all vital organs as well as all vital veins and arteries, only hitting bone and muscle tissue. Castien then ran off before back up came in, as he did Thomas just laid there, watching his warehouse burn, small explosions going off every now-and-again. Soon it all went black.

Thomas then awakened, strangely with bandages on his neck and cheek, he was in the same spot as before, the smoldering wreckage laying in front of him, and there was a beautiful woman in that wreckage. She presented herself as Nemesis, the Goddess of Revenge, and told him what actually happened. How Castien was a Lampade all along and was working for Hecate to destroy Tommy, as he had killed one of her accidentally in a shoot out. Thomas grew very angry and demanded Nemesis give him the chance to get revenge on Castien and Hecate. Nemesis agreed but as long as he worked for her. Thomas agreed, and began doing so, but over the years grew more and more detached from her, fearing she might lose control Nemesis has now pulled him to camp so that she might better understand Thomas and stop him from being so disruptive. So far it's worked as he has only come a few days ago and nothing has been happening.


He uses a Celestial Bronze Sword and brass knuckles. He also carries around an old gun though it isn't able to be used as it's broken and thus isn't actually a weapon

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First claim in forever, eh, Raid? xD Still has a few kinks to work out~

  • The sewage thing sounds a tad iffy to me, but that might be me being nitpicky.
  • Thomas was shot by Castien, and through the jaw into the throat? How was he still alive when Nemesis came? I would assume that's he'd have bled to death by then. Unless Nemesis purposely kept him alive to offer him a chance at rebirth?

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Omnia=Bae now :P but here let me explain.

  1. The sewage has worked in the past but I can try something else if you'd prefer
  2. I can describe in more detail how it didn't hit any vital organs or any kind of large blood artery if you'd like, that would make him bleed out much slower. Also, he woke up after he was transformed, so she got there quickly and saved him, I can explain that more if you'd like :P
  3. I can just describe him :P
  4. Sure when I get back

Tumblr mew04jhcnv1qg2e7xo1 500.jpgHe is the Royal Protector and Slaughterer ~Raid~6xcHU.jpg

  1. Editorial Note: If you read Percy Jackson, the scent isn't described as a physical smell. Rather it is a curse put on all demigods, which allows monsters to track them. Covering up in sewage wouldn't do anything to hide his scent. It can be hidden if the demigod is in a more remote location, or if they are surrounded by shady/bad people (think Gabe Ugliano)
  2. Themis would not stay for the whole 9 months. Normally they leave straight after the baby is born. A goddesses' pregnancy normally lasts for 1-3 months, as far as most claims go. Sorry if this seems nitpicky.

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  1. Themis stayed now for only 3 months ✓
  2. Scent fixed, he just thought it would cover his scent but it was really his ability to go through a bad neighborhood in town while in the sewers that masked his scent ✓


  1. Fixed the sewage thing :P ✓
  2. Fixed the shooting and surviving part by being more detailed about it :P ✓
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