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Name: Tim Tomson

Gender: Male

God Parent: Demeter

Mortal Parent: Richard Tomson

Tim Tomson

Personality: Tim is a very calm and quiet person. He likes to spend time alone and not talk to anyone. He's not rude though, if you manage to strike up a conversation with him, he'll talk quite a bit.

History: Richard was having a good day considring the conditions. He was out in the fields, collecting crops from the farm on a scorching hot summer day. Richard was humming a tune and actually enjoying his work a little. Then it happened. After pulling up a root, the crack where it was glowed fiercely in a golden light. Richard backed up with a startled look on his face as the goddess of the harvest shimmered to life. The goddess laughed at Richard's face, and explained to him who she was. After Richard settled down, he found the great goddess to be very like able, and sooner or later, they had a child. Demeter gave the unfortunate news of how she couldn't stay forever, but Richard was fine. He had had the greatest weeks of his life, and his child would be a reminder of that forever. 

Tim grew up on his father's farm. It was a big farm, but Tim learned his way around it almost immediately, knowing just when to pick the vegetables and when the fruits were ripest. His father was always impressed, and with all the perfect food, Tim made it into a decent school, where he made his only friend, Zack Hunter. Unfortunately though, Tim doubts he was even remembered by his friend. Once Zack mysteriously dissapeared, Tim was alone. Living on the farm was the only good thing left in his life. He only had 2 outifts of clothing. Those were his black t-shirt with a blue hoodie and jeans, Or his dark blue shirt with a yellow out line and a black dragon in the middle. With jeans. By 11 years old, Tim's life got worse than it already was. He was taking the long walk home back to the farm, sense his dad couldn't afford a car. He could see the big red house in the distance. Then he heard it. The giant black beast leaped into the clearing before Tim. Tim was startled, he'd never seen anything like it before, one thing was for sure though, it wasnt friendly. The giant dog creature leaped at him, and Tim rolled underneath. He didnt know why he knew to do that, but it didnt matter, he turned to look at the monster, but it wasn't on the ground. It was strangled with vines and plants, and trying to break free. Tim took the opportunity and took out Celestial bronze spike he'd found digging spaces in the farm. He stabbed the creature with all his might, and the vines released. The creature fell to the ground, and all he saw were the shadows slowly going back to normal. Tim was glad to be alive, and that the beast didn't put up a full fight. This wasn't the only time it happened though, it became more and more frequent as he grew older. 

Once Tim was around 14 years old, he had had enough. The monsters kept coming, almost twice a month. Tim knew he couldn't do this forever. So him and his dad agreed that he needed to be kept safe. Tim had known it would break his father's heart to see him go, but Tim wouldn't let himself get his dad in danger. Something else that made Tim unnerved was his strange abilities. He would be in the tomato part of his farm, and suddenly appear in the wheat section. Which startled him a lot. Or another time, when he would be climbing the trees across the street from the farm, and the vines would appear to be helping him make his ascent into the trees. Tim knew this was obviously not normal, so his dad moved to the safest option. Tim had to go to camp. They had to walk, of course, but sometimes Tim would stand near a giant tree and suddeny be almost half a mile from where they previously were. Richard was astonished, but proud. Finally they made it atop a hill over looking a giant camp. Richard gave quite a long speech about how he'd miss Tim and how he made his father proud. But finally Richard let him go. Tim walked down hill into camp, and as if to prove this camp was special, Tim saw something crazy. Zack, sitting on a bench, juggling fireballs. 

Weapons: Prefers a staff with a celestial bronze spike on either side. 

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