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Name: Timothy Andal


Age: 14

God Parent: Persephone  Hecate, Demeter

Mortal Parent: Arnel



Tim is a nerd who wears glass and likes to be alone at his house reading books. He likes to help others even if he is in the rough end of the bargain. He is a family man and even if he is considerably weak, he has some fire and passion to surely kick some ass to whoever mess with the people he loves


Tim does not know the true story of how his father met his mom. Arnel, Tim's father, told him a story once when he was younger, some story of how they met. But he is not sure of the reliability of his father’ if it was a lie or not.

The story starts one summer afternoon in the Philippines, when Persephone was talking a stroll around for something interesting. She has other reasons to be there. Apparently, one of her hell hound pet escaped from her realm in the underworld. She could have just order her children to do this little errand, but Persephone thought that she could visit the mortal world, for she was bored at the land of the dead.

She then saw her pet with a mortal named Arnel. The Goddess was amazed that the mortal was not harm by the hound. She then come closer to the two, the hound then identify the presence of her master and shake in terror, for it did escaped. The man saw the goddess and asked “Is this your dog?” Persephone replied with a yes. On the man’s eyes, he can’t see the hell hound true form, to him; it just looks like an enormous dog. They talk for a whileAfter that Persephone put the hound back in the underworld.

Tim likes to add the fallowing events to the story right after his parents met. They love each other and the love made way for this awesome demigod to be born .After being born the goddess left her son 

Tim does not really know what happen to his parents after they met, though how they met is still questionable so really, what does he know about them? The kid does not know if they were together at the time of the mother’s pregnancy or if the woman just gave the born child to his father. But what he does know is that Persephone announces that she was a Goddess the last time she and his father met.

After 3 years, his father got married by an American actress whom he met after Persephone left. They lived in L.A since Tim was 6 years of age. The couple has 2 kids now, which is Tim's half brother.

Tim’s childhood was tough, having no real mother. Living in the gate way of hell where monster could just go out and eat him to pieces, thank goodness that the first time he got attacked by some monster, a Cyclopes to be exact, when he was 11 years old. A powerful demigod, whom he does not know the identity of, saved him from the said Cyclops. He said that Tim might be a demigod and recommended camp half blood for him. Tim saw that demigod again when he first went to camp-half blood. Which he then know the name was Calvin, a son of Zeus. He then give a celestial bronze sword seeing that he has no weapons, he need something to fight monster off, and the sword can do that. Tim was afraid to grab the sword, knowing what might happen if he does. But Calvin said if he did not take it he will die for not every time there will be a demigod to save him.After that incident, Tim convince himself that it did not happen. He still kept the sword. Calvin tried to take Tim to camp but Tim was hesitant and said no.

Her stepmother's acting business did not really affect his growth considering the name she is giving to her self. Paparazzi's did not really bother him that much. Good thing this is not a Cinderella story that the step-mom tortured him with evilness, but instead, Mrs. Andal nourished and loved Tim like he was her own. But still Tim wonders what it’s like to have his biological mom with him.

Then he asked who her mom was to his father explaining the attacks of the monster and his father just told him the story of how they met reviling that his mom is  Persephone . He then gave the rings to the demigod. He said it was given to him by his mom and Arnel just didn't give him for it may bring harm to him, but after the attack, he just believed that it can protect him from danger just like what the goddess told him the day they parted ways. As time pass by the kid learned to fight using the weapons listed below, meeting some half-blood and a satyr ,who was on a mission by the way, who told him some vital information about camp-half-blood like its location. The group tried to convince Tim to go to camp. Tim was stubborn for he said he did not want to go. He said he does not need it. The group wanted to took the matters into the father but Arnel had some business, and he was out for 2 weeks. They can’t tell it to the Mrs. Andal for she does not know anything and Tim does not want to let the step-mom to be in this half-blood business. After that the group said that he is welcome to the camp anytime he wants to go there.

Years passed and Tim received some attacks with some monster. Like this one time when he was 12 years old, he was walking in a parking lot, when suddenly 2 harpies approach him and tried to kill or eat him, but Tim was able to hold them of using his weapons (listed below). The rings protected him and the celestial bronze sword is what he uses to fight them. Although he was not able to turn them to dust back to the underworld, he was successful on making them fled. This other time, age 13, he got attacked by 2 centaurs, who almost chop their necked of. Using his brain, he was able to fool the wild centaurs by asking them who was a better half-man half-horse creature. Good thing the monsters were not on the bright side of their clan and were completely fooled and killed each other to dust. Tim's dad saw this incident  infered that his son was not safe.

At first, his Dad was not a fan of sending his son at camp, but after some deliberation, one summer, he went to the camp that the demigod told him years ago. His father, who now knew the faith of the child, wanted to make sure that his 14 year-old son can protect himself. The dad realizes that Tim must learn the ties of being a half-blood, so he quickly grew that idea. There were not attack by some monster on their way to the camp which was a bit of relieve for the father and son duo, and now, at camp Tim is just waiting for any signs of him being claimed by his mother.


  • A pair of rings left by his mom before living him that protects him on the attacks during his childhood, one made out of silver the other one made of gold.
  • a celestial bronze sword, given by the unknown demigod that saved Tim from his first monster attack.

"Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it." ~Reone~


  1. please elaborate more on appearance or find a model here. plus appearance doesn't go under personality.
  2. The Hecate cabin is full. Do you want this on hold until the hecate cabin opens, or do you want to go with your next god choice?
  3. wait... how can Arnel see Hecate killing of the hellhounds? The whole scene would have been covered by the Mist. Also, she would have been a different person and not herself
  4. please change the fact that he got attacked by a cyclopes at age 10. cyclopes are some what hard to kill and they need at least two demigods to kill it. please also change the age. 10 is very young for a demigod to get a monster attack. for somebody who isn't the big three, monster attacks usually starts around at age 13

this is all that i see wrong right now but there could be more things you might need to change.

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Give more details about the monster attacks towards the end of the history.

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Okay soo hmmm.....

  1. Why is Hecate attacked by the seven hellhounds? There must be a reason cause hellhounds are creatures of the underworld (Cereberus is one) and Hecate does live in the Underworld so I'm pretty sure there must be a good reason for those monsters to attack her since they live in the same realm and it's very unlikely if they just go and attack her without any rational reason to follow.
  2. Even if the hellhound see the mortal, it wouldn't attack him cause hellhounds, like all other monsters, are only interested in demigods. They will only attack mortals if they are hindering them from the demigod prey they like and based on your story, there's no other reason for the monster to lunge on the mortal.
  3. Who is the demigod that saved him from the Cyclops? At least tell us his whereabouts and where he went after saving Tim.
  4. If he was found by a satyr and a demigod who are on the quest, it is actually their duty to see to it that the child gets to camp, even if they have other important things to do. The safety of the demigod is what matters so basically, they'll most likely try to convince the father to send the child to camp right there and right now.
  5. Also, where did he get his weapons? I mean did his father give the rings given by Hecate? And when.
  6. Also, rings couldn't just protect him, they are NOT weapons. I mean maybe it could transform into something but just a ring warding off monster attacks and being able to kill them with it is OP and not realistic even in the demigod world.
  7. Please be guided that monsters can only disintegrate to dust if they get cut or impaled or severed by a Celestial Bronze material.
  8. Seeing as he didn't get any formal fighting training from anyone (nothing was notified), I find it highly unlikely that he was able to fend off that much of monsters with just rings that can't technically kill.
  9. Hecate's Cabin is currently full and is showing no signs of opening up any spot really soon so if this doesn't work, your character will be claimed by the second choice god parent you listed (there is a reason why we ask for three you know in case of situations like this.)

Please fix all the aforementioned issues and you shall have your character claimed accordingly. Have a nice day.
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Hecate is full, would you like this to either be claimed under Persephone or but put on hold until Hecate opens? ApricotI’m like a bright good looking wild apricot. Can’t you see?  ~Sophie 

I think I'll just go with Persephone.

"Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it." ~Reone~

"Tim saw that demigod again when he first went to camp-half blood." When did he first go to CHB? 

And how old was he when he got to camp? 


Explain the apperance a bit more? Or just add a pic.

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Zero Kiryuu is already in use. You can either contact User:Shisaac on whether you can share the model, or change the model entirely. In the second paragraph, it makes a mention of Persephone but then it suddenly changes to Hecate. Kindly change this, seeing as Hecate's Cabin is currently full and your character will most likely end up with Persephone for a godparent. Kindly add a bit more to his early childhood. Being known as a child of an actress, how did he deal with the popularity and/or the paparazzi? Centaurs are usually peaceful creatures and are not likely to attack demigods. I'd suggest changing the monsters in that attack or remove the attack altogether. 

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Put Peresephone first because thats the one in the claim. Why did Tim not freak or anything when he got the CB sword? Add more attacks please. And like what Demi said, how did he deal with the popularity?

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I feel that for a first attack it should be around 11-13. It's a bit early for a child of Persephone.

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Wait, if the claim is for Persephone, change the part where his father says that his mother is Persephone rather than Hecate. Also could you please write the following stories into a paragraph? Thank you!

Stay gorgeous,  Stay you.  - Kane Result-50 

Please detail the monster attacks and add more ages throughout the history. Also, you cannot have a dagger as a main weapon. I'd suggest changing it to a sword or spear or something :)

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How did they get two children.

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Why would Hecate put the dog back while Persephone was talking to Timothy?There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

That was a typo, it was Persephone who did that, not Hecate .

BossL 25 (talk)

How did her father know that his mother was Persephone? There is no mention of that. Stay gorgeous,  Stay you.  - Kane Result-50 

It is on the fifth paragraph last sentence of the history... Persephone announces that she was a Goddess the last time she and his father met. BossL 25 (talk)~~

Why didn't Calvin just take Tim to camp?There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

Wouldn't it be better if Calvin did take Tim to camp? Afterall, he did care about his safety to even give hima sword. Why was Calvin hesitant? Why did he say no? Didn't he want Tim to be safe?There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

Tim was the one to said no.

BossL 25 (talk) 05:36, May 22, 2014 (UTC)

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