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Name: Timothy Zhou

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hermes, Hades, or Limos

Species: Demigod

Mortal Parent: Hanna Zhou



Skiinny shit

Personality: standoffish, tends to look perpetually bored, emotes mostly internally, mischievous, smart alec, likes to play pranks, has a tendency to steal absentmindedly, not one for physical contact

History: Hanna Zhou was a kind, firm third-grade teacher with an interest in traveling and sightseeing. So, during the summer break, she decided to go on a road trip across the USA. While in a coffee shop, taking a pit stop after driving for three hours, she took a seat at the counter near the cash register. In the next seat over was a man who looked a bit world-weary and in need of company. Glancing over at the man, Hanna ordered two coffees, one for herself, and one for the tired guy. Then, she started up a conversation about the weather, just a friendly, meandering conversation. By the time the two looked up, the diner was closing. She offered split the cost of a room for the nearest hotel and the man agreed. This was the start of a romance between mortal and god.

The two decided to travel together for the remainder of the summer, and eventually fell in love. Towards the end of their journey together, the man revealed he lived very close to where she did (not that the god really lived anywhere). This let them continue their committed relationship, close together. However, when Hanna had to take a pregnancy leave from school, her husband, though they never officially married, left suddenly on a 'business trip', leaving behind a large amount of money and a promise to visit when he could. Nine months later, into the world, sounded the shrieks of a freshly born baby.

Timothy Zhou had a moderately good early childhood if at times odd. Though his mother seemed distantly sad often, she did her best as a mother. She took a leave of absence for about a year and a half, using the money her husband had left them, to care for him. After that, she returned to school to continue teaching. However, because Hanna was always busy with teaching, Tim had many babysitters from ages 2-7. His babysitters were normal, they cared for him in the allotted time they were paid and performed all the necessary babysitter duties, though Tim's wondering fingers often resulted in missing property, which resulted in a good amount of them resigning. The resigning was usually also due to the fact Timothy was a fussy baby and toddler, who fussed even louder when touched. Later, he began to get a hang of pranking people causing all of his babysitters, at one point or another, to be doused with water when opening an ajar door or perhaps be shocked when shaking Tim's hand. They also learned not to drink anything with a straw around him, for fear of drinking some packeted condiment. By age 8, he had had more than 23 babysitters, and his latest babysitter had quit. So, it was at this time, his mom, exasperated, decided he was smart enough to stay home alone. Timothy and his mom had a good relationship though sometimes she hugged him too hard and his wit was a bit too sharp.

It was also at the age of 8 that Timothy had his first monster encounter. While walking home one day, a particularly large dog started sniffing on the sidewalk opposite to the one he was walking on. For some reason, the dog made time feel like it was slowing down and spikes of adrenaline prickled his nerves. Fear gripped his heart, and he made his presence as small as possible and slinked in the shadows of fences as quiet as possible. The dog stopped sniffing after a while, but just in case, Tim stuck to the safety of the shadows.

At school, Tim had had one friend since about age 10, a year after the dog incident. Previously, he hadn't had any friends period. Sure, he knew the names of most of his classmates and people laughed at his pranks, however his pranks also made him disliked, as well as his habit of taking small things like pencils and erasers, his seeming inattention to everything, and his prickly demeanor. It was a wonder he hadn't been kicked out of his school several times over, but his mom was very persuasive and she had some pull in the school district. His singular friend was one Amanda Terran, a girl with an odd job to her walk and a bleating quality to her laugh. One day she had just arrived at school and sat with him at lunch. It was enjoyable to have a friend though she seemed to wince at his pranks and sarcasm, so Tim tried to tone those traits of his around her. She had a stable, reliable quality to her, which was pleasant.

After school, while they were in 5th grade, they decided to hang out in a and talked. After chatting for a time, Tim got the acute feeling that they were being watched by the small lady with feathery hair and a shawl sitting on the brick lining of the park garden that kept the dirt in. He told Amanda as much and her eyes grew wide as she looked over to the woman. She had gripped his wrist and said feverishly that they had to go now. Her hand was hot and sweaty. Tim stood up with her and walked with her. However, it was then that the lady decided to whip out some crazy wolverine claws and lunged at them. Her shawl billowed behind her like a pair of wings. The two kids started running, but the lady was really fast. As in 'her feet didn't look like they're even touching the ground' fast. They ran for what seemed like hours until they lost her. Then they had to call Hanna because they got lost running from the weird wolverine-bird woman. This was his first monster attack. The second attack came about a year later.

Later, at his eleventh birthday, just as he was about to blow out the candles of his cake with his mom and Amanda singing happy birthday, a bulldozer had rammed itself through the wall opposite of the table. The cake, of course, was utterly ruined by plaster and other debris. Amanda and Hanna had pushed Tim to the side, smothering him. The bulldozer's image flickered into a giant scorpion. This caused Timothy to shout something along the lines of 'we are being attacked by a giant chitinous creature' to which Amanda nodded and his mom paid no mind to because she was busy phoning 911 like a responsible parent. Amanda then gave Timothy a stick of foil covered gum to which Timothy replied 'this is not the time for gum!'. However, when Tim just unwrapped the gum because hey maybe something to chew his intense panic on would be nice, it suddenly turned into a bronze sword. It was also at this point the scorpion decided that 'ooh that sack of bones seems like a perfect snack' and skittered for him. This action galvanized Tim, who stabbed the scorpion in between the chitin on its chest. After that, there was a lot of screeching, red, bleating, and mom panicking. Timothy was lost in the panic of survival. Immediately after the scorpion disappeared into a golden, sulfurous dust, Timothy collapsed, last thought being 'who brought the goat?'.

Timothy regained consciousness to the sound of his mom and some police officers talking about things like a rogue bulldozer and insurance and other confusing things. Another thing he noticed was that he was a bed and not his own. Finally, he opened his eyes to a painfully white hospital room with Amanda sat next to his bed. Amanda explained that he was a demigod and other basic survival information that comes with being a demigod, like how friendly scorpion visits were likely not going to be a one time thing. Amanda also stated that she told his mom already all this and that he was going to a summer camp for 'demigods'. It became apparent that he was on painkillers when he looked down on his right arm to see a giant, blood spotted bandage and the dizziness that came with them. Under the bandage was a deep 'shrapnel cut', aka a scratch from aforementioned friendly scorpion, which was definitely going to scar, according to the doctor. After these events, Tim was finished school at home and packed a suitcase, Hanna drove Tim and Amanda down to camp (despite Amanda's protests that a camp van could pick them up) ,and so Tim's been at camp for about one year and three months. The first year of knowing he was a demigod, he only stayed at camp for the summer (three months). Then, after a year of nearly dying from monster attacks, on the advice of his mom and Amanda, he is now trying out being a full time camper.

Weapons: a celestial bronze Spartan hopilite sword. It is enchanted to turns into a thin rectangle covered in foil made to look like a gumstick when the leather cord/hand grip wrapped around the hilt is pulled. When in gumstick mode, it can be turned back into a sword by lifting a flap of the foil. It is not more edible or chewable in either of these forms than the average piece of metal. Given to him by Amanda Terran.

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Hi there I'll be your claimer today and I have to say your claim is good the only problem I have with this is the fact that I dont think the eagle that attacked prometheus is a monster... (but dont fret you can pick one here Forum:The Monster Encyclopedia/Light Monsters) Hope to see you again :)

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hi ill be your claim checker for today and i must ask... what age was Timothy when he first encounters a monster?

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Hallo, I'll be your nitpicky claim checker for todaaay :D

  • The only problems in this admittedly really good claim (with lotsa sarcasm!) would be: a typo of the eagle in the second to last paragraph (which doesn't really need to be fixed if you don't want to), and the whole being in camp for the past year. The stay during summer is perfectly fine, but staying a whole year is simply not allowed. We can allow a week of being in camp, but not a year.

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  • Really good start so far. You get the voice of your character across very well. The only problem I can see, after a quick scan, is the monster attack where the Giant Scorpion attacks his mom. As she's mortal, this probably wouldn't happen. Monsters will always go for the demigod, over any other mortals in the area. It would probably be able to hurt his mom if she got in the way, but it wouldn't go for her.

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Hello, Desos. I can see that this claim is ready to be approved. But the only problem would be what Omnia said up there. Yes, he can stay in the camp but only for a week or two, not a whole year, for that would be considered meta-gaming. So yeah, that's all I saw now. :)

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Please can you explicitly state that his weapons are Celestial Bronze (the base standard for weapons on the wiki), and list any enchantments? Apart from that, this looks more than ready to be claimed.

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