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Name: Titania Holmes (adoption name: Evangelia Messalina "Eve" Reyes)

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena, Hecate, Nyx

Mortal Parent: Patrick Taylor (biological father)

Appearance: Check photos

Personality: Titania appears as a rude, spoiled brat, who is equally as manipulative and has no problem stating what she thinks of someone to their face. She will do anything to get what she wants, no matter who she hurts in the process. Though all that is a cover to hide her personal insecurity. Being raised in a crime family has left it's scars. Even though she was spoiled by her adoptive parents, she was always pressured to take up the family business. Eventually she had enough of her family's actions, she ran away and changed her name, and hates it when people get close to her real identity.

Titania enjoys activities such as playing the piano, singing, drawing/painting, basketball and horseback riding. She was an A+ student and very talented with technology. She did love her adoptive family and had a close bond with her adoptive brother and her adoptive sister, and the other half of the reason she left was to protect them from monsters. She has a love for nature and would often help injured animals and nurse them back to health. However, she is talented with a gun, hand-to-hand combat, archery and throwing knives as she was trained by her adoptive father to use these things, though she now mainly uses her bow and arrows, with the occasional throwing knives.

History: Patrick Taylor was training to become a Navy SEAL when he was at the bar with a bunch of his friends celebrating his brother's niece being born. There he met a beautiful woman who went by the name Theresa, though Theresa was actually a Greek Goddess. The two talked though nothing really happened between them. Two months later, Patrick's brother, wife and niece were killed in an explosion and Patrick had just come back from the funeral when he noticed a baby at his door step, with nothing to indicate who left her there or anything else. Patrick drove by a foster home which was close by, thinking whoever left the child there mistook his house for it and dropped the baby off. Unknown to him, the child was his daughter with Theresa, though it is unknown why there was no explanation. Patrick was killed in a hit-and-run two days later and his daughter was adopted by a wealthy couple, Arthur and Mary Reyes, who lived in a sea-side mansion in LA.

Patrick's daughter was named Evangelia Messalina Reyes by her adoptive parents and was dotted on by her mother while her father was often away on business. When Evangelia was two, she got Croup from somewhere and was continuously coughing, worrying Mary though after five nights the Croup was over, but Evangelia was diagnosed by the doctors to be suffering from asthma. When she was three, her parents adopted a baby boy named Scott. Evangelia felt protective of her baby brother and the two built a close bond. Arthur and Mary did keep one secret from their children about their job. When Evangelia was five years old, her parents enrolled her in a private school, where she exceled and made many friends, and also a few enemies.

When she was seven, she got into a fight with a guy at school and when she came home, she had a black eye. Scott was watching TV and was the first to see his sister arrive home and instantly called their parents. When her father saw her, he insisted she get some fighting training. Ever since then, Arthur has been teaching both his children hand-to-hand combat. He also taught Evangelia (who started going by Eve) archery and how to throw knives. While doing her training, she also started horseback riding, playing basketball, playing the piano, singing and drawing. Arthur and Mary had no problem at all paying for both their children's spoiled lifestyle.

When Eve was eight, her parents adopted another girl called Elaine. Eve and Scott were both protective of their little sister. However, eight days after the adoption of her little sister, she went looking for her father (as her mother was at her friends house) since she was feeling ill an hour after he put her to bed. However, she overheard her father in the middle of a conversation with some of his colleges. This is when Eve discovered her father was a crime lord. After the discovery, two of the guards found her and demanded to know who she was. When Eve told them who she was, they both went pale as they knew Arthur didn't want his children to know until they were old enough. One of them entered the room and told Arthur the news who dismissed the meeting and went to the hallway to speak to Eve, with the guards also leaving. Eve asked her father if what she heard was true and he told her it was. He led her up to her room and made her promise never to tell anyone, including her siblings, about it. She promised and he asked her why she was up and she told him she wasn't feeling well and when he checked her forehead, she had a slight fever. He told her to get some rest and she did.

The next morning, she woke up before her brother (as usual) and walked straight downstairs to see her parents making breakfast. When her father saw her, he told Eve she was not going to school (as she looked extremely pale) and she nodded. Her mother, who didn't know Eve knew, was being very vague when she asked why Arthur dismissed the business meeting. Arthur said he did because the guards found Eve in the hallway causing an annoyed reaction from Mary who was angry Eve was told at such a young age. Though, before Mary could let loose her steam, Scott came downstairs to have breakfast before going to school. Scott asked why Eve wasn't dressed for school though Arthur said that Eve was feeling ill. Mary and Scott left and Arthur stayed home with Eve and Elaine. Eve gave her father an expecting glare and he explained everything to her about the family history. He told her that Mary and him weren't going to tell Eve till she was older, when she could be ready for full training. Eve asked what he meant by full training and Arthur showed her his gun, giving Eve the idea what he meant.

Between the ages of eight-ten, she was training along with her father's godson, Micah Lawrence. Eve and Micah grew into a good friendship and sometimes even acted like siblings. Though, when Eve was ten, Micah's entire family was killed by an enemy of the Lawrence family. Even though Micah was said to have survived, he was never seen or heard from again. Eve often tried calling him but learned his phone number was disconnected. Even though Eve mourned the death of her friend, she continued with her training, even though her father had asked her if she wanted some time off.

By the time Eve was twelve, she was already a sharp-shot and her father was making her learn Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish (the Spanish part being the language she studies at school). Her brother and sister still had know idea what precisely the "family business" was. Eve, at that age, often went with her father to practice using a gun, with her father paying anyone who saw to stay quiet (though a very few did ever see them). Though one day, she was out with a group of her friends when Eve separated from the group to walk home when she was attacked by a Fire-Breathing Horse. She was losing the fight against the horse though someone used a bow and arrow to shoot the monster and the guy helped her up. The guy was a demigod who was two years older then Eve. She asked him who he was though he simply smiled and left. She sighed and walked back home, luckily she wasn't to severely hurt so she just changed her clothes to hide the worst of the damage. When her sister Elaine entered her room, Eve instantly told her to "get out" though Elaine crossed her arms and stayed where she was. Eve, in annoyance, shoved her sister outside and locked her door, not wanting anybody to see her.

When Eve was thirteen she was babysitting her little sister when they heard gunshots from somewhere outside. She led Elaine up into Elaine's room and told Elaine to lock the door. Eve then left into her own room and grabbed the gun she had hidden in her draw (along with her diary) and walked downstairs (gun hidden) to see who it was. She saw three people who had broken into the house, beating the crap out of a ten year old kid. Eve then realized the kid was Scott and that the guys were some drug dealers her father had angered. Badly. Eve then shot two of them in the head when the third one turned around and tried to attack her but Eve, who had one of her throwing knives hidden, stabbed him with it. Scott looked at his sister with an expression of fear, confusion and respect. Eve told him to go to his room and Eve called her father and told him what happened. Arthur then came home as quickly as possible with two business partners and three guards. The guards "cleaned up" the mess while one of the business partners questioned who else was there (not believing a thirteen year old could do that much damage) though Eve said it was just them and her younger siblings. Arthur, sensing an argument coming, told Eve to go get her younger siblings and try to calm both of them down. When the scene was cleaned up, Arthur told Scott and Elaine the truth, causing an outburst from Scott though Elaine reacted more calmly (probably because she had no idea what exactly her father was).

The family tried to go on with life as normal as possible, though that all shattered when Eve was fifteen. For the past three years, three different monsters have tried to attack her but were all killed by the mysterious demigod before they could ever harm Eve. Though, when Eve was walking home from her friends place, she was texting a guy she liked at school when she heard a dog growling behind her. She turned around a large, three-headed dog stood there. Eve bolted into the nearest ally-way, accidently dropping her phone somewhere along the way. Cerberus chased after her and attacked her. The mysterious demigod noticed and killed Cerberus, helping a struggling Eve to her feet. Eve recognized him from three years ago and demanded to know who he was. Again he smiled and shock his head, though did stay to have a conversation with her. Eve asked what that thing was and the demigod answered honestly, saying it was a Cerberus and the thing that attacked her three years ago was a Fire-Breathing Horse. Eve said he was crazy and the demigod snickered and said she was the one who was talking to an armed stranger. Eve then pulled out her gun and one of her knives and asked who was crazy now. The demigod looked at her with respect and gave her a piece of paper with an address on it of a house in the neighborhood. He told her to come by if she ever thinks she should leave her family. Secretly, Eve had already been thinking of going on the run as she couldn't take the lifestyle her father had thrust upon her. Though Eve decided to lie and said she was never going to leave her family and the guy stated "even if these attacks endanger them?" Before Eve could answer, the demigod disappeared. She went home and put the guy's address in her diary, encase she ever wanted to take up his offer.

By the end of the week, things got to a peak in her father's community that Eve overheard a discussion between her parents about sending Eve, Scott and Elaine away, for them to avoid the worst of the conflict. Eve packed her stuff (including her bow and arrows, no other weapon) and, when she was certain her parents were sound asleep, ran away, having enough of the life she has with her family. She went to the guys address and realized it look like a normal house. She knocked on the door and the guy opened it and smiled when he saw her. He invited her in though Eve was a bit cautious though he swore not to harm her and that it would waste three years of his life. Eve asked the guy why he had tried so hard to protect her and he smiled and said he felt sympathy for her, with him also being a demigod coming from a crime family. He noticed Eve's bow and arrows and asked if she's trained and Eve responded she was. The demigod asked her what her name was and, before Eve could responded, he said he wanted her allies, since she was now on the run. Eve snickered and told him to call her "Titania Holmes" which the guy agreed to. Titania asked him what his name was and he said it was Josh Hunter.

From then, Titania has been on the run with Josh, who taught her everything about the Greek Myths and that they're real. Josh also taught her how to kill monsters though Titania used much of the knowledge she had from her father. Shortly after joining Josh, he had given her CB throwing knives, saying it would be easier to kill monsters with those. Since both of them had good street smarts, they both were able to easily stay under the police and Titania father's radar. Every year they were attacked by roughly three monsters, sometimes more, sometimes less. Though most of the time the pair could easily handle it, there was one near life-threatening attack, that also nearly risked her being found by her mother. Titania and Josh were in their home town in LA, as their last hiding place was burnt down (shockingly not because of a monster, because Josh was being an idiot in the kitchen). They had a new person staying with them temporarily, a daughter of Hades, Talia (who Titania was training with using bow and arrows). Titania was on guard while Josh and Talia was sleeping. Three hours into her watch, she quickly walked away from the group (not before waking Josh up to take guard) and went to steal some food. Though, while there, she noticed her mother talking to some people and hid. Mary had heard someone there and sent one of the guards to investigate though the guard didn't find Titania. Eventually Mary left with the people and Titania sighed in relief, until she heard Josh and Talia's voices yelling her name. She tried to find them but ended up being captured by a Cyclops (not one of her good days).

Eventually, Josh also got captured and Talia, (who was only eleven, five years younger then Titania) had been told to run by Josh. The two tried to fight their way out from being tied up by rope but, unfortunately, they were dealing with a slightly smarter one then average (Josh even made a joke about it to the Cyclops's face, did not help their situation). Eventually, the Cyclops started getting burnt by hellfire and Josh (who had a knife hidden) was able to use this distraction to escape along with Titania. The two used their weapons to kill the Cyclops and Talia revealed herself. She hugged both Josh and Titania and the trio left, though they eventually had to bolt, as Mary and Arthur almost found them (this is why Titania HATES being in LA). Talia, who was stealing some food was found by two good friends of Arthur and they brought her to Arthur, while Titania was watching from a distance encase anything went wrong. Titania knew that she couldn't help Talia anymore and (with A LOT of Josh's persuasion) the two left LA.

When Titania was seventeen, she heard from Josh (who got the information from an unknown source) that her father had sent her siblings away shortly after Titania disappeared and that he's been getting his men to search for Titania (since he believed it was a kidnapping). This caused them to move around frequently. Josh was always more alert then Titania and she asked about it and he revealed he has been on the run since he was twelve because his family was killed by an enemy and, since Josh is the only surviving child, people are afraid that he may avenge his family's death. Titania, who had grown close to Josh, asked him if he will and Josh faced her and told her "one day".

When Titania was eighteen and Josh twenty, Titania's family had given her up as dead and had called of the search and were starting to grieve her. When the family were having a "funeral" of sorts, Titania and Josh watched from afar, Titania crying because she did miss her family. A few months later, she and Josh were staying in NY in a nice hotel they had rented for a few days. Titania was home alone while Josh was getting some food. While listening to some music, she heard a knock on the door. She grabbed a throwing knife and walked over to answer the door. There was a guy there, maybe a year older then Titania, who seemed to be running. Another guy came up behind him, about the same age as the first one. They asked if they could come in and Titania invited them in. A minute after they came in, Josh returned with the food (and a bleeding arm) and Titania quickly bandaged his arm. Josh asked who the guys were and Titania replied saying she didn't know. That's when two hellhounds came in growling. Josh sighed and said this really wasn't his day. The group fought to kill the hellhounds (Josh sitting out because of his arm) and very quickly they killed them.

The guys asked where Titania got that training from and she shrugged. Josh signaled to the guys not to go there and they held of. The guys said they're from Camp Half-Blood (figuring the two were demigods) and Titania asked what Camp Half-Blood is, though Josh sighed and muttered "not again". One of the guys said it was a place for people like them, demigods. Josh elaborated and stated that it is where demigods can be safe while training to use their abilities. When Titania asked how he knew about the place, Josh explained that shortly after his first monster attack, a satyr found him and offered to take him to Camp Half-Blood, explaining everything to him though Josh refused, wanting to stay on his own, and added that he broke that promise a few years later and glanced at Titania. The pair asked them if they wanted to come along and, after a debate between Josh and Titania, the pair agreed.

They left for Camp that night, Josh now having a scar along his arm though still hasn't revealed what happened. While heading in that direction, the guys introduced themselves as Jorden, a son of Zeus, and Logan, a son of Poseidon. Josh sighed and Titania asked him what was wrong a Josh said something along the lines of "four trained demigods, two of them children of the big three, oh am I lucky it was only two hellhounds, don't let it get worse then that." That's when the boys noticed a beautiful woman. Since Josh was always on guard thus is hard to entrance as he can't be surprised and Titania didn't even notice the woman, only Jordan and Logan fell under her spell. Josh tried to warn them but they didn't listen. Josh told Titania to hide in the bushes so she could fire arrows when Josh gives the signal and Titania listened to him. Josh tried to stop Jorden and Logan from coming near the Empousai and then it turned into it's true form. The three of them got their weapons and tried to fight the monster and Titania, noticing Josh's signal, shot arrows at the Empousai though something knocked Titania out before the fight was over.

That's when Jorden and Logan turned on Josh, using their weapons to try and kill him. They revealed they were half-brothers, having the same mother, and their last name was Sullivan, the family behind the slaughter of Josh's. Josh, in rage, killed Logan and Jorden was severely wounded. Jorden mentioned Titania, calling her "Josh's gullible girlfriend". Josh asked, in a threatening tone, where she was though Jorden only laughed and Josh killed him too. Josh then went looking for Titania and found her, out-cold, though still alive. He brought her into Camp.

Weapons: A bow and arrows (primary), given to her by her father when she was eight, Throwing knives (secondary), given to her by Josh when he was fifteen

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Hi there I'll be your claimer today and may I say your claim is almost perfect yet I have to list down a few hiccups

  • after the first monster attack she would be attack annually so please pick a monster here
  • two demigods means more monster especially if the kid is a child of the big three please remember that
  • how did she receive her weapon? (if I missed it sorry ><)

thats all the problem I see I hope to see you again :)

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 00:43, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

hi again I read your history and may I request you add a monster attack for her when she's 13? and also is her father a demigod? cause the weapon need to be made by celestrial bronze sorry ><

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

Um...I don't want to be rude but where does it actually say that the weapons need to be made of CB. Even in the Armory, there are other metals for weapons. Also about the monster attack "For the past three years, three different monsters have tried to attack her but were all killed by the mysterious demigod before they could ever harm Eve." If you want me to go into more detail I will but the point is that Eve never notices the monster attacks as they are already dead before they find her.

Power resides where men believe it resides. It's a trick. A shadow on the wall. ~Watch~ Lannister shield

It says in the guidelines for claiming that all weapons must be CB. If not, then that is an oversight. CB weapons are the baseline metal, you can have weapons made of other materials through rp like iron etc, but these wouldn't really harm a monster. We always ask for CB weapons in claims to ensure that everyone is on the same baseline and isn't using some other, more powerful metal (cause people like that DO write claims.)

However I think you are right with the monster attacks, contrary to popular belief (I would read up Mel), after the first monster attack, you don't need an attack every year until the demigod comes to camp. Obviously common sense applies, but it seems like you have a legit ic reason for there to be a lack of attacks, though they're likely to be frequent if Titania is surrounded by demigods. Any questions, feel free to IM me. I shall try to fully read the claim later -- CherryBlossomBranch Embrace tears. They're the cheapest way to accessorise. FateScalesOfFate 11:41, March 13, 2015 (UTC)

opsie then seems like my mistake again

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