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Name:Tobias (Toby) Falan

God Parent: Nike


Current Age: 12

Mortal Parent Name: Henry Falan                                                                         

Personality: Toby is cool, calm, and collected, but he is pretty competitive and lazy. Lazy as in "Tell somebody else to do it, I'm sleeping". Tobias seems to know his way around everywhere and never asks for directions (Though it is mainly just a guess). Toby is witful, and is generally comedic. Tobias HATES perfectionists. He is also pretty quick on his feet.

Appearance: Fair-skinned, Auburn hair, gray eyes, pointed nose, freckles            
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "No, I don't need directions. I                                                                                                                     know my way around here... I think..."

 Weapons: Celestial Bronze Naginata (Conquestor)

History: Henry Falan was a minor league baseball player in a small town city in Virginia. He was a pretty bad one at that, and was dissapointed in himself. He took his frustrations out on the bar, where he drank endlessly. One night, he met a beautiful woman named Kien. She was sympathetic with his problems and gave him some tips on playing (along with a quick silent blessing). Henry soon became an incredible baseball player, to the shock of everyone. They quickly fell in love, and, well, I won't get into the details, but you get the drift.

A baby boy named Tobias was born. His godmother was gone a few days after he was born. Toby's mother was mainly absent, only leaving him a Celestial Bronze Naginata which he named Conquestor. Toby was mainly calm, and got good grades in school.

Toby found his true passion in sports, where he mainly dominated. Classmates looked in awe at his agility and strength. Becuase of this, he was well liked by other classmates. Especially a tall, (mainly) unliked kid with a walking brace named Douglass.

Toby and Douglass soon became close friends and were pretty much inseperable. Douglass saw something amazing in young Toby, and recommended him to go to Camp Half-Blood before anything awful or bad happened.'

Tobias failed to take the warning seriously. One day, a chimera came roaring in while young Toby and his dad were out fishing. Luckily, Tobias took his Naginata (In the form of a fishing rod) and sliced the beast in half. Not wanting to put his father in danger, Toby ran away from home when 11, fighting monsters along the way, guided by Douglass. He fought a couple Harpies and Giant Scorpions.

It took a couple months (Passing Toby's 12th birthday), but Douglass got Toby to camp via a map (Though Tobias insisted that he did not need one). Toby finally got to camp, though Douglass had to drag him into the border line (He was passed out from all the fighting).

Birthday: Third of August


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Hello and welcome, we're happy to have you on board! I'll be giving you some pointers on what needs to be done before your claim can be approved!

  • While one to two sentences is totally fine for the personality, we do ask that it be in full sentence form rather than a list of words. 
  • You have a good start for the history, but we will ask for you to build upon it! We are looking at a minimum of two paragraphs and don't forget to include the following: 
    • How the godparent and mortal met and fell in love, the conception of the child, and when the godparent left.
    • Tobias' early childhood.
    • Tobias' first monster and any subsequent attacks (if applicable).
    • How Tobias got to camp.

As a side note, we recommend sticking to using only one of your accounts to avoid any confusion!

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Alright, I'll use my DJCosmicYT account.


Hey there! I'm Flopfish3, another claim worker on the wiki, and I'm here to help out with your claim today! There's just a few more things you'll have to do and then you should be good to go!

  • As KMO said, we're looking for at least two paragraphs on the history - could you expand a bit? We're looking for more information on the parents meeting/falling in love, early childhood, first monster attack, and so on.
  • Speaking of first monster attack, Giants are classified under hard monsters on the wiki - likely to almost immediately kill Tobias. Please select an Easy monster from here.
  • The Silver Axe from Tobias's mother wouldn't be able to kill monsters, due to being made of silver and not Celestial Bronze. Tobias could still keep it, but it would be largely ineffective. 
  • Where did Tobias get the Celestial Bronze Naginata?
  • Please end your claim with your signature! In order to use it, type four ~ at the end of your claim/comment, and it will automatically turn into your signature as soon as you post. 

Thanks for your patience!

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I'm really sorry, I almost forgot! You actually don't need multiple godly parent choices - you can just pick the one you'd like to use most. Sorry!


Flopfish3 (talk) 22:50, March 7, 2019 (UTC)

You're really close! At this stage we just need a little more detail about Tobias's first monster attack - how did he get away/defeat it?

Flopfish3 (talk) 17:58, March 18, 2019 (UTC)

  • By Hephaestus' beasts, I'm assuming (please correct me if I'm wrong) you're referring to the automatons created by Hephaestus (i.e., the Colchis Bulls). Unfortunately, they are not valid monsters for use in claims on the wiki!
  • It's not super clear when (between his first attack when he was 11 and present day where he's currently 12) Tobias got to camp. One thing to note is that to prevent any possible metagaming, characters can only have already been at camp for no more than two weeks.

If you could kindly make these two simple fixes/clarifications, you should be all set!

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