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Name: Tomé Ângelo Moon

Age: 9

Mortal Parent: Nádia Moon

God/Titan: Zeus

Appearance: Park Jisung NCT

Personality: Tomé is the type of person to do what everyone least expects, although in a rather innocent way. He loves to put a smile on everyone’s face even if he’s in a rather cloudy mood, which happens quite often. With this being said he doesn’t have a bad temper, unless you know which buttons to press or if he hates you. One thing to know about Tomé is that he's a firm believer in hate at first sight which isn’t always a thing to be proud of. Tomé always attempts to be polite even to the people he hates although his hateful side tends to win over in some situations.

Tomé is a rather gentle person when it comes to the people he likes, which some people tend to find odd. Although his gentle side is usually who he truly is and people who know of him know this is infact true. He's not really the type to lash out unless he really hates you.


Now, Nádia and Zeus didn’t meet in the typical way a god would meet a mortal. We could say Zeus might of lost a bet, but it was more so a flip of a single drachma that led him to Nádia. He made a few jokes to a minor god that if the drachma landed on heads that he'd sleep with a street person, oh boy how he'd regret that later on. This women, to Zeus anyway, wasn't even attractive in the slightest or even outstanding either. To say the least she was an extremely boring and very poor young woman. Heck her house was made of old tarps and in a rather dirty alley in the capital city of Portugal; Lisbon. To say Zeus was repulsed by Nádia would be understatement, but his lust eventually won him over. Nádia was absolutely disgusted by the thought of sleeping with that mad man, but she eventually gave in and slept with him. Little did she know that she would have a child by that creep months later.

9 months later she gave birth to Tomé ngelo Moon, and not long after she decided to go back with her parents in the small village she had lived in as a kid. To say they were angry about her having a child out of wedlock would be sugar coating it. They were beyond pissed and pleaded with her to get married. That's when an old friend showed his face, an old friend she had been really close with. She told him her predicament and he just said to heck with if they could have a platonic marriage couldn't they? That's what it turned out to be, she even lied to her mother and said she couldn't have kids anymore. Though it was more so because she couldn't bare the thought of sleeping with her best friend.

A few months later a letter addressed to her, without a return address, had arrived. Who the heck would send her a letter with no return address. When she opened it she was extremely freaked out by the fact that some weird stranger had sent her this:

“So, let me introduce myself again. I'm Zeus, yes the Greek god Zeus the one and the only! Yes, you did sleep with an awesome immortal god! Which means your child is a demigod. I kind of wish I had never bet on something, it was one of the worst mistakes in my immortal life and yes that does mean I'm repulsed. I'm also not sending child support so don't ask, but yea that kid has a camp he can go to so he's not a street urchin. It's in New York and yea it's far away, but you’ll make it happen some how. I can't have one of my kids grow up like a pig. Any who, have a great life and make sure he doesn't get hurt not that I care.”

In all honesty she had a feeling the guy who wrote the letter had been a lot drugs while writing it, so she decided to write it off as nonsense.

At the age of two his parents adopted 7 year old girl from the republic of Korea, giving her the name Maristela Moon. She was very loving towards Tomé and the rest of the family and in all honesty seemed to fit perfectly with all of them. Although, Tomé started calling her rella instead of her real name considering he wasn’t able to pronounce maristela at his age.

Around age 6, Tomé started to talk to an imaginary friend named ‘casper’ although to him Casper was real and honestly was the one to cause most of the trouble Tomé seemed to be getting into. His parents chocked it up as his overactive imagination and him trying to get out of trouble, although they’d both be wrong. Casper was actually a ghost, although Tomé didn’t know that and wouldn’t find out for a very long time. His sister seemed to know this, but she never shared it with Tomé.

A few years passed and Casper was still causing trouble for Tomé, though this time he shouldn’t of gotten in trouble because he was the one being bullied. Yet he was the one who’d been caught when he pushed one of them, even though it hadn’t been him. It’s always Casper causing the problems. (Yes riro, I blamed Casper :P) His Rella had stayed with him in the duration of his punishment, and so did Casper. The teacher had gone off for a break in the middle of said punishment and left his dog to look after them. 'But aren't pets not allowed here?' He had asked his sister, who only gave a shrug in response. That wasn't the only strange thing that was happening. The dog was staring intently at them, not the 'I-Want-To-Play' kind but the 'I-Am-Hungry-Kind'. It was creeping them out so Rella had taken initiative and started to walk Tomé towards the exit. It was a bad idea because the dog let out an unnaturally loud bark that prompted them to freeze in fear and turn to look at the dog, which looked like it had grown in size. Scratch that, it had gotten bigger,

That’s when Casper took the time to look real quick and identified it as a hellhound and pretty much walked off muttering something about finding them in the afterlife. That’s when someone else entered the picture or well, after they had gotten a little ways away from the hellhound. As the growling grew louder, the sound of metal against flesh and whimpering replaced it until there was only footsteps. The footsteps belonged to that of someone they didn’t recognize, but considering both of them were approached by this man and he asked to speak to them neither of them ran off. That’s also the time Casper decided show backup and ask how the fight went and boy was Tomé pissed off or as pissed as a 9 y/o could get.

The stranger explained that they were both demigods, though both were hesitant to listen considering they both needed to be home for dinner. As they listened, they realized they wouldn't be going home for dinner. The man explained to them about demigods and the greek gods. Especially the part where he told them they often fell for mortals, which Tomé found hard to believe. Though after awhile od listening he was pursuaded to go and after all he had wanted to see america at least once. With thay he pursuaded his sister and they were off to camp.

Upon arriving he was claimed by Zeus and taken from his sister who was placed in a different cabin then him. To say he loved camp was a lie, because he just wanted to stay with his sister.

Crosa gene 언제까지나 누가 뭐래도 ~Chase

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